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Friday, February 21, 2014


Long before Sebamed hit the shelves in the Philippines, I was already an avid Sebamed user. I could only get my hands on them at my derma's clinic in Makati Med, and eventually I got tired of going to Makati Med just to get shampoo, conditioner, and pimple cream.

But now that Sebamed is easily accesible, I have gone back to treating my occasional dandruff with their very effective anti-dandruff shampoo and clearing my monthly breakouts with their pimple gel.

The anti-pimple gel has got to be one of the best pimple creams I have ever tried. It doesn't dry up your skin or burn the skin to dry up the pimple. Instead, it goes deeper than the surface of the skin targeting the root of the problem. It's very safe to use.

Sebamed Coloured Anti-Pimple Cream 10ml, PhP 350.00

I have seen this coloured anti-pimple cream before but I never tried it until now when I ran out of pimple gel. I thought to myself that this must be good too since it's from Sebamed.

I love the packaging. Don't you just love products where you can read what's in them? You don't have to squint to be able to read what you are putting on your face or body.

Most pimple treatments come in 10ml tubes. So this size is pretty standard.

The packaging however is like a lip balm tube where you have a smooth dome shaped tip with a tiny hole to dispense product.

The texture of the product is very creamy and thick. I didn't expect it to be this pigmented to be honest. I was actually expecting it to be a little bit more runny like tinted moisturizer. This one has a concealer texture.

It spreads easily too and it's build-able. Meaning, you can pile it on your pimple if it's still seen under the cream. It doesn't cake, and it dries pretty quickly too.

This is me, sans makeup. Excuse the ugly blackheads and the piling acne breakout. But I want to show raw photos so you can see the real effect of the cream.

It's almost that time of the month hence the breakout. It usually clears up as soon as Aunt Flow arrives so I am not that worried. It takes a long time for the scars to heal though. That's where spot reducing skin care comes in. But for the meantime, let's cover these up!

There is nothing wrong with using regular concealer to hide your acne, but concealing them while treating them is always a PLUS.

I used my ring middle finger to pat product directly on the acne and patted the edges to make sure the application is seamless. Remember that less is more. Do not use too much other wise it cake when you set it with powder.

I topped it with foundation powder that gives full coverage. You can pat liquid foundation over the area and smooth some on clear areas to hide it even more but I don't want my makeup to look or feel to thick.

You can't see it on the photo below but the cream is still seen. The cream's shade is a shade darker than my natural color so it's pretty obvious in spite of setting it with my powder.

This pimple cream is not meant to be makeup so don't expect it to have cosmetic-grade effects. This is not a real concealer, it's really meant to treat acne with some tint added to better cover them.


  • You can treat on the go if you do not wear makeup.
  • Dual purpose! Conceal and treat your acne.
  • Very nice texture, blends well with liquid foundation. As long as you pat the area only.
  • Does not cake up powders just as long as you do not apply it too thick.
  • Uni-sex! It's not makeup so men can use it to conceal acne.
  • Treats acne fast! Usually after 3 or 4 days my affected areas clear up.
  • Does not dry pimples or your skin.
  • Affordable for a treatment cream.
  • Sebamed has more counters open all over the Metro.

  • Only has 1 shade. May not suit fair skinned people.
  • Might not suit women with really dark, they might end up highlighting the area rather than hiding them.

  • More often than not, it's out of stock.
  • No testers. You just have to take the risk if it will suit your skin color.

Will I re-purchase? Maybe. But the pimple gel will always be my first choice.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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