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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Colored mascaras... Do they or don't they work? That was the question that was burning in my head as far back as I tried my first colored mascara about 10 years ago. Back then, colored mascaras didn't do much for my lashes (or anyone for that matter). Yes, it did give that slightly tinted-lash look, but it's nothing like what the posters made them look like.

So fast forward today, I am ready to revisit colored mascara, this time by INGLOT. I have always loved their eyeshadows because of their high-pigment and their blend-ability. So when INGLOT gave me a tube of their new Colour Play Mascara, I was more than happy to accept! In all fairness, I was very excited to try it too! Perfect for spring all year round!

INGLOT Colour Play Mascara 8.5ml, PhP 795.00

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Us Filipinas are becoming more and more experimental when it comes to makeup, which makes me very happy! In my line of work as a bridal makeup artist, for years it was the same look: No-makeup makeup look. It was getting really boring. But ever since Chesca Garcia-Kramer sported the red lipstick on her wedding day, brides today are more open to wearing color!

Now I get requests like: I like Lavender smokey eyes, or I want hot pink lipstick on my wedding day! One bride even asked me for fashion lashes with a heavy smokey eye! I love it! You can wear any makeup look on your wedding day as long as it's done correctly. Sorry, going back to the mascara:

Housed in its iconic black packaging, INGLOT doesn't scrimp on packaging. I love that their makeup looks so pro. Ingredients list is very readable too! No need to squint and trying to guess what the product is made of!

Their packaging is very sleek. I have always loved INGLOT's packaging ever since I first tried them in the US.

On the wand, you can see the formula is really purple, and it's quite bright. Right now I am hoping that this will really make my lashes look purple!

The mascara wand is pretty traditional, no fuss no frills. It's just your regular mascara wand.

I made a swatch on my hand (photographed below), and you can see the pigment is quite good. The formula is neither too watered down or too thick that it becomes sticky. I love the consistency of the mascara! I heard that the green one is also nice! And now I wanna get that one too!

I applied 3 coats of Colour Play Mascara before I got the effect that I wanted. It's also the fault of my lashes though, they can be quite stubborn! I love that it really coated my lashes purple, and despite the wand being a little too big, it coated my lower lash lines quite well!

The length of my lashes did increase, and they appeared thicker! The curl however was gone as soon as I applied that first coat of mascara.


  • Can be used as regular mascara.
  • Non-irritating (my sensitive eyes didn't water!)
  • Fun!
  • Non-sticky.
  • Lightweight on the lashes.
  • Doesn't clump the lashes.
  • Extreme lengthening formula!
  • Affordable!
  • Very wearable for either day or night.
  • Make your eyes come alive!
  • Dries fast on  your lashes so no smudging!
  • Waterproof.
  • Good pigment, you can really see the color!
  • Available in 5 gorgeous shades!
  • Updates any makeup look more subtle than colored eyeliners.

  • N/A

  • Didn't hold the curl of my lashes.

Retail Price: PhP 795.00
Purchased For: Gift from INGLOT
Will I re-purchase? Yes. I wanna try the other shades!
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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Just to give you a preview of what INGLOT has in store for you this Spring, here are their new products that are now available for you to enjoy this summer!

Colour Play Mascara, PhP 795.00/each

HD Illuminizing loose powder 4.5g, PhP 1,195.00

KHOL Pencils, PhP 795.00/each

Multi-Action Toner 115ml, PhP 1,195

Bright N' Matte Lipsticks, PhP 795.00/each

Fusion Blush and Illuminator, PhP 595.00

Pro-Blending Sponge, PhP 995.00

Sparkling Nail Art Enamel 9ml, PhP 450.00/each

Illuminizing Loose Powder 4.5g, PhP 1,195.00 

So what are you waiting for? Head on to INGLOT today!

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  1. Ganda! Pigmentation is awesome. I used to have this colored mascara from a more affordable brand but it took multiple coats to cover the blackness of my lashes. I want that purple and the blue green/teal one! :D

    1. I wanna try the green one also! Perfect for summer talaga siya and it updates any look diba? :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I like inglot kasi it's affordable, and their products are high quality! I will try this nga. thanks for posting ms sabs!

    1. That they are! I love the quality of their eyeshadows too! You should try their loose powders!

  3. the sponge is like the beauty blender ba? It sure looks like it! I have been seeing these sponges everywhere. I guess ginaya nila yung beauty blender.

    1. I have the BeautyBlender too, but I've never tried this one from Inglot so I can't tell you any comparison. I will get myself one and do a #faceoff #splurgevssteal here in my blog :)

  4. dont get me wrong, i LOVE your beauty posts... but I am now more excited about your personal style fashion posts! He he he... Hope you will post one soon!

    1. Hahaha! Well, I will be posting another personal-style post on Wednesday, and I think it'll be every Wednesday from now on :) Thanks for the support! ♥

  5. lalong nakakaputi yung violet na couloured mascara! Love it ms sabs! sana i will get to try this din. Mahal kasi siya for me, pero i love naman experimenting that's why i might buy!

    1. I love this mascara! It lengthens my lashes making my eyes look more wide-eyed. You should invest in good mascaras since you put the product so close to your eyes :)

  6. wow its cool. i never try any color mascara, pero I love to try this at summer.:)

  7. Blue Mascarras are in during 90s I remember when I was still in highschool, however I haven't tried - makeups are not allowed. Sisters might just give me a memo :))


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