WOMAN IN CHARGE: Kelly Misa-Fernandez

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


The Makeup-Maven's October Woman In Charge is none other than busy bee model and beauty columnist, Kelly Misa-Fernandez. In spite of her very hectic schedule, she still finds time to put on makeup.

As a woman who people look up to, they expect her to be always made up with full makeup but time doesn't always allow that. But then she still makes an effort to reach for that favorite blush and gloss when time is of the essence. If her skin is not cooperating on a particular day, she uses a BB cream to cover up tired eyes or tired looking skin.

Photo by Lyka Orhell

Makeup in her field of work, Kelly says that "Makeup is very important," she then adds, "as a model, makeup is sort-of like second skin. You need to look great in order to book jobs."

When she puts on her beauty columnist face, she has to look the part by putting on makeup. It doesn't have to be thick, but very carefully applied, "people look to me for advice, and I have to look 'credible' when I talk to them."

But Kelly focuses more on skin care than she does makeup. She believes that having great skin gives her the confidence to walk out of the house with minimal, or with no makeup at all!

When asked what 5 makeup must-haves she must have in her purse at all times, she replies:

(1) concealer - "this fixes uneven complexion, covers blemishes and (for the specific one I use) brightens the undereye area, and the sides of the nose." says Fernandez.

(Sabs recommends Fashion 21 Perfect Stick in Warm Tea and Milk Tea)

(2) cheek tint or blusher - Kelly states that "adding color to your cheeks instantly makes you look fresh."

(Sabs recommends Lippy Cheeky from Snoe)

(3) highlighting powder/finely blended shimmer powder or eyeshadow - Kelly suggests, "Use these highlighters to give your face a subtle '3D look', This prevents your makeup from looking flat (I personally apply these products on the bridge of my nose, my brow bone and chin).

(Sabs recommends ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance)

(4) waterproof eyeliner - Kelly highly recommends using eyeliners, "I apply this on my upper lash line (this takes practice: you have to gently lift your eyelid and draw on the lash line), I find that this makes a world of difference, as my chinita eyes look bigger and brighter!"

(Sabs recommends K-Palette 24h Real Lasting Eyeliner in Black)

(5) peach or coral lipstick/pencil - "this shade completes my look," Kelly ads, "I prefer a matte texture for this and kind of blend it on my lips by gently dabbing it. I really am a fan of the no-makeup look."

(Sabs recommends Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach)

Wearing makeup makes Kelly feel confident and beautiful. Though Kelly makes it a point to do a little "research" on the place she needs to be at, "there are some places where you'll look odd wearing a ton of makeup on your face." And on those occasions where she requires to be fully made up, she feels amazing.

When she is not "Kelly Misa", meaning when she is not in front of the cameras or people interviewing her, etc. She wears very minimal specially when she is just doing errands, "I never go out looking slovenly or messy though. That's my pet peeve. No makeup or minimal makeup yes, but with everything in place."

Photo from kellymisa.com
Although putting makeup on is fun, Kelly feels that skin care is incredibly the most important a woman should invest money and time in, "as a model you have to take care of your skin. That's a big requirement. If you don't, you might as well not be a model. Your skin is your biggest asset."

She also says that the same goes when she puts on her beauty columnist game face on. Skin is the first thing people see, and no one wants to take advise from someone who has bad skin, "as an editor, you have access to all kinds of products, innovations and treatments--you really cannot not have good skin if you're writing about this stuff."

Visit Kelly Misa-Fernandez's blog at www.kellymisa.com!

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  1. after checking my purse, i find the common thing.. the peach/coral lipstick! =)

    1. me too ms sabs =) maybe because.. mas napapansin ako ni hubby kapag ganun shade ng lippie ko kesa red and/or pink *wink*

    2. But shades of pinks photograph the best ;)

  2. i really love her. :) ever since candy mag days! shes soo pretty! and she's my inspiration in terms of clear skin :D that's true!~ i super agree! makeup can't hide it all. large pores, zits, acne marks. That's why we should give the care our face needs, too. :) anyway, I love your recommendation especially on lipstick! Weee! Coral shade! I'm such a sucker for those. Thanks for the recommendation :D

    1. She is such a beautiful person inside and out! We have been working together since I started in 2004, and she has not changed since! Super sweet girl!


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