Belated Happy Birthday and Valentine's to Me!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Aside from being absolutely obsessed with makeup, I have a passion for handbags. In college, I never expected to be addicted to designer bags, but my love for labels started when my sister worked for Rustan's back in 2000 and I was introduced to labels. My first designer bag was a Louis Vuitton Mabillion Epi Leather in Yellow that I bought in Hong Kong on my way back to Manila when I travelled to Europe alone in 2000. The next purse I bought was after college and I was already working, and soon I had my very own collection of handbags.

Fast forward to 2006, I was introduced to Balenciaga because I was obsessed with Paris Hilton at that time. I aspired to own a Balenciaga back then but it wasn't until 2008 that I bought my first Balenciaga Twiggy in Olive Green (I forgot the name of the color) -A beautiful shade of gray that kinda looks like olive green.

So last year, a month before my birthday I ordered my gift from my friend who was coming home from the US and it finally arrived! Yay!

Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope Clutch in Pivoine, $1,095
I have been in love with the Balenciaga clutches ever since I first saw them in Greenbelt about 2 years ago and with my sister owning one (in black nonetheless!). But they don't really have the colors that appeal to me. So I would window shop online and my friend would keep me posted on what's new in stores since she's a mall rat. LOL

Original price was $1,045 but they had a 3 day sale and I was able to buy it for $990 (exclusive of tax), which is roughly PhP 44,055 (with an exchange rate of PhP 44.50). With tax, $990 comes out to $1,071.67 in California so I paid $1,080 flat because I don't like weird awkward amounts, and I don't like underpaying as well.

I opted for the rose gold hardware which according to my friend is a little bit more expensive but has a more vintage and more worn-out look. Distressed? Whatever.

I think I made the right choice for the color too. Pivoine (pronounced as piv-wan) which is french for Peony. It's uber feminine and I love the lambskin leather because it's very soft and supple like butter.

Not limited to day time use, this blushing peony color can be worn in the evening as well. Black is always a classic, but I want something that I can wear during the day as well when I am not in the mood for giant handbags.

The camera and the lighting is not doing justice to the color. As you can see below the photo and the weird harsh lighting from the natural light outside is making it look pale and giving it a dull baby pink color. But in person, it's a mixture of old rose and powder pink. It's weird. I love it.

I just find the mirror weird though. There is no zipper or any hardware inside to attach the mirror too so I just stuff it inside. You can tie it with the front zipper but it will throw off the aesthetics of the bag.

I will post photos of this clutch in action as soon as I have a photo! But for now, I just wanted to share with you my happy, happy, joy, joy purchase! It's the launch of GlamGlow tonight and I am very excited to use this clutch! Yay!

And oh! To those who sent me emails asking to see my bag collection, watch out for my post soon! I will post one soon!

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  1. Wow! It's a fantastic bag! I want it too! And the colour is fab!
    Timeless mode

  2. yay! belated happy birthday ms sabs! smooches!

  3. I love the color! it's so gorgeous.. :)

    1. Thank you! Isn't it lovely? It's very feminine but chic at the same time.

  4. Oh em gee it's so expensive! Hahaha... Forgive me, it's just that I am such a cheapskate. But really, the bag is lovely. I wish someday I could buy my own Balenciaga too :)

    1. Hahaha! No worries! Different strokes for different folks *wink*

  5. Congrats on your Balenciaga purchase. They look so beautiful. Rose is always a classic color.

  6. super nice bag! i'm scared to own luxury bags because i'm such a clutz... haha...

  7. I've been thinking of getting a giant envelope too, but after seeing my Giant City looking worn out, I'm having second thoughts of getting another Balenciaga! :(

    1. My other Balenciaga also looks kawawa but it looks nicer when it's worn out... Mukhang vintage talaga hahaha! I love old worn out leather, may character na siya :)


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