My thoughts on Bobbi Brown's Blush in Berry

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I am very picky when it comes to blushes. I think with any makeup look, blush is the craziest to prefect in terms of shade, texture, and finish. With eyeshadows, you can go for any shade because the area you are putting them on is not as big and as exposed as the area of where you apply your blush.

When it comes to choosing texture, I love blushes that go on smoothly and doesn't streak, and I don't like too much pigment. Higher pigmented blushes make it harder to blend.

Bobbi Brown Blush in Berry, PhP 1,400

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Bobbi Brown has always been one of my favorite brands when looking for  "just beautiful" makeup. They have always promoted makeup to enhance, not to hide your skin and beauty.

I love this compact blush. It's small and has sturdy packaging. Classy design too!

Just by looking at the blush, it looks very pigmented. The texture however, I couldn't tell (of course!) I'll get on talking about the texture shortly...

This blush is Berry #34, which is a very deep berry shade. I love how deep and berry-fic this blush looks -looks good enough to eat! I love deep shades for blushes!

Very compact, this baby can fit anywhere and accompany you everywhere!

Now let's talk about texture. When I swept my finger over the product in 1 stroke, my finger picked up a lot of product already and when I swatched it at the back of my hand, it was highly pigmented and felt a little bit chalky, velvet smooth but chalky.

Naturally I was surprised because Bobbi Brown has always created such natural looking makeup. The shade is gorgeous! I know this shade would complement my skin tone and color properly but I wasn't sure about the texture.

Let me show you what went down. I swirled my flat top blush brush once on the pan, I knew that my brush would pick up so much product but I thought a good tap of my brush on the sink would get rid of the excess product, but I was wrong.

I tapped by brush on the sink and hardly any product fell from the brush on to the sink. As you can see, the blush although didn't make any harsh lines, is waaaay too pigmented for my taste. The shade is nice don't get me wrong. It's just one of those product that you have take extra care in using. Maybe a tiny tiny sweep on the pan with a feathery light hand will do the trick.

Here's a side view of the blush on my face, you can see that some parts are splotchy because I was trying to blend it out. But the more I tried to blend it, the more it piled on and the more the blush was very obvious. I tried to lightly wipe the area with facial tissues but the blush has already settled on my cheeks, refusing to budge.

So I had to use liquid foundation to mute the blush, and apply loose powder. The blush is now more acceptable! It looks very natural now, and the shade is just WOW.

Length of usage before review: 3 attempts. 3 days.

  • Beautiful shade!
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Wide range of shades to choose from.
  • Easily available.
  • No need to build the product to get the full color.
  • Shade is exactly what is on the pot.
  • Affordable for 3.7g highly pigmented blush.
  • Velvet-smooth formula.
  • No need to use too much to get full color!
  • 3.7g will last you a long long time.
  • As soon as you get used to controlling it, you'll fall in love with the formulation.

  • Some people would find this pricey.
  • Hard to control, but you can get used to it.
  • Possibility of the blush looking splotchy is high if you use with a heavy hand.

  • A little chalky in texture.
  • Blend-ability is very low. In other words, hard to blend.

Retail Price: PhP 1,400.00
Purchased For: Gift from Bobbi Brown
Will I re-purchase? Maybe. Will keep using it first.
Will I recommend it? Maybe. Will keep using it first.


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  1. wow, such a nice shade. but i had to agree, blushes that are too pigmented are really hard to work with. i personally like sheer colors that i can build up to my own liking. does it last the whole day without needing to re-touch, though? i used to prefer high-end blushes because they are more long wearing, so im curious if Bobbi Brown's blushes are the same.

    1. Oh you bet it lasts the whole day! LOL The pigment is so high so it really lasted without retouch! Maybe a softer shade will be easier to work with ♥

  2. i am not into blushes pero if I have to choose, I like the blushes who does not smudge pero long lasting, I thing this one is promising. I love how you blend it with liquid foundation, it seems natural on your skin.:)

    1. Thank you! It's very tricky though because I had to apply liquid foundation on top my already set foundation so I risked it being cake, luckily I was able to do it! Phew!

  3. The powders of Bobbi Brown are truly impressive in terms of high pigmentation and low/no fallout. I've been using the eyeshadow for months, and I've hardly made a dent. Good to know it's the same with the blushes. I almost got myself the powder blush, though I usually select lighter/subtler colors on purpose so as to avoid issues with blending. I tend to get heavy-handed kasi. My personal experience goes went like this:

    One look at Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush and I knew that I wanted it. The question was: Should I get it in pot rouge form or in powder? I had the BB artist test one on each cheek and the powder definitely looks more refined. I dunno how to describe it, but the color looks more vibrant yet still kind of natural. Like it's obvious that I have blush on, but it's not streaky. On the other hand, the pot rouge has the lit-from-within-glow that looks more like a natural flush. The deciding factor was the Pale Pink lipstick that the MUA convinced me to try. The lip and cheek combo looked so good, that I decided to get Pot Rouge instead to hit two birds with one stone. :))

  4. Beautiful shade, but I tend to apply makeup with a heavy hand so I won't be getting this. I don't wanna look like a clown!


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