Instant Eye Lift with H2O+ (Price Updated)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Instantly lift the eyes before makeup with H2O+'s Aquafirm Eye Lift Concentrate! H2O+ brings you an eye cream that instantly brightens tired eyes and fills in wrinkles to give a lifted appearance. I recently added this eye cream to my daily skin care regimen and I must say that it really does create a smoother canvas under the eyes for concealer!

H2O+ Eye Lift Concentrate 15ml, PhP 2,200
I love eye creams. I think our youthful appearance rely on the eye cream that we use because the eyes tell everything! Even if you have the smoothest skin but have wrinkly, loose, tired looking eyes we can look older than we actually are!

The best thing about this eye cream is that it has caffeine which dehydrates puffy eyes to reduce puffiness and wake up the under eye area! Stimulating Caffeine Extract rapidly de-puffs and firms. Caffeine is also proven to help boost circulation and diminish a buildup of fluid around the eyes to rapidly relieve puffiness.

This is the first time I tried using eye cream in this kind of packaging and I must say that I am loving it! No more double dipping! But if you are not careful you might pump out too much product.

I just love the consistency of this eye cream because it's not so thick that you would have to tug on your skin to be able to spread it all over your eye area. I don't like creams that are too thick because you have to tug on your skin a little bit. This eye cream has a water-like consistency but it's not at all runny! Nor is it gel too.

It has a holographic light reflecting effect to instantly brighten tired looking eyes! It looks wet but it actually gets absorbed by the skin really fast

I have been using this eye cream religiously for 2 weeks both for the day before makeup and before going to bed at night. I can see that the dark shadows under my eyes have lightened and the skin is brighter and softer! It is visibly smoother as well.

  • Fast, immediate results!
  • Shows improvement in dark circles in just 2 weeks.
  • I love the fresh fragrance.
  • Perfect gel/water-like consistency.
  • Has light reflectors to instantly give the appearance of bright eyes.
  • Fills fine lines and wrinkles to give a more even appearance of the skin.
  • Corrects signs of ageing way deeper than just the surface of the skin.
  • Easily available. H2O has more counters now!
  • Does not feel heavy on the skin but deeply moisturizes the under eye area. Creates a perfect canvas for concealer or foundation.
  • Very light weight!
  • Non-sticky.
  • Can be used day and/or night.
  • Softens the look of expression lines (crows' feet/laugh lines)
  • Works perfectly well with my other skin care.
  • Gives a beautiful velvet-y smooth feel after it gets completely absorbed by the skin.

  • A little bit pricey, but it is an eye cream -and it works!

  • N/A

Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. It's a really interesting product!
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  2. i love worth trying eyecreams like this!

  3. That's a pretty huge cylinder for just 15ml. It seems really effective and I love the holo sparkle. I think it'd be perfect under makeup :)


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