A sneak peak at what Canmake has in store for you this Spring and my Canmake makeup haul!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

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To be honest, I have never hear of Canmake before until it was launched last April 2013. I quickly fell in love with the makeup because #1, Kawaii Packaging, and #2 I love anything Japanese made. What their eyeshadows lack in pigment (compared to brands for professional use), they make up in other stuff like their flawless finish powders and their barely there concealers.

Canmake Spring Collection Launch Press Kit
First let me show you what we got from the press kit. These are just some of what's coming in Spring from Canmake! I will make a thorough review on each one as soon as I can! Hopefully before March though so you will know which Canmake products you'll get before Summer starts!

Candy Wrap Lip
Spring’s trendiest red lip gloss! A limited edition product that’ll soon create a buzz in Manila!

Lash Care Essence
A make-up that aims to take care of your lashes! A Hall of Famer at the cosme, Japan’s no. 1 make-up word of mouth site, the lash care essence is the treatment that you need to repair those damaged lashes!

Highlight Brush
Finally, a brush that highlights your face’s beautiful glow! This handy and cute brush will be available in stores on March 2014!

Cheek Brush
A popular cheek brush in Japan, Canmake Tokyo’s cheek brushes are made with synthetic hair that makes every swipe prettier than ever!

Glow Fleur Cheeks 05
The yellowish pink brush that’s starting to gain a cult following in Japan! With its cute packaging, pigmented color and handy size, the Glow Fleur Cheeks is now Japan’s fave blush! Not to be outdone, its brush also got the “Hottest Brush Award” in the popular Jessica Code Magazine in Hong Kong.

I really learned a lot from the event! The Japanese owners who brought us Canmake taught us a lot about the Japanese way in putting on and removing makeup. It's very interesting to learn!
And now, a sneak peak at what's coming this Spring from Canmake! Let me tell you though that descriptions are from the press kit. I had to copy and paste them because I've never experienced them first hand. I can't wait though! When they come out, I will make sure to get some and tell you all about them!

Lasting Multi-Eyebase Waterproof, PhP 390
Ensure long-wearing eye make with Canmake’s Lasting Multi-Eyebase WP! Waterproof and easy-to-use, this multi-purpose eyebase can also be used with eye shadow, liners and even eyebrow make-up!

Lash Care Mascara
Create seductive, fluttery lashes with Canmake’s Lash Care Mascara. Made with 11 lash care essence ingredients, this mascara will condition and at the same time enhance your lashes!

Color Change Eyebrow, PhP 410
Change the color of your eyebrows in an instant with just one swipe! Made with two easy-to-blend colors, this mascara can create soft, natural-looking brows 

Easy & Fast Make Gel, PhP 530
Save minutes from your skincare routine with this all-in one gel base! Its skin care, moisturizer and UV protection shield all in one perfect for those rushed mornings! 

Smooth Liquid Foundation, Php 1,050
The only liquid foundation you’ll need to achieve full coverage minus the shine! Contains moisturizing essences that prevents dryness and oil!

Get that desired dewy finish that evens out your natural complexion and brings out the fine beauty within you! This 5-in-1 product is so handy that it functions as your base, foundation, concealer and powder, enough to be applied directly after your skin care regimen!

Still wondering why you should get this product? Be amazed with these 3 points:
  • Get a nude-look finish without the heavy feeling! This wonder product also covers the unevenness of your skin giving you smooth, natural finish! 
  • Enjoy total moisture even with its dry finish. Its fine finish gives out a translucent feel. 
  • An absolute must have for every girl living in the tropics, this product will not fade easily! The base is most and silky-smooth giving you the BB Cream feel. 
This wonder product is mostly water-based and can withstand oil and sweat. The CanMake Smooth Liquid Foundation has 3 shades to choose from, perfect for all skin tone! It has SPF21 and is made up of natural beauty essences that will surely take care of your skin! 

Perfect Serum BB Cream, PhP 680
Bid blemishes good bye with this SPF 50 filled BB Cream! Light weight and non-sticky, this BB cream is perfect for the Asian skin!

Canmake’s Perfect Serum BB Cream comes in light and natural shades, perfect for blending on any skin type!
Glow Fleur Cheeks, PhP 590
Get a satin sheen feel for your glowing cheeks ala shiny pearl. Mix two different textures, in one palette. Change your color based on your mood with just a few swipes. 

Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner, PhP 450
Create tantalizing cat’s eyes with Canmake’s Hyperslim Gel Eyeliner! Waterproof and creamy in texture, this gel eyeliner is so easy to use, you will be a pro in no time! 

Marshmallow Foundation Powder, PhP 650
Create the perfect sweet-looking face that's as soft and light as a marshmallow! Canmake’s Marshmallow Finish Powder helps you to achieve a matte finish that conceals pores and hides any unevenness in your complexion!

Here’s a face powder for finishing your foundation and touching up your make-up through the day. It comes in a handy pressed formulation that's easy to carry in your bag.

Perfect Stylist Eyes
The only eye shadow palette you’ll need for morning till night! The new CanMake Perfect Stylist Eyes is perfect to enhance your peepers either for work or play!

Create different looks with this glamorous 5-in-1 eyeshadow palette. Go from sweet and preppy to glam and sexy all in one swipe!

This completely versatile product lets you choose if you want a glam or sweet look with its moist powder formulation! Achieve that highly-pigmented finish that goes on smoothly on your skin and guarantees no messy application. You can mix and match colors to achieve your desired look and let all eyes on you whether at school, work and even parties! Break-out from the usual eyeshadow palette with CanMake Perfect Stylist Eyes colors: Sweet Pink, Baby Beige, Happy Coral, Lady Beige and Pink Chocolat.
Quick Easy Liner, PhP 390 
Guaranteed no wearing off with sweat and block sebum, this wonder product is perfect for beginner with its felt-tip that is kind to all crease and eyelid! One application is all you need to create that perfect cat-eye or winged-eye look to highlight greater eye definition. Smudge-free and stays long hours.

Candy Wrap Lip, PhP 390
With just a few swipes, create irresistible lips filled with luster and moisture! Candy Wrap Lip contains light oil that reduces the stickiness usually associated with lip gloss, achieving a light, smooth texture on application.

Stay-On Balm Rouge
*They didn't include any description or information on this product but I will find out!*

So, after the event, I learned so much about Canmake during the demo that a lot of products intrigued me. The first thing that interested me was the Marshmallow Finish Powder.

Well for one, it has a very cute name! Hahaha! I couldn't stay long at the event, but I went back to Somera the next day to buy some Canmake stuff that I want to try!

(L-R) Nose Shadow Powder, PhP 520 | Easy and Fast Make Gel, PhP 530 | Marshmallow Finish Powder, PhP 650 | Gokubuto Mascara, PhP 480

These are the Canmake products that I bought: The Nose Shadow Powder, Easy and Fast Make Gel, Marshmallow Finish Powder, and their curling mascara, Gokubuto. The Make Me Happy Grapefruit Lotion is a freebie for buying so much. LOL All in all I spent PhP 2,180 for everything. Not bad for really good quality makeup!

I wish I can feature all of the products here all at once but I plan to do this one by one so I can give a thorough review! The first on my agenda is the Marshmallow Finish Powder.

I love the packaging! As usual, Japanese packaging takes the cake. I love how baroque the compact looks. And their plastic packaging is just so Japanese.

Canmake Marshmallo Finish Powder, PhP 650
 It's too bad that no information/instructions are written in English, but then again, you can see that they stuck a piece of sticker with the ingredients list is written in English.

Look at that cute packaging! When my friend saw it, she wanted to buy it right away because it had her the moment she laid eyes on the cute compact.

It's quite portable too, made from hard plastic. The refill is only PhP 450, but if you buy it with the compact it's PhP 650.

As all pressed powders go, there is a protective film on top of the powder. This is to keep the oily sponge that you use to get in contact with the powder so keep the plastic film to avoid oil transfer to the powder.

Yes, I am that fair. Hahaha! I am thankful too because it's not really that hard to look for a good powder or foundation base.

I swatched it on my hand not spreading it too much so you can see the finish of the powder. It has a soft venvet-y finish. It's very easy to spread and really has a soft texture.

Take a look at that finish! It looks so natural on my face! I thought that it might be too white for me (I mean there was no other choice in shades, it was this or the dark one) but it adjusted to my skin color and tone perfectly.

ON MY FACE: Happy Skin Don't Get Mad Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation in Soft Beige, CanMake Marshmallow Finish Powder, K-Palette 2Way Lasting Eyebrow in Dark Brown, MAC Brow Gel in Show-Off, Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo in Black, Palgantong Pop Cheek Blusher in Baby Pink, ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, Happy Skin Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss


  • Beautiful medium coverage.
  • Smooth texture, like velvet.
  • Sets really well on the skin.
  • Shade adapts well to skin tone.
  • Not chalky.
  • No funky perfumed, fake smell.
  • Allergy tested.
  • Affordable!
  • Gives a nice glowing finish. Emphasizing your face's glow, not hide it.
  • Does not cake.
  • Can be applied with the velour puff or a brush.
  • Does not make skin look dry and chalky.
  • Quality makeup that is a friend to the wallet.
  • Does not give a white finish on skin.
  • Can be used alone or to set liquid foundation.

  • Limited branches for now.
  • I am not really feeling the velour puff. Although it gives a medium coverage vs a sponge where it gives the thickest overage. A big powder brush gives a beautiful veil finish on top of your foundation.

  • Available only in 2 shades.

Will I re-purchase? Yes. Definitely!
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Oh my gosh, the packaging of all of these products is SO pretty!

  2. you're so lucky with your skintone... us morenas have to search high and low to find perfect shades... i'll be waiting for the individual product reviews... :D they should have put a compartment for the powder puff though... those plastic things just fly all over the place...


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