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Friday, January 24, 2014


I don't really use concealer because I don't really need it. Well now, don't think for a second that I feel that I am perfect, my skin is anything but! But I really believe that one should only use products that one needs. Like for example, the concealer.

If you do not have dark circles or if your baggies aren't that deep, then skip the concealer. Your makeup look will still be complete even without the concealer. Sometimes, the foundation you are using is enough to cover the under eye area. Remember, if you put something to highlight something that you don't need some highlighting, then you could end up looking puffy than you actually are.

Collection Cosmetics Cover and Go Foundation Duo 35ml, PhP 349.00 each
But then again, I am not 20 years old anymore so I do need some highlighting on my under eye area. Choosing concealer can be a bit tricky because you can end up with the reverse racoon look. Now you don't want that! (Read On by clicking READ MORE)

Thank you Collection Cosmetics for these fab duos!

When you buy this product, it has a safety plastic seal so you will have to test them at the Collection counter. When I received these foundation duos, I couldn't tell which one would best suit my skin color and tone so I had to review both of them at once so we can choose together (yay!)

I like the packaging because it looks pro. Sassy and at the same time chic. Anything that is sassy and chic, I like!

The instructions are printed inside the sticker. You will have to peel the corner of the sticker so you can read the ingredients list. Yes, their products are formulated and developed in UK, but is manufactured in China.

I love the compact design of this product. The concealer that complements the foundation is on the cap of the tube with a small mirror. Perfect for those days when you are running late and you have to do your makeup in the car -however, I don't recommend you doing makeup in the car, specially if you're driving!

Collection Cosmetics Cover and Go Foundation Duo in Fair 03
 I love that the shades do complement each other. That's why it's a good idea to buy duos. These cosmetic giants make sure that the shades would complement, and not just match.

The FAIR 03 concealer is slightly on the yellow side. And the foundation has a slightly pinkish hue that is perfect for mestizas where their skin tone is on the pink side.

Collection Cosmetics Cover and Go Foundation Duo in Natural 04
For women who are on the yellowish side and fair skinned, I would recommend the Natural 04. The concealer has a more peachy undertone so they can really cover the purplish hue of the baggies. The foundation is yellowish. The photo shows it to be peachy too but it's really on the yellow side.

This is how I apply concealer, I use a concealer brush and I lightly apply it only on the inner corners of my eyes. Hmm... I think I should start wearing concealers more. It lifts my eyes! You can see that Natural 04 suits my skin tone better.

The Natural 04 foundation suits my skin tone better too. I find the fair foundation to be a bit white on my skin and the yellow tone of the Natural 04 complemented my skin tone better.

This is the foundation when set with powder. Flawless, even looking skin.

ON MY FACE: Collection Cosmetics Cover and Go Foundation Duo in Natural 04, Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder in Natural, K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow, Mac Riri Blush Duo in Hibiscus Kiss, MAC Eyeshadow in A Natural Flirt, MAC Eyeshadow in Shroom, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black, Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo Mascara, Maybelline Lip Polish in POP5


  • Compact and Portable.
  • Affordable!
  • Professional looking packaging.
  • Easily available.
  • Foundation is slightly on the gel-ish side.
  • Lightweight on the skin.
  • Doesn't make the skin look oily.
  • Non-drying. Moisturizing.
  • Easily applied with either fingers or a foundation brush.
  • Concealer and foundation shades complement each other.
  • Doesn't cake even when you set with powder foundation.
  • When set with loose powder, gives a dewy finish.
  • Foundation "melts" really well into the skin.
  • Good foundation for hot/humid days.
  • Mirror is small but very useable.
  • Does not release fumes that can irritate the eyes. I didn't tear at all!

  • Has a distinct fragrance.
  • Has light coverage.

  • Concealer is a little bit chalky/cakey. Creamy, but has a slight powder finish.
  • Foundation is not creamy.
  • Only 3 shades available.
  • Light coverage for a foundation.
  • It's not creamy for a foundation.

HOW I APPLIED IT: Using a concealer brush, I applied concealer only on the inner corner of my eyes and patted the edges with my ring finger to let the product melt into the skin and to erase any harsh lines. I only used a slightly-bigger-than-a-pea size amount of foundation and spread it all over my face with my ring and middle finger.

Will I re-purchase? Maybe.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. I totally love the idea of this product. Having both together would be super handy!

  2. I love the packaging. Compact, indeed!

  3. i love this brand na ms sabs and thank you for introducing this to me =)


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