Spotlight: Happy Skin Limited Edition Shut Up and Kiss Me Lippies Summer 2014

Monday, April 07, 2014

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Turn Up the Heat! says Happy Skin. You're gonna enjoy Summer with these fabulous shades from their Shut Up and Kiss Me lipstick line. I am a big fan of lipsticks, and I have a drawer full of them to prove it. I think they make or break the look, and it's also one of the best way to update your look and match your mood. Anyone can wear lipsticks, no special skills required!

You can skip everything else but the lipstick is crucial to any makeup look. This summer, sport these three lippies that would match any makeup look you are in the mood for.

Happy Skin Limited Edition Lippie Summer Collection Box of 3, PhP 1,249

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Happy Skin has done it again! After the successful launch of their lipstick collaboration with Kris Aquino, they're back with three new summer shades that will surely turn the heat up in your summer vacay! 

I have already raved about their uber cute packaging in my previous Happy Skin lippie posts so I'll skip that one. Their new shades Summer Crush, Sunset Kiss and The Morning After are very much wearable this summer. If you are not a bold-lip kinda gal, you will surely be one after you see these shades!

Extremely wearable by whether morenas or tisays, these shades are very versatile. Lounging at the beach or by the pool? Or maybe a night out with friends for a night barbecue? These lippies are good to go!

Summer Crush is a bright pink lippie that will surely catch some attention! Sunset Kiss is a bright hot orange that is as gorgeous as the setting sun. The Morning After is the perfect "just kissed" nude lippie!

Check out the swatches on my lips, see how my look changes with every lippie. I have the same eye makeup look, blush and all but with each lip color change, you can see different moods.

This shade is happy! I love it brightens up my whole look and my complexion. Just when I thought I already owned too much pink lipsticks, I was wrong. I like this version of pink.

From the collection, this is my fave. I love bold shades, lippies that make a statement. This is definitely a must-have this summer! I love pairing it with fresh nude eyes, or bronze eyeshadow. Can be worn during the day or night.

A delicate nude that every girl must stock up on. It's becoming very useful in my stash for those days that I am lazy but still want to look pretty. I reach for this lippie and put it on my lips sans makeup, I still look fresh and put together.

Length of usage before review: 4 days.

  • Moisturizing! Won't dry lips.
  • Will soften flaky lips.
  • Long lasting!
  • It comes in a set, or you can buy them individually.
  • I love the packaging.
  • Smooth formula, glides on the lips like balm.
  • Easily available, easily accessible.
  • Creamy matte finish, but does not look dry.
  • Moisturizes the lips with every use.
  • Compact, you can carry it everywhere!
  • Suits any skin tone and color.

  • Not transfer-proof. Blot if you want it to be transfer-proof.
  • Fragrance free, some people like fragrance.

  • They're limited edition! Huhuhu :( Better start stocking up!

*Shades may change based on your lips' level of acidity.

Retail Price: Box of 3 -PhP 1,249 or PhP 549.00/each
Purchased For: Gift from Happy Skin
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.


See you tomorrow for #FaceItWednesdays / #AboutFace! The last leg of the 3-day spotlight feature on Happy Skin's 2014 Summer Collection!
Swatches, Review, and more photos on their 

Limited Edition Get Cheeky with Me Blushes!

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  1. These look so cute. I love the packaging and the colours! Gorgeous.

  2. I want these lippies! Hope they still have it by May.

    1. I hope so too! I know how you feel... That's why I don't like limited editions also because when I love it, I am so scared it will run out! I don't like over-stocking as well because they might spoil :( Haaaay... #kikayproblems

  3. Oh my goodness I literally gasped when I saw Morning After on you! It's simply gorgeous! I am soo getting my hands on that! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one! xx

    1. I know, it's a really pretty shade! It's so girly I love it! ♥

  4. OMG!! i love the shades lalo na ung sunset kiss super pretty!!

    1. The Sunset Kiss is my favorite! Statement right? I love it! ♥ Thank you for dropping by!

  5. these are the lippies I'm craving for. Sana meron pa kasi they are limited lang.:) I love the last photo Ms. Sabs. Gusto ko talaga yun The morning after ng Happy Skin.Among three, The MOrning After was perfectly suits you.:)

    1. Yes! I believe they're still available because it's their summer collection and these were just launched :) Head out to BeautyBar to get yourself a box, you won't regret it. You can mix the shades together to make a customized, personal shade!

  6. Hi! I'm really interested in these lippies (pretty packaging, locally-made, AND high quality? Shmowza!) but I just wanted to ask, how long is long-lasting? Like, 4-5 hours? I do a lot of talking at my job and I'd hate to constantly be retouching. Thank you! :)

    1. That's actually a very good question! For me, long-lasting would mean more than 6 hours! When I reapply after lunch, I won't have to retouch my lips until I go home at night :) I am not a constant lip-licker also, some women have a habit of licking their lips to moisturize it, but that would be a factor in prematurely fading the lippie (and over-drying your lips!) :) The trick would be, blotting and reapplying 2 or 3 times when you first apply it, it should make your lipstick last longer ♥ Thanks for dropping by!


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