Roger Vivier Cabas Prismick Lambskin Bag Review

Thursday, February 27, 2014

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I have been obsessing Paris designer label Roger Vivier's (pronounced as Ro-jey Veev-yeh) Prismick collection for months and months now ever since this photo of Tiffany Zhang was posted in the internet carrying a Roger Vivier Mustard Yellow Prismick Cabas bag.

Tiffany Zhang with a Roger Vivier Cabas Prismick in mustard yellow

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It took months to put away some moolah to get my hands on this bag, but after a few months, my friend was able to locate the color I have been looking for in their Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store in Paris.

It's been a great wedding season for me (and it's still not over!), so this is my reward. Ha! It's been hella cray cray doing an average of 4-8 weddings a week but totally worth it.

This came out in March 2013, but their mustard yellow bag has been a classic. I was hoping to get something in suede but all the forums I've read all said the same thing: It's very hard to clean.

Now this bag is called the Cabas Prismick bag in mustard yellow, Cabas in French translates to shopping bag which hangs on your shoulder with a long strap. In my opinion though, it looks more like a tote.

Here is another photo of the Cabas Prismick that made me fall in love with the bag. Look how gorgeous it slouches! It's so artsy, I love it! It's not a typical boxy purse that we all see in around now.
Photo courtesy of Google Images
As with most luxury brands, their bags and their shoes come in hard boxes for storage, plus the dust bag.

Ok, I don't know what's up with my camera settings but my photos are coming out all exposed. Darn it! I'm getting a little OC but at least they're clear right? The logo below should be a dark bright red. (wait, what?)

I didn't get this on sale this time. This retails in Hong Kong at HK$26,700 where labels are much more expensive. It's a little less expensive in Paris where I got it. The reason why I told you the Hong Kong price it's because Roger Vivier is very big in Beijing right now where they just opened a flagship store last March 2013.

Here are the authenticity cards. The brand logo is a lot whiter and brighter than it appears on the photo, I shot it backlighted (backlit?) so it came out all washed out. I am not in my photography game today! RV has a very basic hang tag and the authenticity card is a red paper trifold card that tells you the item is made from top quality leather, but is not waterproof. But then again, leather is not really waterproof. Is it?

I don't think there are a lot of RV counterfeits out there unlike Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Chanel. That is why I wanted to veer away from cult brands like those that I mentioned before. Not that I have anything against those brands. I just want to have something different.

Alexander McQueen and Valentino are two brands that are next on my list of luxury brands to buy from.

The dust bag is made from thick silk fabric stamped with the Roger Vivier logo in deep red.

This is a photo of the grommet where the chain is attached to. I love how each of these grommets are stamped with the RV logo.

Perfectly aligned on the inside of the bag as well, the thick leather layers are stitched together.

Here is a photo of the bottom of the bag. You can see the perfect mirror images of Prismick patterns that are perfectly aligned. This bag doesn't have feet so it can easily get wet on a bathroom counter. So I just carry it on my shoulders when I am washing my hands.

The pockets have the Roger Vivier signature buckles. The bag is lambskin leather lined, but inside the pockets, it is lined with the signature RV patterned fabric.

The leather on the zippers is the same leather they used on the bag itself and the shade is a spot-on match.

Spacey and a lot of pockets and compartments, you can definitely put a lot of stuff in this tote! And you do not have to worry about the bag being too heavy because the leather is quite lightweight, plus the chains are not that heavy too.

Here is a closer look of the patterned fabric that the pockets are lined with.

Signature Roger Vivier Patterned Fabric

A single magnetic closure in the middle is perfectly placed in the center of the bag. You will be able to notice that everything is strategically placed where everything is aligned. The magnetic closure is placed int he middle where the point of the leather meets, and the two steel buttons with an RV logo on them is also placed in the middle of each prism. Everything is perfectly aligned.

The chain that holds the leather straps together are a pale gold in color. The RV grommets insert in the gold hole on the bag and the grommets hold the straps in place. It doesn't go through and through though, like you can remove them. The chains are not heavy at all, very light weight and they are also not noisy, and they are considerably strong.

I just love how the bag slouches where the leathers separate and fold. Definitely something unique. My bag is still a little bit "stiff" because it's still new, but I know that in time, the suede leather in between the lambskin leather will be softer (not that it isn't now) and the bag will slouch more.

The photo doesn't do justice to the real color of the bag. The lines are not deep orange in color, but they have the same yellow mustard shade, except that the lambskin prisms are sown to suede leather of the same shade.

This bag is not a canary yellow as it shows in the photos.

Here is my Roger Vivier Cabas Prismick bag in action. You can wear it like a handbag or a shoulder bag because the straps are right in the middle where it is not too short nor is it too long. Even though this bag has a gold chains, it is not too dressy for the day. It actually dresses up any outfit you have on!

Pardon my Spanx! It's peeking. Hahaha!

OOTD: Dress: Zara
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Roger Vivier Cabas Prismick

I took this photo when I just got home from a Maybelline event. Thank you to Maybelline's Chief Makeup Artist Archie Tolentino for my beautiful eye makeup! I can't to review those eyeshadows too! WATCH OUT FOR IT! Yay!

My baby Mylo says hi!

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  1. It's a beautiful bag! I wish I can own one. :)

  2. oh dear..this pretty bag =) wish i could afford one.. pero minsan naiisip ko wla naman akong masyadong mga gatherings at events na pupuntahan kaya okay naconvince ko sarili ko i would invest in baby bag na lang hihi


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