Cruciani is finally in Manila! (Updated)

Thursday, December 12, 2013


What is Cruciani you might ask? It is the trendy lace bracelet that is taking Italy by storm! Worn by A-List Hollywood Celebs, these dainty yet chic arm candies are what's running the show at Milan Fashion Week!

The classic four-leaf clover bracelets first broke out in the Summer/Autumn of 2011. People lined up in front of the Cruciani boutique at the Forte dei Marmi day and night just to get their hands on the newest and latest colors of the summer!
So, what's so special about these bracelets? They are made from needle lace macrame patterns by Caprai Textile Group and 100% Italian made.

Available in classic designs such as the famous "Clover", "Hearts", "Butterfly, and "Love and Luck". There are about 60 designs and a wide array of colors to choose from in their flagship boutique in Italia.
My personal favorite, "The Lock and Key" which is just beautiful! I love the simple design but makes such a statement! 
These bracelets are made to be unisex. Worn for good luck and friendship! You may think that they look rather plain and mundane, but what you are paying for is versatility! Beautiful bracelets that can be worn on any occasion whether it be a formal affair, or a casual outfit. You can wear them alone or collect them from what your friends give you! Wear them with real jewellery, other fashion accessories and bangles, you are sure to make a a fab and hip fashion statement.

They kind of remind me of "friendship bracelets" that we made in High School! Except that these are more intricately designed and have more fashionable and trendy colors. For now, the group that brought Cruciani here in Manila have 6 designs available for you, priced between PhP 495 - 795.00 each only.

Here are just a few designs available for now:
Four-Leaf Clover Bracelet
MARS (The Martian Chronicles)

Kate/Infinity Bracelet
The Cruciani con Damiani collaboration is also arriving in Manila. The classic Cruciani designs with real diamonds. These bracelets will be sold at PhP 8,950 each.

Damiani is an Italian jewelry and watches company founded in 1924 by Enrico Grassi Damiani in Valenza, Italy. Strongly influenced by the beauty of styles, Enrico designed and produced fine jewelry which quickly became renowned. He became the personal jeweler of influent and noble families of the time. (Damiani History from Wikipedia)

Available online for now, but they should be available in stores soon. These bracelets are perfect for Christmas to give your friends! They come in this cute packaging that would make it fun for you and your friends to collect all!

My favorite It Girl and Celebrity, Paris Hilton wears Cruciani in Butterfly! I love how charming and dainty it is even if worn alone! It still works even if you don't have a whole bunch on your wrist.
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 Find out more about Cruciani PH and see more designs available by liking their Facebook Page
follow their IG account @CrucianiPH

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  1. where to find this ms sabs? great xmas gift din ito =)

    i love how stylish and unique this one bet ko yung green one with butterfly design ♥♥♥

    1. For now you can find them online :) I posted the link below the post ♥

  2. So cute! the third photo!! They look like ortho elastics! :D I super love the lock and key bracelet! ♥ really makes a complete touch to any outfit you may wear :D

  3. wow cute, perfect t for christmas give away.:)

  4. It's really fab! I hope that the quality is good also. Gotta buy this as soon as it's available here in manila.

  5. Does it have a outlet store ?? Or only selling in the internet for now ??

    1. No store as of now, but you can order them from their FB page or their IG account :)


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