Whisper's Cottony Long and X-Long Sanitary Pads are here!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From the time I got my first period, I have always been a heavy-flow girl. Back in 6th grade I remember regular length sanitary pads wouldn't give me the time of day because the pads back then were short, thick, and had no wings. Plus, tampons was never an option for me.

And as I grew older, Whisper started making more options for sizes, lengths, and material that would suit each girls' individual needs.

In college, where overnight pads were finally readily available, I always used overnight pads for the day because I just love the extra security it gives me. Specially on days when we had to use our chefs' uniform where you can see if we had a stain or what. (eeeek! you know what I mean!)

Now fast forward to the present day, Whisper's got your back once again (pun intended) with their all new Cottony Long and X-Long pads!


I have been using Whisper since forever so it's not hard for me to do a review on these new pads. Luckily, I recently just got a visit from Aunt Flow so I was able to use these.

I personally prefer Whisper's Cotton material than the Dry Weave. The Dry Weave material gives me rashes in my groin area and it makes me itch like crazy! So cotton is always my first choice.

With the easy tear slit at the top of its packaging, you can easily slit open the bag by pulling it away from each other. Now you can stop using your teeth to open the bag!

As you can see, the new LONG pad is 10 inches long (from tip to tip) and has a wider width at the back of the pad. This gives you extra security specially when you move about. The cotton material is fast and very absorbent too. I love the cottony soft feel and it keeps you feeling dry for hours.


Now the overnight pads is my favorite. I do love the extra extra protection because I really need the extra protection I can get. Yes, my flow is that heavy.

There are 4 pads in a bag, which gives you 4 protected nights from staining the bed.

It does give you all-night protection because it absorbs fast so there are no drip marks.

Yup! Here it is again! Easy tear packaging that's very convenient.

The X-Long pads are 2 inches longer than the long pads. I love using this during the day because again, I can't stress out enough how heavy my flow is.

They have more or less the same with, it's just the length that's different.


  • The sticker at the wings stick well on cotton panties. It may not stick quite as well on silk undies.
  • Fast absorbing.
  • Lowers the odor of your Aunt Flow.
  • Makes you feel dry for a few hours.
  • Non-itchy! Cotton material doesn't give you rashes.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available anywhere and everywhere!
  • Very comfortable.
  • Flexible, takes the shape of your tush and your vajayjay perfectly so that you can move comfortably (...and confidently!)
  • Top cotton layer doesn't tear easily when it gets wet.

  • For me, I wish they could make the back part wider, but this one protected me nonetheless.
  • They could make it a little bit wider. For me it's still a bit narrow.
  • They have the classic blue packaging and their trademark, but they all look the same. Sometimes I pick up the wrong one specially when I'm in a hurry.
  • The wings should be "stickier".


  • N/A

HOW I USE IT: Even though this pad makes your feel dry for hours, I recommend changing your pad every 3 hours to keep bacteria away, and avoid infection! Rip open the plastic covering of the pad and peel out the back sticker first. Stick it to your underwear with the wider part going towards your tush! Then peel the sticikies for the wings and wrap it around your undies.

Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. before i use whisper but i switched to modess because i got irritated upon using whisper brand.. maybe they'd already changed the materials into their pads =)


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