The Balm Launches En Root Hair Products in Manila!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am a makeup artist and I can't do hair to save my life. I know how to do the basic chignon and the soft curls but nothing else. So when I heard about The Balm (exclusively carried by Rustan's Beauty Bar), finally carrying hair line, I was so stoked -I had to attend! I heard that their hair products are very easy to use!

Last October 29 marked the re-launch of the brand The Balm. They also introduced En Root, their hair line and their new Balm Voyage palette.

Coolness! I love seeing all products on display for people to swatch and enjoy! Yay! Everything was on their display case and I just went nuts trying everything. I think they next event I'll be attending I'll be going bare faced so I can just put my makeup on there. Lol.

I just love their sort-of vintage/modern look of their packaging. Very colourful and attractive! Check out these lipstick packaging!

The Balm Girls Lipstick, PhP 725 each
 Now let me tell you all about their hair line. It's been around for a while but it was only brought to Manila recently. LOVE!

Hair products that are paraben and sulfate free that is very safe for color treated and keratin treated hair! Want to know why this is important for your hair?

Each of these sulfate and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners products is specifically catered to your hair type and contains an infusion of Bamboo Extracts, Rice Proteins, and Vitamins A, C, and E.

The Balm Jovi Palette was also so fun to try! I received one too! I can't wait to review it too! Yay!

The Balm Jovi Palette, PhP 2,695
 This is what the Balm Voyage palette looks like (photographed below). I wasn't able to take a photo of what the facade looks like, but it's what's inside that I want to show you, it's just gorgeous! Wearable shades that can be used alone just to add a wash of colour on the lids.

The event was held in Niner Ichi Nana that served duck-fat fries that were just TDF. Heaven help me, I'm craving.

 Now here are some favorite products of mine from The Balm!

Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighting Powder (L), and Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzing Powder (R)
The Balm Time Balm Face Primer, PhP 1,350

A totally effective face primer that I have tried before. It's one of my favorite primers! It was one of the face primers that I ever owned.

Nude palettes are the best. They're so versatile and you can create so much everyday looks for either day or night!
The Balm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette, PhP 2,195
You can take this palette with you too to quickly change your look from day to night. I love these shades. And the packaging is just adorbs!

One of the best shadows are matte ones. They really open up the eyes and if you use them the right way, you can "alter" the shape of your eyes. Gals, meet Matt(e)!

Meet Matt(e) Palette, PhP 1,695

Models showcased their fun and modern-day vintage looks using the brands fabulous makeup line!

Visit TheBalm's Facebook Page for more info!

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  1. I just love the palette designs.. not in plastic type or those heavy material type =) feeling ko napaka-lighweight nya =) im curious with their hair care line =) i know how to do makeup basics but failed to do hairstyling =( i just comb my hair or ponytail it =(


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