Bathe in Goat's Milk with The Cream Factory Bath Cream!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I'll choose bath gels/creams over soap bars every time. When I find the one I really like I easily get hooked! I think they're very convenient to use and they don't melt in the shower fast. Don't you just hate that? But with soaps that come in bottles, you can control the amount of product that you dispense and it's really economical. 

Though some soaps that I am already addicted to that don't come in liquid form, I still use their solid bars. I haven't completely boycotted them altogether.

The Cream Factory Goat's Milk and Jojoba Bath Cream 221ml (sample size) 
I have tried a lot of bath creams/gels in my lifetime and most of them don't have the bubble power that I am look for. Some don't bubble at all! I love bubbles!

Next to packaging, the next trait that I look for in a product is smell. If I don't like the smell, I immediately get turned off and I don't really care if it works. Ha! I am biased that way.

When I first smelled this body wash, I fell in love with the smell because it smells like pastillas. Well, of course because it's made from real Goat's Milk. Let me tell you something about Goat's Milk:

A lot of people are still washing their skin with harmful soaps that are basically made majority of water. Switching to soaps made with Goat's Milk works wonders for people with extremely dry or sensitive skin. Even for people with has great skin will be kept well maintained if you use Goat's Milk.

I found these factoids online about what you can find in Goat's Milk in soaps:
Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which help remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface. This leaves new cells on the surface of your skin that are smoother and younger looking. The alpha-hydroxy acids are so effective because they break down the bonds that hold the dead skin cells together. Removing dead skin cells will help many skin conditions by removing irritation. Water-based soaps may use harsh chemical acids to accomplish this, frequently with skin-damaging results.
Vitamins. Goat milk contains many vitamins, but is particularly high in Vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. There have been several medical studies showing that creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide some psoriasis relief. Water-based soaps can be artificially fortified with vitamins, but most aren’t.
Cream. Fat molecules are an important part of making good soap. The cream that is present in goat milk helps boost the moisturizing quality of goat milk soaps. Since many people suffer from dry skin, particularly in the winter months, this is an important quality for soap. Goat milk soap will not dry your skin out like many other soaps. This is important because keeping skin naturally moisturized helps keep skin healthy. 
Minerals. Goat milk contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. Although the water used in other soaps may contain minerals such as calcium, sodium, or iron (commonly found in tap water), that’s not much help when it comes to your skin. (Note: Many areas in the United States have pastures low in selenium. At Goat Milk Stuff, our dairy goats get a selenium booster, to insure their mineral needs are met.) 
[taken from]

Say no more! It had me the moment I smelled it! I love how it bubbles! Just a little really goes a long way! I was surprised that I only drizzled a little product on my loofah (about a teaspoon) and the bubbles it produced was amazing!

After my shower, my skin felt supple and it smelled delicious!

9 variants are currently available in the market:
  1. Goat's Milk and Almond
  2. Goat's Milk and Seaweed
  3. Goat's Milk and Witch Hazel
  4. Goat's Milk and Cinnamon
  5. Goat's Milk and Acai Berry
  6. Goat's Milk and Jojoba
  7. Goat's Milk and Avocado
  8. Goat's Milk and Honey
  9. Goat's Milk and Yogurt


  • Extremely moisturizing -immediate results!
  • Smells really good! It lasts a while too.
  • Great consistency, it's very creamy so you can control the amount you pour on your loofah or hand.
  • Easily available in Watson's (Updated 1.23.14) Beauty Bar and Rustan's Supermarket.
  • Available in huge bottles or sample sizes for travel.
  • Available in several different kinds (flavors?)
  • Easy to rinse off but leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Won't strip your skin off its natural oils.
  • Soothes dry, patchy, itchy skin!
  • Sample size bottles are easy to handle in the shower.
  • Paraben free.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Unisex! The fragrance is not just for women. My hubby loves it!

  • Pricey. Full size of 768ml is PhP 699. Bundle of three 221ml bottles is PhP 799. I marked this as neutral because though this product is very much worth it, some people would still find it expensive.
  • Goat's milk is found almost at the bottom of the ingredients list so we don't really know how much Goat's Milk is actually in the product. (Updated 1.23.14) Although it has been explained to me that the ingredients list was mixed up on purpose so as to not be replicated easily. -Whatever it is, I still love it!

  • Full size bottle is bigger and is heavy so it's hard to pour, specially when you have to squeeze the bottle. Maybe a nice pump would be better for such a big bottle?

HOW I USED IT: I squeezed about a teaspoon amount of product on my loofah and lathered it all over my body. When it comes in contact with water it begins to bubble (yay!).

Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

In spite of the most important ingredient which is Goat's Milk being found almost at the bottom of the ingredients list (which would mean that it may contain only a little amount of it), this product is superb!

information on The Cream Factory!

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  1. Yummy on the skin! :D Love to try the cinnamon and yogurt! :) Super cute packaging is a plus! :D


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