Feel like a goddess with Eye of Horus' smokey eye pencil!

Monday, January 06, 2014


I have been sporting the smokey eye lately, but with a completely bare face. When I say bare, I say no foundation, no blush, no power, lots of petroleum jelly on my lips and just a little groom in' on my brows. I have always believed that in makeup, keep one focal point in your face. And wight now, I am keeping the focus on my eyes.

Eye of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil in Black, PhP 960.00

 Nah, it's no trend I'm going for, I've just been lazy lately doing the same makeup routine over and over again so I decided, why not skip everything and just line my eyes? Of course, this will work only if you have a really good eye pencil.

And that's where the Eye of Horus Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil comes in!

I remember melting my regular eyeliner pencils with a lighter to make the color intense, but this one? It's wax based so the formula glides on very black, but it doesn't smudge.

I love the packaging. It looks very Egyptian so I am really feeling it. Can you say Cleopatra? I have had this eye pencil for a while now thinking that it was just another eye pencil, but I must say- I was speechless when I finally started using it since last week.

Oh yah, for those of you who asked me, I take photos of my products before I open them, and write the reviews and post them after a week or 2 of usage so I can make a substantial review.

The pencil has a "smudge sponge" on the other side so that you can bring this pencil on the go.

When I swatched the pencil on my hand, I was expecting the pencil to easily smudge because of the "smokey" eye pencil claim of the product, but surprisingly? It was very had to smudge specially once it sets on the skin.

Here is what I do. I line my eyes including the waterlines (the inner rims of your eyes), and a thick line on the surrounding area of the lash lines.

I TRY (emphasis on the try), to smudge the edges with a short blending brush but I'm telling you, it won't budge. So I just smudge softly with a smaller brush with black eyeshadow just to make make the harsh lines disappear a little bit.

Some would say that it is very smudge-able but I would beg to disagree. I think that it sets pretty nicely and it's a good thing because you won't have to worry about smudges under your eyes as the night (or day) progresses.


  • Worth the price.
  • Glides on like gel, sets like liquid.
  •  Smudge proof!
  • Very very black! It doesn't look grey.
  • Easy to sharpen.
  • Lasts the whole day!
  • Waterproof, but can easily be removed with eye makeup remover.
  • No need to keep retouching the waterlines, stays black for hours.
  • I didn't tear or did it sting my eyes. This means that it doesn't contain harmful fumes that make your eyes water.
  • Sets like gel/liquid liner when applied on the upper lash lines without smudging.
  • Tip does not break easily or is it too soft that it breaks easily and it gets wasted.
  • Can be sharpened with ease.
  • Available in a few shades already aside from black: Bronze Amulet, Nubian Brown, Charcoal Obsidian, Teal Malachite, and Emerald Tabula.

  • Quite an investment. Pricey for some people.
  • Available online only.
  • Sets pretty fast, if you want to smudge it, do it quickly!

Have you tried this product before? What do you think?

Eye of Horus is available online at:

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  1. First I like the name, eye of horus. I have a problem with smoky eyes though, it makes me look like I haven't slept in days hehe... It looks nice on you though.

  2. Finally! the EOH liner review =)

    1. reminds me of San San Pen Eye liner (for the local version)

  3. yeah the name is so invigorating, I never tried this before, but through you persuades me to givea try, I am on learning smokey eaye do. I wish you have some video tutorials.:)

  4. I can't smudge it, either! I made the mistake of trying to, once. Hehe

  5. Very nice packaging! Love that it has two uses in one! A sponge and the pencil itself on side to side. How I wish I can sport a really good smudging skills! :)


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