Book Club: Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Ok, so I am not going to be doing this every Sunday because although I love to read, it takes me a while to finish books because I hardly have enough time to relax and read. Boo! But anyway, this portion of my blog still deserves its own hashtag for easy searching when I have reviewed enough books.

I have read hundreds of books, but this is the first book to be put in my #sundaybookclub shelf. I am not going to pretend to be a book critique, I will just give my opinion if it's worth your time. It will be short and sweet, because I am not going to spoil the ending.

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SYNOPSIS: Poppy Wyatt is beside herself when she loses her engagement ring and her cell phone in quick succession. When she finds a cell phone in a trash can at the hotel where she lost the ring, she seizes it, giving out the number so that people can contact her if they find the ring. It proves to be a company phone that belonged to the now former assistant of businessman Sam Roxton, who is none too pleased that Poppy has claimed it as her own. He reluctantly agrees to let her keep it until the ring is found as long as Poppy is willing to send him any business e-mails that come to the phone. It’s not long before Poppy decides to answer several e-mails she thinks Sam is neglecting, while Sam points out a few issues in Poppy’s seemingly perfect engagement. Readers will know that Poppy and Sam are destined to be together, but getting there is a delightful and exciting ride. One of Kinsella’s best. --Kristine Huntley
I am not a SHOPAHOLIC series fan, but I have read other books by Sophie Kinsella. One other book that she wrote that I liked was Can You Keep A Secret. I read that eBook thrice.

I love Sophie Kinsella's humor. Her books are for light reading and I enjoy bringing her with me on days I have had enough of too much drama in my life either from work or in my personal life. I use books and music to escape all that crap. Ha!

I really enjoyed the character of this book's heroine, Poppy. She's kind of neurotic but not in an annoying way, there's something in her quirky character that gets you hooked right away, she doesn't try to be funny, she just is. The hero in this story, Sam, is also loveable despite his very serious nature. They both get a long because both characters have a great sense of humor. I love that both characters are witty and a little bit sarcastic. I laughed and giggled all throughout this book. Hubby thought I was losing it.

The Kindle version of this eBook has footnotes, which makes you click back and forth which I didn't really like. The paperback however has footnotes at the end of each page which is easier to read. I did enjoy the footnotes though, it was just tiring to go back and forth.


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  1. I love this book and so is Sophie Kinsella. Her books will really make you laugh and giggle. Ka-tangahan overload lang ang peg ng mga characters nya. And I do understand why you read the Can You Keep a Secret thrice, because I did too. Hahaha. I want to review a book on my blog din sana but I don't know where to start. :))

    1. Hahaha! Her heroines are always like "duh!" but super likeable! I know what you mean, I have so much books I want to feature too! Start with ones that you just recently read because it's still fresh in your mind! ♥ Have you read Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series yet? It's historical romance naman but also light, and feel good read and very nakaka in-♥


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