Wearing Bronze and Plums (How To and Product Reviews)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Glitters, Metallic Bronze Shadows and Plum lipsticks are all over for fall this 2013. You might be thinking that the plum lippie is "soooo last year", but it looks like it's here to stay for another season!

Getting this look is easy! This look costs only PhP 833.57 if you use the products that I did. It can actually go cheaper if you just find the right products at the cosmetics department!

Let's get started, to create this look, you will need a bronze eyeshadow. I used Avon's True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolate Sensation:

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad, PhP 449
I love Avon's packaging because it doesn't look like cheap plastic.

As you can see, the eyeshadows have numbers on them on where the eyeshadows should go on your lids. It's like painting by numbers! All you have to do is practice blending! Once you master the blending, using these palettes will be a breeze!

The formula is extremely smooth and silky. It's very pigmented and they can be blended easily too! Even tough I only used 3 shades from this palette to create the look, I know that you can do countless looks on Avon's wide variety of eyeshadow quads, it would be fun to collect the whole line!

The next important thing you would need for this look is the glitter. I used Hard Candy's Glitteratzi in Bronze.
Hard Candy Glitteratzi Eye Glitter Gel, $ 1.99 (PhP 85.57)
I did, however, have a hard time making this glitter shadow last. It would last a few hours but it will eventually disappear. I recommend using eyelash glue on your lids to make the glitters last but that would be too sticky. In the video, I did say that it lasted the whole day, but some glitters would go missing as the day progresses.

I used Wet N' Wild's Lipstick in 916D Ravin' Raisin (PhP 299). But if you want some more options, you can try these affordable Plumies!

NYX Round Lipstick in Medusa
SNOE Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Plum Crazy, PhP 399
Maybelline Lipstick in Plum Jewel, PhP 275
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, PhP 575
Watch the video below to get a play by play on how to get this year's Fall look!

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  1. This makeup look is so gorgeous. I love that lipstick shade!

  2. im amazed how avon improved their quads.. before kasi hindi ganun ka-pigmented ang mga e/s nila.. i dont have this shade of lippie.. im including this to my to-buy list and im choosing between WnW or the NYX since its more budget friendly =)

  3. wow.. Ms.Sabs.. bet na bet ko yang lipstick mo ang dami nga lng plang patong :) super nice Vampy look ang peg.. Love it!

  4. I'm so tempted to get that Avon quad now. I said to myself I wouldn't get it because I already had a few neutral palettes here, but your look is sooo pretty it's making me change my mind. Hihi. I love the effect the glitters gave too. Oh, and this reminds me... I should use my Ravin' Raisin more often!

    BTW, Ms. Sabs, I'm looking for a good but affordable taupe eyeshadow. Do you have any recommendations? The browns I have here are a bit on the warmer side. Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by! Hmm... I don't know if these are the taupes you are looking for, but try checking out Maybelline's Silken Taupe, Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Single Eyeshadow in Tapestry Taupe, or Essence Cosmetics Irresistible Chocolates ♥ Let me know if they work! ♥

  5. Nice mis sabs. Sana lang kaya ko yung mga ganyang shades ng lippie. Iinum muna ako ng sandamakmak ng confi

    1. You can still wear plum lipstick! :) It doesn't have to be this dark, it can be a different level of plum-ness (??) LOL You just have to find the right plum lippie for you! ♥

  6. the avon palette looks amazing, perfect everyday colours. We particularly love the 2nd and 3rd shade! love the look :)


  7. waaa ganda pala ng wnw ravin raisin! looking great ms Sabs ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Yes, the shade is super nice! I didn't expect it nga eh, I just tried it and ang ganda niya lumabas! :)

  8. watched this tutorial on youtube! Oh yes! dark shades is a must have this fall. although we don't have that kind of season here. another thing, I think I'm starting to get attached on plum colored lipsticks! becuase pink and red is too mainstream! Haha! :D

    1. Hahaha! But always nice to have those handy too! ♥

  9. Hello Ms. Sabs! Ravin' Raisin looks fab on you, I also have that shade. It was nice to meet you on the PC event and thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a great day! =)



    1. Thank you! I love this shade too but it only makes an appearance in the fall :) Hahaha! You're welcome! I hope to see you again soon! ♥

  10. beautiful! your lips are perfection


  11. Plum lips looks good on you! :)


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