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Friday, December 06, 2013

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I regularly get hormonal imbalance. That includes, too much production of testosterone, hence my undying production of unwanted facial hair or "lady-stache" and "lady-beard". For those of you who suffer from the same problem, there is a painless alternative to threading, and that is having it waxed off at Wink Laser and Wax Studio!

I attended Wink's Eyebrow Waxing and Definition Workshop last October 26 at Wink's Studio at the Bonifacio High Street Central. This is a very late post since I left for New York just shy of a week after the event so I never got around to posting this since I got really busy.

When I arrived at Wink, it was already packed with other Beauty Bloggers who were invited to the event. I was one of the last people who were to have their brows done before the workshop.

So this is it! I get to experience first hand Wink's services and I have been dying to try their services because of all the positive reviews I have heard about this facility.

I have posted about Wink in the past when they first launched. I have been meaning to visit them but I could never find the time to do so. I know how germaphobe they are and that's why I posted about them before I even tried them out!

Everything is squeaky clean. The room that they put me in smelled like a spa, cleaning agents that smelled of citrus, and the bed that is covered with disposable papers. All of their rooms are like this. LOVE IT.

Two types of wax are available: Beradin Rose Pink Wax, and the Beradin Blue. They also do not double dip so whatever is removed from your face gets thrown out, even the sticks that they use get to touch the wax only ONCE.

I remember back in the early 90s when my mom would get her legs waxed at her salon, they would reuse the wax claiming they "strained" it once in a while. It stuck in my head because I always wondered how they strained the fine hairs from the wax! I never got my legs waxed in salons ever. I always opted for shaving rather than having a nasty wax at salons.

Neatly displayed tools and products necessary for the procedure. I love how everything is aligned. I am OC that way! Everything is put in their respective areas.

Each room gets their own sink, using only natural products that is a friend to the environment!

The trained technician didn't change the shape of my brows. She just groomed them so they'd look neat and very put together.

She used Berondin Pink Rose Wax on me which didn't smell like wax at all. I love how it smelled like potpourri. Using disposable sticks with gloved hands, she carefully applied wax only on areas I needed grooming.

She also noticed how much hair I have on my upper lip and chin area so she did them too! Extra yay! She was probably thinking "poor girl with the mustache..."

Finally I got rid of my cuh-razy hair! I hate them so much! I love how soothing the heated wax was on my skin. It was very warm but not to the point that I got burned. It was very relaxing.


Took a selfie while lying down, immediately after my procedure was done. I love my smooth face! Look how pretty my brows are! So very neat! Redness on the waxed area is very normal so when it happens to you, don't worry!

Used wax and sticks go straight to the trash bin!

Now this blue wax here is the Berodin Blue Wax if I'm not mistaken. This is used for tougher, longer hair which includes the bikini area, the pits, and the legs.

Now hair-free, I leave the room relaxed like I just got a long massage. I feel bad that I don't remember my techinician's name, but I would like to extend my thanks to her for a pain-free waxing sesh.

 After our wax, we were gathered at the reception area for the workshop. This workshop was a collaboration with Maquillage Professional and The Makeup Factory.

Look how pretty Wink owner Holly Chang is! I am so jealous of her skin! She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Very kind and warm and she is passionate about her salon. I love that. She loves what she does, not just to jump in the band wagon of owning a salon, but she actually practices waxing first hand! Beside her is beauty blogger and PR consultant Liz Lanuzo.

And so the workshop began after Holly talked about Wink.

The Makeup Factory makeup artist talks about the different shape of brows and how each shape can define the shape of your face.

My favorite part would have to be the demo on the products. I am not familiar with The Makeup Factory line so learning about their products was thrilling for me.

I would like to say thank you to Wink for having me at the event. I had a wonderful time! Ladies, if you are looking for a very reliable, clean, and good waxing salon, head out to Wink Laser and Waxing Studio today. You will love it!

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  1. wow! im planning to have a complete brow workout on browhaus naman before the year ends. :D and because of this post, i became more as in MORE MORE excited. :)) just letting my brows grow & grow and I can go na :D

    1. Having ones eyebrows done is always exciting and relaxing! Hehehe... Cheers to girly girl days! ♥

  2. nice brow shape Ms. Sabs, Gustoo ko rin nang ganito. will visit this Browhause at Market Mall this weekend.:)

  3. im afraid of waxing =( i do shave my brows naman.. nagluluha kasi mata ko kapag nagbubunot ng kilay =(

    1. It's normal na mag luha when you get threading or waxing kasi it's painful naman talaga :) But shaving can make the hair thicker also so waxing and threading have their benefits :) In other words, "tiis ganda" talaga ♥ hehehe

    2. Yes nga ms sabs! TIIS GANDA talaga! hee hee.. i do agree nga ms sabs.. makapal nagiging tubo ng buhok after shaving =( though ang linis talaga tignan kapag nathread/wax ang mga unwanted hair sa muka.. (lalo na yung nasa ibabaw ng lips) yun ang pansinin pa naman sakin =(


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