Unboxing the Pixy Box from this month's BDJBox!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I have never hear or tried Pixy Cosmetics before so imagine my surprise (and excitement) whenI received this month's BDJ Box. I am always game to try new cosmetics, specially with such adorable, girly packaging.

I don't have any information on Pixy so all the more I got so excited to try it. Although my reviews will be on different posts because I want to be as thorough as possible for you, as always.

BDJ Pixy Box April 2014, PhP 580.00/per box

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If you are a beauty addict like me, beauty boxes are always a good idea because you get your money's worth. The total amount of the contents of this month's box is worth PhP 2,545. But if you click fast enough and subscribe to BDJ Box, you get all of them for a whopping price of PhP 580! How's that for a steal?

I can't say it enough that I applaud BDJ Box for their efforts in packing these babies. I love how their look is always consistent, and everything in its proper place.

And there you have it! The classic beauty stickers that are just very motivational and inspirational to always look your prettiest, not only on the outside!

This month's box comes with Pixy info pamphlets on their products.

These are all the products that you will be receiving in this month's subscription! Exciting isn't it?

The breaking of the sticker is always the best part. It takes me a whole lot of energy not to just rip that paper! LOLYes, these things excite me.

Such pretty packaging! Yay for Pixy! I love their pink packaging because I am a pink-loving kind of gal. I mean who doesn't love pink? I took my time getting acquainted with Pixy's products looking at them one by one but not swatching. I love swatching when I am going to review them! I love freshly opened makeup!

Now a closer look on their products individually, let's start with their powder foundations. I think that powder foundations are the most convenient way in putting on base.

Ultimate Makeup Cake, PhP 445
UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit, PhP 275

I hope these shades will suit me well because with this summer heat, I have grown a half shade darker already than my real color! But nonetheless, I am still very excited to try it!

I love that they included three lipsticks in different finishes: Matte, Semi Matte, and Satin!

Lasting Matte Lipstick, PhP 325.00
Silky Fit Semi Matte Lipstick, PhP 265.00
Silky Fit Satin Lipstick, PhP 245

I haven't opened these boxes because I want the shades to surprise me! Ha! I will open them when I am going to review them already. That's always fun right?

With cute shades like Peach Delicacy, Red Chili and Puppy Love, who wouldn't be excited to try them!

Now I am excited to try this one! I wonder if this would hold my stubborn lashes' curl? That is always the ultimate test for me.

Colors of Delight Waterproof Mascara, PhP 260

The box also included another variant of their powder which is the Perfect Matte Two Way Cake which will fit perfectly on the compact of the Perfect Fit Two Way Cake.

Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill, PhP 145.00

Ooooh! Blush! One can never have too much blush too! The right shade will give your face a beautiful glow!

Colors of Delight Blush-On, PhP 285

I am holding the blush this way so I can show off the nail art I made. LOL Yes, I am showing off so my efforts wouldn't go completely wasted!

Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil, PhP 265.00

And now a group-hug photo of all the products in this month's BDJBox! Yay! It's party time! Stay tuned for my review on these products soon on my blog!

I have yet to find out where you can get your hands on these products! I will let you know as soon as I find out!

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Have you received your BDJBox this month? What is your favorite product in the box?
Tell me!

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  1. Wow almost pinky pixy! I wanted that all but unfortunately I haven't purchased the April box, sana meron pa:) I am excited too Ms. Sabs to review the lippes, as well as the foundations:)

    1. Aww... Sayang! Yah, I was told that the boxes sold fast! Next month you should subscribe because their boxes are always worth it! ♥

  2. The shade name of the lipsticks sounds interesting. Can't wait to see your swatches and reviews on it :)

    1. Me too! LOL I'm shooting them soon! Yay! Thanks for dropping by ♥

  3. LOL @ group hug photo :P I like this box because it's a complete makeup kit and there are so many shades so you're bound to find one that suits you, or is something close to that. It's also a beauty box in the truest sense that we get a sneak peek of the latest brands. The fave in my box is the Two Way Cake Refill. So cute :3

    1. Yes that is so true! I can create an entire makeup look with all these products! Stay tuned for swatches and reviews coming soon! ♥


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