Retouching My Roots with Revlon

Friday, November 29, 2013


Yay! It's Friday and you know what that means! It's hair care day! So, just in time too it's about time to retouch my hair roots.

This is the first time I am using Revlon home dyeing kit so I am a little bit excited. I usually go for L'Oreal (click here), and what I am loving right now is Lolane's Cellophane Kit (click here).

Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Hair Dye, PhP 425.00 (Less PhP 100 promo at Landmark)
I had to read the instructions pretty carefully since I am unfamiliar with Revlon's hair dyes. I have read pretty good reviews on it too. What sold me was the illustration. According to the box, it can really dye dark brown hair.

So, My roots. It's about 3 months overdue. I don't want to spend a whole lot just to retouch the roots so I am going to do this on my own.

Before we begin, let me inform you that I cellophane-d my hair with Lolane just 2 days ago because I had an event to attend in the afternoon. Sadly, the cellophane didn't cover my roots so I needed something stronger to cover the roots.

I love the color of my hair. I really fell like Scarlett Johansson as the the Black Widow. Hahaha! It took a while to achieve this color so I am praying that I won't ruin it!

The kit includes:
  • The instructional pamphlet.
  • #2 Amonia-Free Colorant
  • #3 Cream Color Developer
  • #5 Plastic Gloves
  • Hair conditioner (unphotographed)
Extras that I bought for this project:
  • #1 Disposable shower caps, PhP 32.95/pack
  • #4 Dyeing comb, PhP 32,95/comb
I followed the instructions to a T. It's very messy so make sure that you wear a tube top that you don't use anymore (like what I did), or wear a plastic cape, or an old towel. 

Once you mix the developer and colorant, the bottle warms up for some reason. I don't know the science behind it, but it does. 

I poured dye in sections and used a comb to evenly distribute the dye to my hair from roots to tips. I finished the entire bottle! I didn't really need that much for my roots but I didn't want to just throw it away.

The shower cap traps in the heat that is being generated from the dye so it lets your hair absorb more of the dye and let it color faster.

It's pretty messy so try dyeing your hair in the bathroom. Dye is easier to wipe off!

Now, five minutes before I was due to wash my hair (I left the dye on for 45minutes), I used a small lip brush to apply dye on my eyebrows. Since the dye didn't have ammonia, it didn't sting my eyes. Just remember to keep your eyes tightly shut while rinsing your hair. The dye-water will sting your eyes!


  • It's ammonia-free so it doesn't sting your eyes or your nose!
  • Infused with Mango butter formula that leaves the hair so shiny!
  • Includes very sturdy plastic gloves.
  • Doesn't have a strong chemical smell. Actually smells like prune juice. Ha!
  • Gives pretty even coloring on the roots! Although the dye covered my chocolate red cellophane.
  • Hair color is even even on the areas I couldn't reach! I just kept combing my hair to distribute the dye.
  • Has a strong burning feeling, 3x more than L'Oreal hair dye.
  • They could be a little bit more thorough in their instructions. I had to research online on how to rinse off while I was waiting for the dye to finish brewing on my hair.
  • I had mild irritation on my scalp because of the strong chemicals (photographed above). I just hope it doesn't get worse.
  • My scalp feels very sensitive and tender.
Notes: Make sure that you use a towel that is old, or you don't mind staining. Even after I have rinsed my hair off all hair dye, the white towel I used was still stained with hair dye. So use a dark towel if possible. Also, lay a dry towel on your pillow. I took a nap and our white pillow cases were also stained with red dye!


What is your favorite home dyeing kit?

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  1. Lovely shade :)

    New Post Up:

  2. wow ms sabs! i love the color payoff hihi =) mas tipid kesa magpasalon ..i want to color my hair red, pero bawal sa office namin =(

    1. I'm really feeling my red hair! I know that after a while I'll be obsessing on a new hair color but for now, red is my color! ♥

    2. want to color my hair red / purple bawal lang sa office huhu =( iba talaga kapag pilipino ang boss na lilimitahan kami.. di gaya pag foreigner ang boss T_T

    3. Yes, that's very true. Filipinos are naturally conservative talaga when it comes to makeup and hair -but that's not a bad thing... That's just our culture ♥ that's why big companies like Vidal Sassoon is trying to change that with their #getsassooned campaign, etc ♥ in time, Pinoys will start to adopt and accept trends as well :)

    4. true =) our previous Japanese boss (shigeru) always had his hairdo styled like korean haha


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