They Grant 'DreamHair' Wishes at Hairshaft Salon

Monday, March 03, 2014

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I finally found the perfect salon, and it's a match made in heaven. I have been sharing my hair misadventures here in my blog so I'm sure you already know that I have given up going to salons altogether.

My friend and fellow blogger Angela of Lush Angel (thanks luv! huuuug!) texted me one day and asked me if I wanted to review a salon in Podium, which is called Hairshaft. I have known the existence of Hairshaft before because I did makeup there once in 2007 for a fashion show, but that was the last time I was there.

So after weeks of much deliberation and of course I never had the time before, I finally had free time to go to a salon so I texted Angela and asked her if I could go to Hairshaft on Sunday. It was short notice but I really just took my chances just in case. Angela worked her magic and was able to get me an appointment with Fred himself.

Hairshaft Salon, 3/F The Podium, Ortigas

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I never cared too much for my hair even if coloring turned disastrously in the past because I forever more resulted to a tight pony tail or a hair bun because my roots and my bangs were frizzy. So hairspray became my long time BFF to get rid of my fro. Although if I did obsess about a new trend in hair color or a certain hairstyle that was in season, I would go to just any salon nearby and would take a shot: my past disasters included Demi's GHOST hair back in 1990, Gwyneth's Pixie cut in 1997, bleached blonde hair that became patchy and orange in 2006, my red hair at my wedding in 2010 (which I specifically wanted blonde but they didn't follow), Ombre hair in 2012, my DIY red hair in 2013, and the infamous burning of my hair in a blow dry salon until it broke off in the shower just last month!

So fast forward to the present, I am ready to take on my next hair adventure. Secretly praying to myself "God, please let this work."

My appointment was at 2PM, and when I arrived, the salon still wasn't that busy. Hairshaft salon has a very nice modern feel, but quite cozy because the size is not overwhelming. Plus! The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

It is well lit and doesn't smell like burnt hair mixed with chemicals like most salons.

I arrived early so I was able to take a few photos. I had an appointment with Mr. Fred Penales himself, owner of this fabulous salon, and to tell you the truth, I was quite anxious about meeting him.

But Fred was all smiles and he took the time to sit down for us to chat and asked for my hair history so he can get acquainted with my hair. Sort of like taking a medical history.

I immediately felt comfortable with Fred. He listened to my hair concerns and he was not afraid to ask questions and he was very honest on what would work with my hair and what wouldn't. I trusted him instantly.

I showed him this peg of mine because I have been obsessing over her hair for quite some time now:

Kristen Stewart (Photo Courtesy of Google Images)
Fred and I discussed it for a while and he told me his plan of action on his approach in achieving this look that I can call my own.

And just like that, he went straight to work relaxed and chatty with me while he did. We started with my hair cut. A nice cut in layers that would be wash and wear of sorts. Since I had naturally wavy hair, he cut it in a way that would bring out the natural flips and whisps of my hair that it would look tousled but stylish. (Oooh... Looove.)

Now this is my hair before. I don't have a before shot but here it is. Brownish red with at least 2 and a half inches of regrowth.

After he cut my hair, he personally applied something on my hair. Unfortunately I am not that knowledgeable in coloring so I just sat there and took photos. I think this one was to strip my hair color at a certain level so that it would appear lighter than the rest of my hair.

After about half an hour, they applied some more of the same thing on the rest of my hair. Phew! They did it in 3 sections. If I'm not mistaken, I think this was called the 3 color foil Hi-Lite. This would give my hair dimension and a lot of personality. Highlights always give that extra umph! to anyone's hair no matter how virgin it is!

This is the last application. And now, we wait...

After a while Fred takes his cute little travel hair drier and heats the foil one by one. Yes, that's right. One by one. He doesn't leave anything to chance. He made sure that even the tone inside and under my hair will come out even and natural looking.

Again, I play the waiting game. By this point in my treatment, I have been sitting in my chair for 4 hours. Good thing I brought my iPad mini with me. I have about 50 books in that thing!

After 4 long hours, I still had a long way to go. They didn't rush which I absolutely loved because they really made it a point that each client would be walking out of their salon happy. 

I actually got scared of what came out of that foil. My hair was blood orange but Fred reassured me that it was just a step closer to what he had plans for my hair. I wasn't worried, I trusted him completely!

After seeing my strawberry blonde hair (because of the previous red hair dye that was done in Alex Carbonell's salon, they had to color correct the redness still by applying some kind of product that would strip my hair off the red hues.

Finally, the moment has come to apply the blonde hair dye. Honestly, I didn't know that I was going to be ash blonde. I trusted Fred completely, and I  am glad that I did.

This dyeing process is painful. "Tiis ganda" they said, so that I did. It stung pretty bad I tell you. My scalp felt tender but not to the point that it becomes unbearable. It hurts just like any other hair dyeing process. If you dye your hair a lot like me, then you would know what it feels like.

I don't have a photo while they were shampooing my hair, but they gave me a cellophane treatment as well to keep my hair soft and smooth.

While my hair was still damp, I was asked to transfer to another seat which was near the door and put an electric fan in front of me. It was time to apply the Brazilian Blowout medicine, still, with Fred's guidance! This is for my unruly roots and bangs, so this is the thing I was most excited about.

Just shy of 20 minutes later, Fred's team of 4 stylists worked on blowdrying and setting my hair. The curlers are just for styling purposes. And the blowdrying straight of my bangs is the one that would relax my kink.

I am loving the service. 4 hands to do 1 head. I LOVE! They all worked as a team to get my done faster because by this time, I have been in the salon for 7 hours!

They set my hair with big curlers for about 20 minutes, and when they removed it, I was left with beautiful big diva hair. I love the volume!

Now THIS is how Hollywood hair is supposed to look like. You can see from my smile that I am very happy with my new hair! I love that Fred was able to achieve my hair peg, and I am just positively glowing! I love the blonde shade that he chose for me. It was blonde, but it wasn't yellow or orange!

The shade complemented my skin tone that just made me look radiant and not at all darker. The last time I spent 7 hours in a another salon, I spent trying to save my ombre disaster but still came out catastrophic.

I may have sat there at hairshaft for 7 and a half hours, but it was all worth that waiting, the pain of stripping the color and the pain of dyeing!

with Hairshaft Salon owner, and hairstylist extraordinaire, Fred Penales (IG @hairshaftfred)

Check out the back view of my hair. Isn't it just gorgeous? I love the flips and whisps of my hair. I have fantastic high and low lights pegging Jennifer Aniston's hair as well. I am just speechless.

Here is a copy of their list of services and their price list.

For those of you who are curious how much color correcting my hair and repairing the damage costed, here is the service that they did to me that made this hair possible:


Hair Cut with Signature Stylist - PhP 1,100
Full Head hair color (long hair)- PhP 2,490
Cellophane treatment (long hair) - PhP 2,490
3 Color Foil Hi-Lite (long hair) - PhP 3,840
Pre Lightening (long hair) - PhP 2,000
Hair Color Retouch (long hair) - PhP 1,950
Hairshaft Special Treatment A (long hair) - PhP 2,550
Brazilian Blowout (long hair) - PhP 7,500
Eyebrow Color - PhP 450
TOTAL: PhP 24,370 (compliments of Hairshaft Salon -Thank you!)

Here are the other miracle workers who worked on my hair alongside Fred:

with Mitch (IG @hairshaftmitch)
with Carl (IG @hairshaftcarl)
with Miguel (IG @hairshaftmiguel)
with Tali (IG @hairshafttali)
There are no words that are enough to describe the wonderful experience I had with Hairshaft. The staff was unbelievably gracious and so fun to work with, that I immediately felt at home. I sat down on that salon chair for nearly 8 hours, and I wasn't the least bit bored or uncomfortable. This is my kind of service.

The excellent service is not only limited with Fred, all stylists who work in his salon are talented, honest, and well trained in their field of expertise. Listen to them and they will magically make you look your very best. I walked out of that salon feeling like a beauty queen and a huge smile on my face. I know it may sound conceited but I felt like everyone was looking at me thinking how beautiful I looked.

For the first time in my life, I found a hair salon with very talented and gifted hairstylists. They made my dream hair come true. There re no more words for me to say that would express my overwhelming gratitude.

I am dumbfounded, speechless, and just plain stupefied.

Will I re-visit? ABSOLUTELY. They will be the only ones who can touch my hair from now on.
Will I recommend it? Definitely, yes.

If you plan to visit Hairshaft Salon to try their services, bring a photo of your hairspiration and they will copy it for you. That is how confident they are with their services. And what I love about their service is that they can deliver, no false promises.


Add Hairshaft The Podium in Facebook for updates, promos, and more information on their services!

*I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Fred and his wonderful staff at Hairshaft Salon for sponsoring my hair makeover. I will forever be grateful for this wonderful gift!*

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  1. i love the hair color outcome ms sabs! i think i can carry this kind of shade too! not too loud pero bonnga!

  2. WOW! I love what they did to your hair. Those big curls look so sexy! And the color is to dye (hehe) for.

    1. LOL I love the pun! Yes, I do love the color that they chose for me, it's very close to my peg ♥

  3. Oh my god you are absolutely right, your hair is gorgeous and it really looks good on you. I am so envious! I just don't have that kind of money to shed for the same treatment though, huhuhu... But based on the outcome, I think the price was well worth it.

    1. Don't worry it won't all cost this high! The reason why it cost that much it's because they did a lot on my hair to correct and some damage control. But if you go for just highlights or color, it won't cost that much! *wink*

  4. Wow! I love the hair color! Thanks for this post. I follow Mr. Fred on IG and I've always wondered how he achieves the #dreamhair. Now I have an idea on the process and how long it would take. :)

    1. Not all will take as long as 7 hours, it depends on how damaged your hair is. Mine kasi was so damaged and it was red before so it was a drastic change from red to blonde so they had to strip off the color which took a while :)

  5. OMG. ANG GANDA MO SABS! I love how your blonde hair is not orange or is it really yellow! It's something like ash brown or ash blonde right? You look gorgeous Sabs! You really inspire me to strive to fix up myself more!

    1. It's Ash Blonde :) I love it too so much! I just wish I know how to blow dry my hair this way everyday. LOL

  6. Are the waves in your hair permanent? I mean, after washing your hair, do you need to style it so it will look like that again? Or just a little bit of blow dry and it's back to it's glory again? :)

    1. Hi! That's actually a good question! They only treated my hair with permanent blow-dry on my roots where it's mostly kinky and curly. After washing my hair and air drying it, my hair goes wavy because naturally, I have wavy hair :-) If I want my hair to look like the one in the photo, I have to go to the salon and have them blow-dry it with "big curls" to look nice like that! ♥

  7. Kaloka the price! Haha. But super kita naman the worth of what you paid for. I wonder though if they can assess how much would it cost before proceeding. Gotta save up pa. Haha!

    1. For sure they will be able to make a quotation for you before they do your hair :) And also, they sponsored my hair so I didn't pay that much. Also, the reason why it cost so much because they had to do some serious color correction on my hair because of all the dyes that went on top of each other a through the years :) Hehehe...

    2. Aaaaaah maybe mine's a little less because I only have one hair colour. I aim for colour and brazilian blow out!

  8. This is amazing! Love your hair. Kaya lang magiipon muna ako. Hehe! Anyway, are you related to Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco?

  9. Would you know if they accept credit cards? :)

  10. How long it will last for their permanent blow dry? and yes it was stunning!

    1. Six months, maybe more if you take care of your hair by using sulfate-free hair products :)

  11. twas stunning! :) how long it will last for their permanent blow dry? thanks

  12. I enjoyed reading your blog..ramdam ko yung excitement na nararamdaman mo..but when i saw your bill napa-wow ako..haha..kung ako yan malamang hindi na ako magbibigay ng tip..pero ang ganda and mukha kang look good po

    1. LOL well, my bill as you put it was c/o Hairshaft because they are my hair sponsors! Kahit naman ako napa-wow when I found out how much my hair cost. Hahaha! Thank you for reading!

  13. What do you call the treatment to correct the hair color?

  14. What do you call the treatment to correct the color?

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