Perfect Lashes with Majolica Majorca's Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo Mascara!

Monday, January 20, 2014


To all you cat-eye look lovers out there, Majolica Majorca's Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo Mascara may be the ultimate mascara for you! I myself am not much of a mascara user but it is a staple in my professional makeup kit because mascara is a makeup artist's best friend, specially if you find the right formula that works for you (and your clients).

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo Mascara, $12.99 (PhP 795.00 in Manila)
 This was given to me by my friend Naisa when she went to Japan last year. Another friend of mine took my existing mascara so time to open a new one! LOL
Let's talk about the packaging, as usual this is my first order of business. I like that the packaging is very classy and chic. Although, my usual pet peeve: no English translations. Im not sure if the packaging here in Manila comes with English translations but this one did not.

I love the little gold details that Majolica Majorca incorporates in their packaging. It's very classy (and did I mention classy?).

Again with the packaging, I really would like it if they would include an English instructional label even though it's just a sticker. I can be quite anal when it comes to understanding the stuff that you put on yourself.

There is nothing special about the mascara brush. I think it's pretty standard actually but I have heard a lot of good thing about the formula.

Let's take a closer look, the bristles are far apart to make sure that there won't be clumping. In my experience, the closer and the bushier the mascara brush is, the more chances for it to clump.

When you take an even closer look at the formula, you can see that the mascara has "fibers" that latch on to your lashes that make the lashes look thicker and longer.

 If you refer to the photo below, I applied one coat of mascara only and the other eye with no mascara. I concentrated on applying mascara on the outer half of my eye and you can see that it already looks "cat-eye"-ish.

You can see how it gives the illusion of thick lashes. Woohoo!! Sorry, I got a little excited there looking at myself in the photo. Hahaha! But you know what I mean.

 Now referring to the photo below, I applied mascara on both my eyes both having 3 coats of each and you can really see the cat-eye effect it gave my lashes. This mascara is not limited to the cat-eye look. you can use this mascara any way you want.


  • Lightweight! I almost forgot I was wearing mascara!
  • Non-sticky -some mascaras feel sticky when you press your lids together.
  • Waterproof!
  • Extreme volumnizing.
  • Does not clump!
  • Readily available in Majolica Majorca counters nationwide.
  • My eyes are extremely sensitive but this formula did not make my eyes tear or itch!
  • Keeps the curl of the lashes intact. Does not weigh the lashes down.
  • Lengthening.
  • Stays on the whole day! Holds the curl the whole day.

  • Fibers may get into the eye (but can easily be removed)
  • Pricey. Specially if you have to change every 3-4 months. But Majolica Marjorca always goes on sale so you can probably get it cheaper.
  • Smells like chlorine, like a swimming pool.

Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. I love Majolica Majorca but Lash King has this distinct smell that gets annoying or distracting. I will repurchase, though. I got mine in Macau. It's 100-150 pesos cheaper than the ones here

    1. This mascara actually smells like a swimming pool. I forgot to include that in my CONS! Thank you for reminding me :)

  2. yay pretty effect! i think this is cheaper than Benefit They're Real Mascara! i would love to try this!

    1. I find Benefit to be a bit pricey, but they have a lot of awesome stuff!


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