Lunch at Burgers and Brewskies at Forbes Town Taguig (Review and Photos)

Sunday, January 26, 2014


As far back as I can remember, I have always loved American food. I wouldn't say that it was my favorite cuisine but it's definitely in the top 5.

The first time I heard about Burgers and Brewskies is from fellow makeup artist and friend Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin. We were supposed to hangout there one time but I wasn't able to make it. And I have been obsessing to try it since then. LOL

Burgers and Brewskies Restaurant, Forbes Town Burgos Circle, Taguig

Thank you Mayone for setting up our reservation! I was going to bring my entire family here for lunch today but my sister couldn't make it. So it was just me, my hubby and my dad.

Note: Even though this establishment is owned by my friends, this is not a biased review nor am I paid to write this review.

Ambience wise, I am loving the feel of it. I love restaurants with lots of light. I am not a fan of dimly lit establishments -unless you were a club I guess.

BB kind of has a Shake Shack NYC feel. As sophisticated as they come, this modern, no frills kind of pub is the kind of place that is friendly for all kinds of groups: family, friends, colleagues, and more!

I love that the music is not so loud that people have to shout to be able to talk to each other -I never really understood why establishments do that.

Oooh... Look at all that brew. So much kinds of beer for whichever mood you're in.

Downstairs is more on the "bar" kind of seating. Bar stools and tables are set up by the bar.

Clean, and very well lit makes the place very welcoming and not sleazy. I guess dim is OK for night clubs and bars. I guess when you get older you kind of look for places that are quiet and bright where you can talk comfortably, and you see the people you're talking to. Unless again when it is converted to a "gimmick" place at night when people want a more relaxing environment.

Here's my dad going up the stairs where our reserved seats are located.

Look how bright and cheery the ambiance is. I love that the place doesn't smell like food. I know that's a weird thing to say specially when we are in a restaurant. But there are some establishments that smell of onions, garlic and sometimes a dirty grill that stick to your clothes after you eat there. But anyway! I'm rambling.

I just had to take a photo of this beer chandelier. So creative! I want one!

Humorous signages hug the walls of BB. I just love how original and quirky this place is. It's quite cozy and loose. I don't like places that are too stiff.

I think they can do with more tables though. But I guess they don't want to over crowd the place which is nice. I love that with the space they have upstairs, they can add more tables but they didn't because too much would make it too crowded. Again, this place is comfortable.

The temperature of the place is very comfy. It's not too cold nor is it warm too (specially when you get too full) Ha!

The happiest hour indeed! PhP 60.00 for a Mojito? Margarita? LYCHEE MARTINI? All the absolute faves at 60 bucks from 5-8pm!

I love that they take photos of the people enjoying their food and brew and they post it in the big screen TV that is on the second floor. You can also find photos in their FB page. Such a fun place!

I am no liquor connoisseur but I am guessing this is their Whisky list? I think this is very original. They have Whisky instead of the over-done wine list.

Cooking their burgers MEDIUM is just right for me. This is my usual so I am thrilled that I don't have to give specific instructions. My hubby enjoys Medium-Rare but he's more flexible than I am.

Coke Zero just goes great with Burgers. Of course, my hubby ordered a Hoegaarden with his meal. Nice!

Now, the food. Let me describe their menu. It's quite simple, short, and straight to the point. They only have a handful of burgers to choose from but all of which are succulent and mouth watering the way all of them are described. If we were more people we would have ordered one of each kind, but being just the 3 of us, that might be too gluttonous. We resisted the urge to over order.

I ordered the meat and the cheese sauce of the Chili Cheese Fries on the side. Even though I love cheese fries, I don't like getting the fries all soggy so I ordered everything on the side. I love dipping! iI actually have a fry-dipping obsession either with just catsup or with blue cheese dressing, I just loooove dipping.

The chili is just YUM. It's something you can have with rice (and I'm not even kidding!). The cheese however could be made a bit stronger though. A stronger cheese maybe? Although it's very good, the cheese flavor is a bit mild. 

Brewskies' Chili Cheese Fries
The fries are cooked to perfection. Hot and crisp on the outside and soft and moist in the inside. The fries below are their potato wedges. The Spiced Mustard Aioli is TDF. I actually smothered this dip on my burger (takaw alert) and it's sooooo good. I really love that Dijon-y flavor.
Brewskie's PoW Potato Wedges with Spiced Mustard Aioli

This is what I ordered: the KANDI burger. It was a toss-up between this burger or the one with the Blue Cheese which is like my absolute favorite, but I ended up ordering this one because I wanted to stir away from my usual to try something new.

The bacon is just perfectly cooked as well. Perfect thickness, crunchy, sweet and salty all in one bite. Gosh.

The caramelized onions are yum! I can taste a hint of wine (whether white or red, I am not sure), and just the right amount of sweetness. Simmered in sugar and wine (and maybe butter?), but you can still taste the raw flavor of the onions.

The burger pattie is cooked, without a doubt, out-and-out perfect. Juicy and pink (I don't like my food to bleed), moist and very tender. Not to much pepper or salt, just enough to flavor. If I were to make a comment/suggestion though, I would love to taste more of the beef though. Although everything is cooked and prepared perfectly, the beef taste was very mild. Otherwise? Perfect.

Look at that melted cheese. (Wipes drool)

Brewskie's KANDI Burger

Hubby ordered the HECTOR SALAMANCA. He love spicy food so there was no other choice for him. I got to try it and I loved it! And I don't even like spicy food!

As usual, everything was cooked flawlessly. Curnch nacho strips that just adds texture to the soft burger. Tomato salsa adds zing to the burger and a break to the saltiness of the cheese. Everything is well balanced. Hot but you can still taste the flavors. I love the sour taste of the Jalapeño Crema.

As for the beef? Hubby comments the same. Hoping to taste more of the beef.

Brewskies' HECTOR SALAMANCA Burger

As far back as I can remember, this is how dad likes his burger: Bun, burger, and bun. Yup! That's it. He loved to taste the meat and he doesn't like anything masking that. The usual BB NEAT Burger has an aioli dressing but dad didn't like any frills on his burger. BORING, I know. But he loves to taste the beef.

Without all the toppings, he got to review the beef the best. Everything was prepared perfectly: juicy, tender, perfect amount of burnt flavor, salt and pepper is not over powering -but the beef taste is very mild. But otherwise, perfect. Even the bun was toasted perfectly!

Brewskies' NEAT Burger

When it comes to customer service, this place is top notch. I love establishments that spend time to train their staff properly. They're very polite, courteous, and they are very knowledgeable with their menu items. I'd like to say thank you to our server who helped us order! Too bad I forgot to get his name. All his suggestions were right on the dot!

Thank you Burgers and Brewskies for a pleasant experience in your establishment! Keep it up! Special thanks to Mayone and Francis for taking care of use during our visit!


  • Comfortable seats!
  • Tables are not placed so close together.
  • Place is well lit and not loud.
  • Food is excellent! Everything is prepared to perfection.
  • Food is prepared and served fast.
  • Wonderful flavor combinations.
  • Great location with easy parking.
  • Staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. And did I mention well-spoken?
  • Clean facility! Well kept restrooms.
  • Kid friendly. Family friendly.
  • No loud music! Yay!
  • Menu is not too complicated. Great food description.
  • Great beer choices (according to my beer-drinking hubby)
  • Unusual burger toppings that complement each other. This trait separates this establishment from other burger places.
  • Affordable! Reasonably priced.
  • Burgers are a bit messy to eat but what burger isn't? Yes, it's that juicy.

  • Could use a bit more french fries per serving. People love fries!
  • For my family's taste buds: Burger could use a bit more of the beef taste. (Marked this as "neutral" because this is according to personal taste.

  • Umm... Nothing!

Will I visit again? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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