Unboxing October's BDJ Box!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I am not in my game today -my hair is a little bit frizzy, my skin's just a tad dry, and my eyes are a little red -all more than usual so I know that it's one of those days. My photography may be a little off too so please don't hate me. LOL But still, that didn't stop me from doing a post on my unboxing of BDJ's October beauty box! (#Excited)

BDJ Boxes are priced at PhP 580.00 each
Ok, BDJ Unboxing day is always a good day! I am not making a video today because my skin, hair and eyes are all in cahoots against me today. I look terrible, and I really wanted to show you already what's in October's BDJ Box! So, I hope this one still works for you.

If you are familiar with Maybelline's products, then you will love what's in this box.

The usual introductory leaflets will be found as soon as you open your box! I love reading them before I actually open the box. Hihihi! I love seeing the products that I would be receiving.

One of my favorite things in the monthly BDJ Box are the lovely stickers! I love sticking them everywhere too... 

This month is a collaboration/partnership with Maybelline. I love it because they have all the bestsellers in this little box. 

If I'm not mistaken, they have 4 types of Maybelline boxes available: Wild Thing (which I have), Sugar and Spice, Femme Fatale and Scene Stealer. I am basing this from those who posted their unboxing experiences online.

Isn't it exciting? I have always loved Maybelline. I remember that my first Maybelline product was Great Lash, I was still fresh out of high school and it was my favorite piece of makeup ever. Years later, they have developed so much budget friendly, quality cosmetics that are very wearable, afordable for every one. Specially girls who are just learning to put makeup on.

You will get the following products in this month's beauty box:

  1. Volum' Express Magnum Mascara - PhP 399
  2. Watershine Pure Natural Water Lipstick - PhP 299
  3. Clear Smooth BB Stick 8-in-1 Skin Transformer -PhP 279
  4. Baby Lips Runway Brights - PhP 89
  5. Eye Studio Lumineyes Shadow - PhP 599
  6. Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation - PhP 249
TOTAL: PhP 1,914 

But with BDJ Box, you get all for just PhP 580? Come on, it doesn't get any better than that!

I love lippies. If you don't know already, I love lipsticks. I think that even with a bare face, lipstick can dress you up! I received this shade in my box, which amazingly, I do not own yet! YAY!

The best thing in the box? The Maybelline Card! You get points for every Maybelline product you  purchase and accumulate points and you can go shopping with it!

I don't want to open all my new products all at once because I want to do a thorough review on each product! I will be posting them one by one soon! Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you subscribed already for next month's box! Can't wait!

What is your favorite Maybelline product?

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  1. Such cool and lovely products! I couldn't wait to try them all.
    I would love to hear about your experience and thoughts on the BB cream stick and the all in one shine free foundation.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! Available for Philippine residents only, just visit www.bdjbox.com. Thanks so much for dropping by! ♥

  3. ive only tried their mascara =) (great lash) the i didnt like the pressed powder i got from them so i gave it to my youngest sister and she loves it =) i have the eyeliner but still unused (still using the avon eyeliner, which my friend has given me) i really wanted to try their lippies =)

    1. They have fantastic lippies and they're very affordable too! Their formula has approved so much over the years, very competitive now with the bigger brands ♥

  4. Love this months box (my 1st ever BDJ box), I've been using Maybelline for a few years already. Got the Sugar N' Spice box, only the BB stick and Luminous eyeshadow are the products I haven't tried. For the BB stick, it is easier to use than the cream variant, but it feels drier (as its for Oily to combination skin, my skin is normal), so I need to apply moisturizer first, and also has a weird smell, but tolerable. Their eyeshadow lasts for the whole day even without primer.

    1. Yay! Congratulations on your first BDJ box! You finally drank the coolaid! LOL This is the first of many fantastic boxes! I agree with your assessment of the BB Stick. I found it a bit drying too, like it doesn't melt into the skin but if you moisturize really well and find the perfect shade, it's quite nice! ♥

  5. Thanks Ms. Sabs :) Fortunately, the shades of both BB stick and foundation matches my skin tone, so all 6 products I got were usable, I'm a happy bella! :D

  6. After reading this, I'm considering on subscribing to BDJBox hahaha! So many items in the box yet you pay almost half the price! :) Keep posting more unboxing BDJ's Ms. Sabs! More power to your blog!


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