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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

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One thing I am picky about are blushes. I am really very choosy when it comes to them because if you put the wrong shade on your cheeks matching with the wrong lippie, it would just look clown-ish. But let's talk about matching blushes with lippies some other time.

Let's talk about blushes with the right formula. Let's talk about Palgantong.

Palgantong POP Cheek Blush in Baby Pink, PhP 650.00 (on sale now online!)

You may have heard of the Palgantong finishing loose powder, and that one is also one of my favorite loose powders. I was so happy to learn that they had blushes too!

I love the red packaging. It's not the cheap plastic so that's a plus for me. I just wish their packaging had english instructions on them. You know how that is a minus for me.

It's compact so you can carry it around with you too for touch ups. It's small so it can fit in your cosmetic case perfectly without it being too bulky. You don't need a blush brush too so you can leave that home already.

It comes with a mirror and a fluffy puff so you can easily touch up without looking streaked! I hate that. The term "blush" comes from the word "blush" when blood fills your cheeks, so streaking blush with your blush brush to contour your face is not pretty. There, I said it.

I love that the product is "dome" shaped. I don't know what the purpose of that is really, but I just like how it looks. The shade however isn't what I would have chosen for myself (this was a gift from Beauty and Minerals) but that is easily remedied, I can mix this with a pink blush to create a blush that suits me more.

I was a bit surprised to find a peach colored blush when the name of the blush is Baby Pink. At first it was mislabeled, but from the website, it really does look peachy.

I love the texture. It's very silky and it's not chalky at all! It's smooth and "bouncy", not overly pigmented so you can layer it on. I don't like blushes that are too loose and pigmented that you end up with so much product on your brush and on your cheeks.

Excuse my very dry skin! My skin is still healing from the New York climate so I am moisturizing like crazy!

  • The texture is perfect! I love that it is silky.
  • Available in three shades that are perfect for women with either cool or warm skin tones.
  • Made in Korea! I love makeup that is made in Korea.
  • Japanese brand -Japanese brands are the bomb!
  • Very compact! Includes a mirror and puff for quick and easy touch-ups.
  • Classy packaging.
  • Pigment is just right. You can be sure that you won't over do your blush! You can layer it on.
  • Lasts a while on your cheeks without retouching.
  • Non-chalky! Very smooth formula.
  • Looks very natural, blends well into the skin, it doesn't just sit on top of the surface of the skin hence making it look very natural.
  • A little pricey.
  • The shade is called Baby Pink but it's actually on the peach/orange side.
  • Packaging doesn't have english instructions or ingredients.
  • Available online, SOFA and Powerplant Mall only.
  • It takes a few layers to get the desired pigment.

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  1. wow =) another korean brand =) packaging reminds me of bourjois but this one is more girly and chic to me =)

  2. I read many good reviews about it, but never tried it, kasi its pricey in a small dope, I guess it suits naman my morena skin and great for fair skin like u, thanks for reviewing Ms. Sabs, now I can get one:)really sold out:)

    1. It's a beautiful brand! They have a lot of nice products! ♥

  3. My friends gifted me this on another shade, and I like how convenient it is. The puff works well in applying the blush! :)

  4. I wish my bb cream had english instructions on them. I really fell in love with their BB cream! Something I can use everyday of my life :D I want to try also their loose powder that you're saying!!! ANd I also love this blush! Super natural lang sya sa skin :)


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