Unboxing the 'Secrets of Spy Gal' Box from BDJ!

Friday, March 07, 2014


Yes! It's that time of the month again for BDJ! I look forward to BDJ Box day because it never seizes to amaze me each time. If you are a devoted subscriber of the BDJ Box, then you know what I mean *wink*

This month, BDJ Box is exclusive for cosmetic giant Benefit Cosmetics. I have always loved Benefit because of their skin solving cosmetics: from ridding your skin of huge pores, achieving natural looking flush, skin benefiting foundations, and more!

BDJBox March 2014

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I am loving the special edition Benefit sleeve that fits around the BDJBox perfectly.

Unboxing is always exciting. I can barely contain my excitement each time it arrives at my doorstep. But as usual, I am able to restrain myself from ripping out the box and appreciate the amount of effort the people behind this beauty box has invested in in putting it together.

The classic confidence-boosting stickers are found on top of the pile as usual greeting you like "HEY GORGEOUS!"

A note from the beautiful peeps behind the 'Box.

Here are the awesome products you will find inside this month's 'Box! All of which are their best sellers in my opinion.

Sealed with the BDJBox sticker, I am literally holding my breath. Don't you just love that feeling? To be looking at the products inside your box and examining them one by one.

... And here it is! This month's fabulous BDJBox!

Benefit Agent Zero Shine sample.
Full Size 7g, PhP 1,600
Benefit Agent Zero Shine sample.
Full Size 7g, PhP 1,600
Benefit Stay Flawless sample.
Full Size 15.5g, PhP 1,900
Benefit The Porefessional sample.
Full Size 220ml, PhP 1,600
Benefit The Porefessional sample.
Full Size 220ml, PhP 1,600
Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Fragrance sample.
Full Size 30ml, PhP 2,000
Benefit Stay Don't Stray sample.
Full Size 10ml, PhP 1,400
Hellow Flawless Oxygen Wow sample.
Full Size 30ml, PhP 1,900

I can't wait to use these products because they are the products that I have been hearing so much great things about. I own a few of Benefits products but you can never stop at one. I love how their products are beneficial to the skin, rather than just be makeup.

The best thing about BDJBox is that you get to try everything first if it works for you before you buy the full size. Thank you so much to BDJBox for sending me this delightful box! You truly made my month!

Gals, get your BDJ Box now!

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  1. I am such a massive Benefit fan. I love the packaging and themeing here!

  2. i love bdj! but everytime i order it's always sold out na :( hu hu hu... hopefully one day maka chamba ako to get one finally! thank you for the post ms sabs! i always love to read your unboxing because it's detailed!

  3. Your BDJ Box Unboxing posts is one of my most favorite posts in your blog :)


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