Warts Be Gone with Laser Wart Removal

Monday, January 27, 2014


Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder why your skin still looks dull and lifeless even though you're very religious with your skin care? Don't worry because it does happen. No, it's not that your skin care is not working, it's actually warts.

Nasty, I know -but warts cast shadows on your skin. Sometimes they are discolored, but sometimes are just slightly raised. When left untreated, they turn into nasty skin tags that make your skin look dark and lifeless.

Warts are not always visible to the naked eye. Dermas and trained beauty technicians (the really good facilities) can tell the difference between a freckle, a Milia, and a wart and a bunch more skin problems. (Read on by clicking READ MORE)

The first time I heard of Clarence is when I was invited to their new clinic opening in Jupiter street. I have been shopping around for a reliable derma for a while that is very close to home (and one that is not located in a hospital), and I am so happy that I discovered Clarence. You can find more info on the facility in my previous post HERE.

My husband and I were placed in a room with 2 beds. Then we were prepped by Dra. Joan Morallo's medical staff. They applied topical cream on our warts and taped them. Like with the regular wart removal via cauterization, it takes 45 minutes for it to take effect. I think that may be the hardest part of them all... The waiting.

Carbon Dioxide Laser or simply "laser" wart removal uses a strong, focused beam of light to burn off warts. CO2 lasers essentially vaporize the wart, causing it to burn. Your body's immune response will then kick in and finish destroying the wart and healing the skin from within. Sounds simple doesn't it?

The regular cautery costs PhP 3,800 (unlimited), and the new CO2 laser treatment costs PhP 4,899 (unlimited). With the difference of only a little over 1k, I get to try the new laser technology.

Laser treatments allow you to take a shower 1 day after the procedure, while the normal cautery should be given 3 days of not wetting your body for 3 days. You are then given something to clean the scars and an antibiotic cream.

It had me at "you can take a bath after 1 day".

So 45 minutes later, Dra. Morallo got to work on me. Since I was the first one who was getting impatient, I went first.

I can't say that this procedure is painless. It's actually more or less the same as any cautery procedure, slightly a bit more uncomfortable. The reason why the pain penetrates beyond the topical anaesthesia is because the laser goes skin deep killing the wart at the root rather than burning just the surface where the anaesthesia is absorbed.

Then it was my hubby's turn. He has a lot less warts than me would you believe?

Right after the procedure, the scars aren't that bad looking. The wounds of course sting a little but that's because there's trauma. The pain will go away after a few hours my doctor said.

The morning after, the scars are more obvious now that scabs have formed and the swelling have subsided.

We were given instructions to not wash the areas that have been treated until the following morning, but we could clean the area using an alcohol-free toner. Then we should apply an anti-biotic cream.

I will check back with all of you in 2 weeks! I will post photos when the scabs have disappeared so stay tuned!

Clarence Centre is located at:
2/F Mila Holdings Building
28 Jupiter St., cor. Astra St.
Bel Air, Makati City


  • You can already shower the day after the procedure.
  • Kills the warts from the roots.
  • Percentage rate of the warts coming back is lower.
  • Can remove the warts faster!
  • You can wear makeup the day after the procedure!

  • Stings after the procedure but goes away after about an hour.

  • Local anaesthesia isn't that effective for the procedure. You can still feel a bit of pain.

Will I visit again? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. I have warts under my eye area and Im so scared to go to dermas to treat them because they said it sooo painful kasi sinusinog daw siya. And I think payment is per piece basis. I don't know. I'm just asking people who ave undergone such treatment.

    1. I have had fatty deposits removed from near my tear ducts before! I recommend going to a real derma though rather than regular facial spas.

  2. Wow, some of them are really close to your eye. Were you scared? o_o

  3. im glad that warts removal (via laser) procedure is included to our intellicare package mimimum of 25 pcs (per warts) hee hee =)

  4. Hi. I came across this blog while researching about cauterization. I just got it done last night and I am worried the healing process will take long. When did the dark spots on yours come off? How soon did u wear make up? Did you have any scars after?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I'm sure you already know the answers to your questions though :) Everything healed for me a week after the procedure. That was the safest for me. I wore makeup a week after my procedure. I didn't go out for a week too! No scars for me :)

  5. Is it okay to swim a few days after warts removal?

    1. Preferably not, you should wait for all the scabs to disappear before exposing it to ocean or pool water :)

  6. If the warts is on top of your head,will you need to lose hair for the laser treatment? I dont want to believe what the doctor said. Lol


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