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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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I have been dying to post these photos because I love how they came out. Hubby took some photos in Intramuros testing his new lens, and I just went along for the ride. A Sunday we can finally spend together! It's been a while since we spent time Sundays together because I have been working doing weddings. But the wedding peak season is slowing down, and finally we have more leisurely days to spend together!

Anyway, on Sundays I love dressing up in lazy lounge clothes in cotton fabrics, it's been hot lately so this dress was just the way to go!

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On Sundays when I don't have a wedding to do, we do groceries. When I am in the mood, I dress up!

Although it's old, my Balenciaga bag looks more ragged than ever. Looking rustic, matching the surroundings. Hahaha! But I really do still love my bag, it's a classic! Too bad I lost the long strap! I removed it because I didn't like the sling, and when we moved houses, I couldn't find it anymore. Boo hoo.

I love how slimming this dress is. I didn't expect to look this "slim" but I do! So I guess this kind of maxi dress flatters women who are apple-shaped.

I love how one can walk easily in dresses like these. I feel uber girly! I didn't feel the heat or humidity at all! Plus, don't I look a little bit Latina in this outfit? I love how the colors are so Latin chic... If that's really a thing. I can almost hear the music by Gypsy Kings (♫Bem Bem Bem Maria, Tequiero Bem Bem Bem...♫)

My 5 year old, but never dingy Balenciaga Twiggy.

What is your go-to lazy lounge wear? Tell me about it!

What I Wore:

  • Red Tube Maxi Dress from Forever 21
  • Gold Leather FlipFlops from GAP
  • Ops! Objects Bronze Bracelet from @HeartsforKeeps
  • Dolma Twiggy from Balenciaga
  • Beaded Braid Necklace from Bazaar

On my Face: Happy Skin SS Creme, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Powder, Happy Skin Limited Edition Get Cheeky with Me Blush in Sunset Kiss, Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Naked Peach, Smashbox Brow Tech in Taupe, MAC Gel Eyeliner in Black Track

On my Nails: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Eastern Light

Fragrance: Lady Gaga Flame Eau de Parfum

*Photos by Raul Dy-Liacco for The Makeup Maven.

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  1. Incredible style and beautiful photos.
    Love how you played with the accessories.

  2. I told you:) bagay talaga sayo ang Maxi dress and Palazzo pants.. Its kinda "donya" haha Nice photos Ms. Sabs:) more ootd:)

  3. You look very regal here Ms. Sabs :) I also like how comfortable you look in your outfit :D


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