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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The secret to almost transparent skin, is facial masks. At least this is according to the Korean actress I did makeup for last year. She had beautiful skin and she spills the beans on what her secret was. She uses a facial mask every night for years!

So I include facial masking to my skin care regimen, and I tell you, it did make a whole lot of difference with my skin! My skin appeared brighter, more supple, and more firm! My skin looks hydrated even on days that I don't get too much sleep.

DERMAL Facial masks is now available in the Philippines, ladies (and gents)!

DERMAL Facial Masks, PhP 70.00/pack

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Makeup artist extraordinaire, and my friend, Barbi Chan-Friebel is the person we should thank for bringing DERMAL here in Manila. Barbi reveals the secret to her beautiful, glowing skin (which we all envy), and that is maintaing a strict skin care regimen, TONS of sunblock, and facial masking!

DERMAL is a pretty big name in Korea known for their Facial Masks. Barbi sent me 5 variants from their HUGE selection of masks! 

So depending on your skin concern, there is a mask for each of them! I am addicted to facial masks. But I do however don't use them everyday (a girl can dream though), I use them twice a week and the benefits are still quite extraordinary!

This snail essence mask has got to be one of my favorites because the snail therapy treatment is the best for healing dry skin, and it balances the skin specially on your T-Zone. With balanced skin, your skin doesn't have to produce too much oil!

Snail Collagen Essence Mask, PhP 70.00 or On-going promo 3 for PhP 165.00

Bee Venom Collagen Essence Mask, PhP 70.00 or On-going promo 3 for PhP 165.00

Apricot Collagen Essence Mask, PhP 70.00 or On-going promo 3 for PhP 165.00

This essence got me at the snake photo. I was most curious with this one because of the snake photo! It's a mild mask but the way it hydrated my skin was still amazing.

Syn-ake Collagen Essence Mask, PhP 70.00 or On-going promo 3 for PhP 165.00
This is the one I used for the photo below. I like this variant too because this really healed my troubled skin which suffered from too much sun after shooting outdoors, and some acne problems I had that week. My skin feels hydrated, cool, and rejuvenated!

Royal Jelly Collagen Essence Mask, PhP 70.00 or On-going promo 3 for PhP 165.00

What you can do with these mask is that you can use them hot or cold! You can use it hot for a more relaxing experience. Just put the packet in hot water for about 3 minutes and use! For using it cold, which I rather like, I keep them in my fridge so that when I use them they're cold! I love how refreshed and awake my skin looks after using them cold!

Oops! I forgot to put down the flap on the nose!

I used all 5 masks in a span of two weeks. I didn't take photos of each one though. The effects vary from one mask to another (depending on the use and how long you use them) but the most basic and common effects are here below.

Length of usage before review: 2 weeks

  • Skin is hydrated.
  • Immediate results after using.
  • Delivery system and absorption of the essence is fast!
  • Skin is plump after using, and lasts for days.
  • Fine lines are plumped, and less visible.
  • Skin is glowing after each use.
  • No sticky feel after use!
  • No need to rinse.
  • May be used hot or cold.
  • Relaxing.
  • No strong fragrance.
  • May be used before makeup for a smooth and plump skin.
  • Pores are less visible.
  • Skin appears transparent and bright!
  • Easily and readily available in BeautyBar!
  • Top of the line facial masks that work!
  • DERMAL is a legit brand in skin care.
  • Available variants cater to different skin concerns.
  • Works whether you have young or mature skin.
  • Mask material is made from sturdy material that is hypo-allergenic and does not tear easily!
  • Non-drip, sticks very well on the face so you don't have to be lying down when you apply it.
  • Packaging comes with English instructions/directions.
  • Eye bags are less puffy!
  • Easy to use!
  • Uni-sex.
  • Affordable.

  • N/A

  • N/A

*Prices according to non-promo rates*
INVESTMENT FOR 30 DAYS: PhP 2,100/month*
INVESTMENT FOR 2X A WEEK: PhP 560.00/month

How I use it: Leave the packets in the refrigerator if you want to apply it cold. For warm, dip in hot water for about 3 minutes and open the packet. Unfold the mask carefully and apply on your face, fitting on your eyes first and then the nose and the mouth. Massage the mask slightly to get the mask to stick and apply for 20 minutes. Peel off and do not wipe excess essence, massage it into your skin and allow to be absorbed completely.


Retail Price: PhP 70.00/sheet
Purchased For: Gift from DERMAL
Will I re-purchase? Absolutely, yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

You can check out my previous post on facial masks here: CLICK HERE.

Like DERMAL Facial Mask's Facebook Page to know more about their latest products, promos, updates and product information:

DERMAL is available exclusively at BeautyBar stores nationwide, and BeautyBar's online store!

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  1. I read that post of yours where you tried facial masks each day for a week. I had to spend so much for it and unfortunately I wasn't able to maintain it because it does burn holes in the pocket. I like facial masks though and how they make skin super hydrated after use. I'd keep Dermal in mind in my next facial mask hunt.

    1. Yes, unfortunately it does! But some of my readers found that even once a week is more that enough to keep the skin supple and soft! ♥ I don't do facial masks everyday anymore, but I do do it twice a week ♥ Specially DERMAL because it has some healing effects on troubled/stressed skin ♥

  2. i only use The faceshop mask, and i wonder if the cost of per mask really gets the effectiveness. you use syn-ake, I wonder if has ingredients from snake, but you look so rejuvenated nga.:)

    1. I actually use The FaceShop masks too but I use a lot of DERMAL lately because I found them to be more effective ♥ you should try this brand, lakes maka-fresh!


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