Seriously Teal! Inglot's Nail Enamel Review

Saturday, January 04, 2014

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It's that time of the week again to change my nail of the week. One of the best things about Inglot's Nail Enamels is their wide range of shades to choose from!

This shade is from their Azure collection, but it's actually more teal than it photographs. It's not limited for summer, nor is it just for winter/autumn. It's an all year round shade that you can wear no matter what season! That's why I love this shade.

INGLOT Nail Enamel #989, PhP 450.00

Packaging is excelente! I love that it looks pro with the black box and the ingredients printed on it.

Warning labels are printed on the side of the packaging too so that is definitely a plus too, don't you think so?

I didn't choose this shade by the way, I got it from the press kit during the launch of INGLOT, but it's definitely a shade that I would have chosen for myself too. I don't have anything like it yet so I was pretty excited to try it!

It would have been more fun if the shades had names like OPI, Orly or China Glaze. I love the nails they come up with so if Inglot came up with names too it would be better (to remember the shades better too).

I love the consistency of the polish. It's not too runny/thin, nor is it too thick as well. A single coat can cover the nail, but like all other nail polishes, 2 coats will be better.

This polish has a glossy finish but I topped it with China Glaze's Patent Leather Top Coat to really bring out the color.

And to moisturize my cuticles after using nail polish remover which dried out the sides of my nails, I used China Glaze's Holiday Berry Cuticle Oil which gives a reddish finish too that makes the hands look clean and healthy.

  • One coat can cover the nail. 2 coats is even better.
  • Doesn't turn the nail yellow!
  • Thick consistency, but not sticky. 
  • Easy to control wand.
  • Available in Makati (yay for me!)
  • The smell is not strong/unpleasant.
  • Dries quickly!
  • Glossy finish, you won't need a top coat.
  • Long lasting, doesn't chip or peel even if you layer it on.
  • For a good quality nail polish, it's affordable.
  • Protects the nail -keeps the nail hard and chip free!
  • Wearable no matter what season!

  • Available in 1 branch for now (Inglot Store, Glorietta 5)
  • A little pricey for women like me who change nail color every 3-4 days.
  • The polish doesn't dry quickly in the bottle.


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  1. God! This is by far the most beautiful color I have ever seen! Since I ca't afford this, I will be searching for a cheaper brand that has the same color. Hope I can find! :D

  2. its pretty shade ms sabs! happy new year!!!! gonna look for dupe of this polish hee hee

  3. Hi! What do you mean by "the polish doesn't dry quickly in the bottle?" Thanks! :)

    1. Some polishes kasi will become sticky and thick na just after one use. This polish maintains its consistency even after I have used it several times :)

    2. hee hee ganun nga po talaga ms sabs kapag imported yung mga polishes ko.. i do have nail polishes gift from abroad (since 2010) konting kalog ayun parang bago pa din.. very runny pa rin yung consistency (brand: OPI by Sephora)

  4. wow, love pastel color, bagay sayo Ms. Sabs:)

  5. That is a really gorgeous color! Will perfectly go with my travel outfits and colorful backdrops around the world! But daayyuuuummm.. P450 for a small bottle?? :( We're cheapskate travelers so we're also cheapskates when it comes to shopping. I buy Face Shop's nail polish instead. Not the cheapest but I love the quality, easy DIY-application, and the solid colors. :)

  6. This one is nice huh. It's comparable with Seche. And the shade could make Filipina fingers look lighter. I have problems with choosing the right shade for the nails. I love to play with colors but sometimes colors doesn't want to play with me :p ♡


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