Rid of acne fast with SilkSkin Acnebac Cleanser-Toner

Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am so excited to try this toner because I have been breaking out like crazy lately. Yes, it's that time of the month again so my hormones are going bananas! Ugh. I have never tried anything from SilkSkin before so I am very excited too.

For an 80ml bottle, it's quite expensive. I don't remember spending this much on toner before that is less than 100ml. So thank you very much to SilkSkin for sending me this to try!

SilkSkin Acnebac Cleanser-Toner 80ml, PhP 792.00

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So, I have been using this toner for a good 2 weeks, and I must say that I am impressed with this product! I have never tried any toner before that fights pimples, so I am quite amazed how great this stuff works!

The alcohol content contains less than water so that is always good. I am not really a big fan of alcohol-based toner because I almost always develop dry, itchy spots after. It works for some people though. To be honest, I was quite skeptic about using this product because I didn't like the packaging. It looks like it's something that was concocted in a small lab somewhere, but what it lacks in packaging makes up for effectiveness!

The opening of the bottle is too big so you can't control the amount of product that comes out of there. Well, you may be able to control it but with much difficulty. It's not impossible, it's just hard.

I am breaking out in a major way! Aaaah! But you can see that I am still all-smiles. Hahaha! I get these once a month and always on the same spots. I'm going to have to see my derma about that too! They always pop up on the same spots.

These are new. Weird because I never really used to have pimples on my chin but seems they have found a new favorite place to camp out. Ugh.

I used it as I would with regular toner. I love using Nippon Esthetic's cotton pads because they don't fall apart! I only use 1 cotton pad each time I tone my face! With other brands I use 3-4 each time! LOL

  • Very raw smell, a milder version of Witch Hazel with is nature's natural toner.
  • Dries up pimples fast!
  • Reduces pimple inflammation fast!
  • Does not leave a tight feeling after using.
  • Non-drying.
  • Does not sting the skin.
  • Subsides redness of the skin fast.
  • Very safe to use under makeup.
  • Loaded with Vitamin A that works perfectly on problematic skin.
  • Balancing your skin so it controls your Sebum production which can cause the skin to go overdrive that result to pimples.
  • Keeps your skin matte longer, but is not a mattifier! It keeps your skin quenched.

  • Pricey, but effective!
  • Packaging is not that attractive.

  • Opening of the bottle is too big. Very hard to control.

HOW I USE IT: I put the cotton pad on top of the opening and tilted the bottle so that the product will end up on the pad, controlled. Don't pour because you might end up pouring too much of it! Apply on your face as you would a normal, regular toner.

Retail Price: PhP 792.00
Purchased For: Gift from SilkSkin
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


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  1. Hi ms. Sabs! Is it effective? I'm looking for acne toner eh, i tried so many pero it wasn't lighten my acne marks. Does it have samples to try on?


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