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Sunday, April 13, 2014


I never used to use mascara on myself. I do know that it is important when doing makeup on other women, but I didn't want to do the extra step on myself because I was lazy and didn't think I needed it specially when I am wearing eyeliners anyway. But then after I got compliments from people after being shot for Wedding Essentials a few years ago, I started using them more often since then.

I am on the constant lookout for the best mascaras out there, testing each I get my hands on. I heard of the brand Eye of Horus before, well, I just looooove their khol eyeliner. So when I received this from them, I couldn't wait to try it and see if I will love it as much as their khol liners!

Eye of Horus Mascara, PhP 990.00

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As you may already know, I love their Egyptian-themed packaging. Yes, I am absolutely feeling the Egyptian vibe, channeling Cleopatra with their uber classy gold and black packaging!

Their logo is eye catching too! It's quite mesmerizing if you think about it. Sorry, I am really into packaging, and I tend to over analyze. Hahaha! You know you can relate, and you love that about me *LOL*

So it comes in a pretty standard mascara tube. Except that it has a little bit of extra "umph!" to it though. I have received a lot of complements when I bring this mascara out of my kikay kit and they see the tube for the first time, because most people haven't heard or seen this brand before. Well ladies, now that you know it exists, you might want to give it a try.

The brush is the regular popular design of a mascara brush. The bristles are short though so that product will really coat the hair of your lashes well without piling on too much on them causing them to clump and stick together.

When you look at the mascara wand directly from the side, you can see that it has a more narrow "waist" which is not typically found in standard mascara brushes. The narrow part of the wand will make it easier to coat the lashes in the middle of your lash lines, and the wider parts of the wand will coat the hairs easier that are on the outer and inner corners of your eyes.

It's actually a simple, but effective wand design.

My lashes are pretty fine and they are really stubborn too! When you curl them, they tend to spring back to their original shape which is pretty annoying.

I applied 2 coats of mascara on both eyes.

My lashes doubled their length, and the hairs are more visible and appear thicker.

I was never successful in applying mascara on my lower lash lines before, but because of this special wand, I was able to coat the hairs well and effectively! Although it didn't hold the curl of my lashes that long, I still love the formula.

Length of usage before review: 1 month

  • Does not clump the lashes.
  • Very black formula.
  • Extra volumizing formula!
  • Does not damage lashes.
  • No fumes that irritate the eyes.
  • Affordable for the high-quality formula.
  • Lengthens eyelashes.
  • Contains Egyptian Moringa oil that keep the lashes strong and healthy that prevent breakage, or hair fall.
  • Waterproof.
  • Long lasting.
  • Tear-proof.
  • Not too runny that it smudges easily on your freshly applies makeup!
  • Short bristles make it easier to coat from roots to the tips of your lashes.
  • Short bristles keep accidental poking of the eye balls to a minimum.
  • Easy to hold and control the wand handle.
  • Mascara with a narrow "waist" makes it easy to apply mascara on the whole length of your eye.
  • Does not feel heavy on the lids even if you apply a lot of layers.

  • Slightly a bit sticky when you blink, but goes away after a while.
  • For now, available online at Glamourbox and select Snoe stores.

  • Did not hold the curl of my lashes. It might hold yours though, so try it to see!

How I use it: Screw the wand off from the tube and wipe excess product on the sides of the tube or on thick paper napkins. Position the want at the roots of your freshly curled lashes and glide the wand from side to side by wiggling the wand as you go up and out towards the tip of your lashes. Repeat if necessary until you get the desired effect. Use the same technique on your bottom lashes but with an even lighter hand to avoid mascara transfer to the skin.


Retail Price: PhP 990.00
Purchased For: Gift from Glamourbox
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. I've heard about this mascara before and even thought that the name is quite fitting. It's a bit expensive huh, and here I thought I'm spending a lot on a 600-peso worth of mascara haha... But I'd love to give it a try, see if it would lengthen my too short lashes.

    1. Hahaha! I know what you mean! But this mascara is still relatively cheaper than those iconic mascaras of Givenchy Phenomen'eyes, DIOR show, or Lancome's L'Xtreme which cost about 1,800-2,500! LOL Although Maybelline for me is still one of the best mascaras at an affordable price out there, this EOH mascara is worth the try too! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  2. it was pricey BUT I love all those Pros list. Will definitely give a try! It's kinda accetuates your eyes Ms. Sabs. Now it selling me:)

    1. LOL thank you for the compliment! I do love this mascara because it's true-black and thick, without the clumps!


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