Birthday Giveaway from Zenutrients!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Just when you thought that my birthday giveaways are over, Zenutrients is giving away 5 skin-licious product sets to 5 lucky winners!

Organic has never been this fun! Some of you may think that organic products don't really work but I can vouch for Zenutrients. It has saved me from dandruff, dry flaky skin, and even headaches so many times!
Let me tell you a little something about Zenutrients. I have been a fan of their products long before I really got to know the people behind the brand. Other organic brands may claim that their products are 100% chemical free but most of them leave out a few details in their labels. One thing that convinced me that Zenutrients is pure was one time I found one of my Zenutrients fruity bath soaps being feasted by ants!

So ladies (and gents!), enjoy these delectable body goodies from Zenutrients!

SET 1:

- 250ml Slimming Oil
- 250ml Honey Shampoo
- 250ml Honey Conditioner
- 100g Coffee epsom salt
- 50g All is Well balm

SET 2:
- 200ml Lavender hand & body wash
- 100g Lavender body scrub
- 100g Lavender body butter
- 100g Lavender epsom saly

SET 3:
- 150g Pure Light soap
- 250ml Pure Light lotion
- 50g Ginger Rx Balm
- 100ml Eucalyptus & Lemongrass repellent spray

SET 4:
- 100ml Anti-cellulite oil
- 300g Green Tea & Peppermint body scrub
- 300g Green Tea body butter

SET 5:
- 100g Goat's Milk & Oatmeal soap
- 100g Goat's Milk & Oatmeal body scrub
- 100g Goat's Milk body butter

So here's how you can win this fabulous skin scare set from Elizabeth Arden! Just simply follow these guidelines, terms and conditions and you can be one of the lucky winners!


  • Giveaway is open to residents of the Philippines only (Metro Manila or Provincial).
  • Winners will be announced on January 31, 2014.
  • There will be 5 winners, each winner will receive 1 gift pack which will be chosen in random.
  • For the winners, you have to provide us your complete email address, phone number and address so we can contact you and have the gift pack shipped to you. No meet ups.
  • Shipping will be shouldered by the winner. A fee PhP 100 shipping fee should be deposited to my personal account which will be provided together with the notification email.
  • Only 1 winner per household.
  • Winner will be notified via FB announcement in Sabs Hernandez's Fan Page, and an email will be sent to the email address you provided so make sure that it is valid and that you check your email and FB Page regularly starting on January 31, 2014.
  • The winner who does not respond to the email in 3 days from the time of the sent email, a new winner will be picked from the pool and be notified immediately via email.
  • Once the winner is notified, the winner should provide a scan or photo of PROOF OF IDENTITY (Picture ID) that you in fact exist.
  • Please do not flood my email asking if a winner has been picked already. Winners will be announced on after January 31, or via email.
  • Those who follow to unfollow will be disqualified.
  • Sweeties, please play fair. Some participants would unfollow and re-follow in Instagram, FB, Twitter, Google+, or GFC just to earn more points. If you are already a follower, please skip that entry. Violators will be disqualified (and that would be a bummer on both our ends) Thanks! You're awesome ;)Thanks for reading gorgeous friends! Good luck and let's all just have fun! (Please be patient... Rafflecopter may take a few seconds to load...)

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  1. Hi Ms. Sabs! I just want to ask if sa Rustan's page ba kami magpopost or sa Zenutrient's page? Thanks..

    1. No sweetie! You leave the comment in the Zenutrient's FB Page :)

    2. Thanks for the reply Ms. Sabs! Thank goodness I posted it on Zenutrient's page :)


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