Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation Review

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Looking for a foundation that match can be tough. A lot of women are intimidated when it comes to foundation shopping so they opt for not wearing any at all. But if foundations are made to "adapt to one's skin tone and color", then choosing foundation should be a breeze.

So, let's see shall we? I find that judging by the look of the shade on the bottle, I thought this foundation might be about half-shade darker than my skin. The bottle is heavy and is made from thick frosted glass.

Collection 2000 Colour Match Foundation 30ml, PhP 399.00

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I love the fact that their foundation, although cheap (in terms of price), has great top quality packaging and high quality ingredients, or I am assuming because their websites and their packaging doesn't include ingredients lists. 

Don't you just love cosmetics that are extremely affordable but packaging does not suffer? I do. 30ml is plenty. A bottle this size can last you a while, and maybe longer if you use it sparsely which I do.

I received the NATURAL shade which I was told was yellow-based. It's their middle shade out of three shades so I guess this is more fitting for me out of the three. I think the lightest maybe too light.

It comes in a pump-type bottle, which is crooked, by the way. LOL I tried fixing it but it won't budge so don't judge the product by it.

On my hand, the shade seems half-shade darker than my skin which I predicted. But since I grew darker this summer, the shade was perfect! It has a slightly more runny consistency than cream which is always best for this climate. Cream is too thick for humidity, but it works wonders on dry skin.

It's not exactly liquid too! But anyway, it has the right consistency in my opinion.

When you spread the foundation, it actually masks the fine lines which is good. It creates a smooth, even surface. Some foundations may contain ingredients that make it hard for it to blend easily onto the skin.

I used my Canmake Cheek Brush in applying foundation, which by the way, is my favorite brush for foundation right now. It applies seamless!

This is what I like to do with foundations now to test its flexibility on the skin. It may seem funny but you will see how flexible the foundation really is when the skin on your face moves around.

You can see on the nose-bridge area, creases appeared. Also under the eyes. The area around the mouth remained intact. By identifying which areas the foundation creases on, you can now pat apply foundation in that area so that you can control the amount you put. If you put a thin layer of foundation on areas that are high-prone in creasing, you can avoid having these fine lines appear.

In my case, It's basically around the eye area so I would have to apply foundation around these areas with my fingers by patting (like you would with concealer) product into the area. Allow 5 minutes for the foundation to properly seep into the skin before setting with powder.

Length of usage before review: 3 weeks

  • Slightly watered down creamy consistency makes it very easy to glide onto the skin.
  • Smooth texture!
  • Yellow based, which suits most undertones.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • "Melts" into the skin giving a dewy, natural finish.
  • Covers blemishes very well!
  • Medium-full coverage conceals under eye discoloration.
  • Contains a unique skin tone adapting technology.
  • Contains sun protection.
  • Does not cake or crease when set with powder.
  • Long-lasting coverage.
  • Did not make my skin too oily.
  • Great packaging!
  • Can be used by young or mature skin.
  • Easily available. More stores!
  • Extremely affordable!

  • Contains Oxybenzone* -although approved for use in sunscreens and cosmetics, some people do not like this chemical in their products.

*Oxybenxone -Oxybenzone (also known as benzophenone-3) is a sunscreen agent that protects primarily from the sun’s UVB rays, and some, but not all, UVA rays. It is part of the benzophenone group of chemicals. Oxybenzone is approved for use in specific concentrations for sunscreens sold in all major countries, including the United States, Canada, member countries of the European Union, Japan, Australia, China, and South Korea. As a group, the benzophenones are used not only for sun protection but also as photostabilizers in cosmetic products (they keep products from turning color or degrading in the presence of sunlight). They have other uses as well, including flavor enhancers in food. (from Paula's Choice skincare website)

  • Only three shades available.
  • Ingredients list not found on bottle and in their website.


Retail Price: PhP 399.00
Purchased For: Gift from Collection Cosmetics
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. I've never tried anything that adjusted to skin tones, mostly because I've been afraid of them! This one sounds really great, though.

  2. Wow this fairly cheap compared to other foundations. I wonder if it oxidizes though, because that's my prob, foundation darkens my skin.

    1. Well, if foundation turns dark on your skin, then your skin is acidic. Foundation changes color depending on the acidity of the skin :-) If you find foundations turn darker on your skin, buy foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin color and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before setting with powder :)

  3. The price is way cheaper than Revlon Colorstay, which I currently use, but I'm concerned about the lack of shades available. I don't think they'll carry a shade in my exact skin tone :P

    1. So true, but there's no harm in trying ♥ who knows? They might have your shade! :-)

  4. i just want to say that i really appreciate your reviews especially of the more affordable prosucts on the market. thank you so much. it will be a great help for me. though i havent seen this brand on the nearest mall. i still love knowing about the product. thanks again. and have a beautifulday ahead!

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment :-) CLICK HERE to find out where to buy in your area! :-) Hope there's one near you so you can try Collection, it's a really good brand!

  5. AMAZING! Ang clever ng crease test :) I think I should do that too, but do you wait for it to set first or do you just make the sour face immediately after application? ehehehehe

    1. LOL Good question! Just give it about 1 minute to settle on your face before making your flex-test face! Hahaha! Once you have identified the areas that are prone to have creases, use a sponge to lightly remove excess product in that area to "level the area" and set with powder ♥

  6. Accurate review :) I enjoyed reading it! I tried it out once and thought it was amazing except it's awful when it comes to flash photography :l


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