Maybelline's Lip Polish Collection by Color Sensational (Swatches and Review)

Monday, January 20, 2014


If there's anything I love, it's lipstick and lipgloss. I think they also contribute in making or breaking the entire look you are trying to achieve. They also bring the face to life! I just got back from a week-long Baguio trip after New Year and when we got back, I had this waiting for me.

So imagine my surprise when I opened the paper bag and found out that Maybelline finally came out with their very own pigmented lipgloss! The past glosses they have were child's play compared to this one. Allow me to say THANK YOU to Maybelline!

Maybelline Lip Polish by Color Sensational, PhP 349/each
 These beautiful lip polishes are now available in Maybelline counters and it's actually perfect for summer when you wear the least amount of makeup.

I absolutely love their packaging. When you don't know what they are, from afar you would think they're lipsticks because of the lipstick-shape bullet inside the container but it's actually lip gloss.

Their packaging reminds me of a slightly less animated version of Lancome's Color Fever Gloss. Except Lancome's Fever Gloss has a stickier formula than this one.

When you peel off the plastic safety seal off each polish, the word "LIP POLISH" will no longer be there. Boooo! I kinda liked it there. LOL I specially like the size of the lip polishes. I can easily get tired of shades that I use so this smaller size makes it easier to finish and nothing goes to waste.

The bottles do not have the names of the shades, just codes (like Pop5, Glam 12, and so on..) so it's a bit confusing. I would rather if they had names... It makes makeup much more fun!

Some of the shades are much more pigmented than the others, but are still "sensational". You can wear the less pigmented lip polish over lipstick to make your lip color really stand out. And the ones that are highly pigmented can be worn alone.

As you can see on the box are names of the shades but they are not on the polish tube itself so they're kind of hard to match. So I would have to call them by code rather than by shade name.

The next shade you are about to see is my first favorite: POP6 I love it because it is slightly pigmented and I love bold lip color.

There is something about this shade too: GLAM5. The shade reminds me of orchids and I just love it's slightly pearllized finish. I think it's uber girly!

The next shade you are about to see it also one of my favorites. It's a deep magenta that is pigmented so you can wear this shade alone. (GLAM6) This is also in my list of favorites.

GLAM15 is just a tinted lip gloss that you can use on top of nude lipsticks. As you can see on the swatch, the pigment is easily wiped off when you glide the wand on top of your lips.

Below is also a favorite. Again, it's pigmented and you can use it alone! It's a deeper shade of red compared to POP6 which makes this gloss perfect for a night out on the town!


  • High-shine!
  • Glides on silky and smooth.
  • Protects the lips like balm.
  • Wide variety of shades to choose from!
  • Readily and easily available everywhere.
  • Affordable!
  • Extremely moisturizing.
  • Non-sticky feel.
  • Soft velour applicator makes it easy to apply on the lips.
  • High shine!
  • I like the small size, it makes it easier to finish so you can try more shades!
  • Compact.
  • Sleek/Chic packaging design.
  • Unscented.
  • Girls (women or children) of all ages can use this gloss!

  • Unscented.
  • Better if the shades are names rather than codes, easier to remember.

  • Some shades come off uneven on the lips.
  • Not transfer proof.
  • In time the velour applicator tip can feel a bit soggy.

Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. They're lovely! Reminds me of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip glosses.Glam 6 and Pop 5 are my favorites. Glam 2 and 13 looks great on you :)

    1. Thank you! Glam 6 and 12, and Pop 6 are my favorite ones! ♥

    2. I think those are the shades I got, and I love them all too! :D

  2. Nice! Maybelline's such a great brand when it comes to affordable, good quality makeup! :)

    1. I agree! Whenever I forget to bring makeup and I have a spur of the moment events or meetings, I go straight to Maybelline and buy makeup! :)

  3. oh my!!! i want all!!! hihi.. GLAM 2 and 6 suits you pretty well ms sabs! while GLAM 13 is just like MLBB for you!

    1. ~ hi sabs! great swatching! i like it when lippies are shown on the lips itself and not swatched on the hand! :) MLBB is "my lips but better" - means the shade's exactly like your lip color but more pronounced - thus natural-looking! :)

  4. wrealy nice, hope they will sale it in Italy too...

  5. Oh too bad about that nude one. You can hardly find good nude glosses that have the right consistency so the pigment doesn't rub off.

    1. I agree... Actually I found that when you don't apply too much pressure when you apply it, it doesn't look patchy like that ♥

  6. The colors can easily match everyone's makeup! Been into glossy lip color lately and this one for me, is the bomb! :D Especially Glam 13! :D


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