The soap that was made for Royals. PEARS is now in the Philippines! (Updated)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The world's first ever transparent soap is finally in Manila! A brief intro: Developed in 1789 by Andrew Pears in London's Oxford Street, Pears has been highly recognized as the first registered brand. PEARS® is also the oldest existing commercial label in the world! In 1953, one Queen and three Kings have granted their Royal Warrant to the makers of PEARS® Soap.

You might wonder what is so special about transparent soaps. Well, transparent soap is a clear soap that is made with a high glycerin content. These transparent soaps are often referred to as "glycerin soap", which is less drying than regular cream, opaque soaps. These transparent soaps have additional soothing oils added to them like Shea Butter and Jojoba oils which are proven to soften and soothe sensitive and inflamed skin.

PEARS® Perfectly Clear and Gentle Soaps, PhP 60.00/each

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Here's a quickie factoid on all three variants:

The Amber Soap (Gentle Care) -Is their classic soap that has been a part of millions of households worldwide. Composed of high quality ingredients including glycerin and natural oils. Has been named the most gentle of soaps by dermatologists in over 10 countries worldwide.

The Blue Soap (Germ Shield) -The most refreshing of the three variants that is enhanced by mint extract, clinically-proven to fight germs. It contains the same PEARS® gentle formulation that locks in moisture keeping skin soft and subtle.

The Green Soap (Oil Clear) -Perfect for people with extreme oily skin, this soap locks in moisture while removing pimple-causing oil and dirt. This soap keeps skin clear, and keeps oily skin at bay. This soap is non-drying, oil-clear formula lifts excess oil while maintaining it's glow. Still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Since I haven't used all three variants, I am just going to do a review on the gentle care formula today. To be completely honest, I have never heard of this brand before until PEARS® sent me a whole caboodle to try. I instantly loved the very simple, no non-sense packaging!

Not all soaps have a separate sealed protective plastic for their soaps. You know me about packaging! So this is a plus for me.

The smell is a little bit musky. I have never encountered a smell with this fragrance before which is said to be their trademark fragrance. I didn't like it at first but the smell grew on me after using it for days.

I am loving the oval shape of the soap. It makes it easy to twirl around on your hands and easy to handle.

It lathers quite well too. The foam is not overwhelming-ly thick, but just enough for the suds to do all the work.

For some reason, I don't sweat too much whenever I use this soap despite of me walking under the sun and long distances. It keeps the skin fresh all day!

PEARS®. With a name that has been associated in offering the purest and mildest soaps for over 200 years, and is continuously recommended by dermatologists worldwide.

Length of usage before review: 4 days

  • Can be used on the face. My face didn't break out.
  • Cleanses the skin very well.
  • Lathers just right.
  • Economical! Does not melt in the shower right away.
  • Has a distinct smell that is no offensive.
  • My skin feels fresh all day!
  • Pores feel clean after a shower, but does not feel dry!
  • Gentle enough to be used by children!
  • Aids in removing dead skin cells that sit stubbornly on the surface of your skin to reveal a healthy glow!
  • Skin feels hydrated all day.
  • No annoying overly-fragrant smell on the skin all day, specially when it is mixed with sweat!

  • Smells like raw soap, and of sandalwood.
  • Smells a hint of musk for a uni-sex soap. But goes away after a while.
  • Skin is left squeaky clean (quite literally). Some people do not like this feeling.

  • Skin feels tight after shower, but eventually goes away.


Retail Price: PhP 60.00/each
Purchased For: Gift from PEARS® Philippines.
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

*(UPDATE) PEARS® is available in Watson's and in leading supermarkets and departments stores nationwide.*

This soap is so new in the Philippines that they don't have a Facebook Page yet. I will find out details about the price and where to purchase them, and will update as soon as I can!

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  1. I'm surprised to know that it's just entered the Phil. I have tried the green one and would definitely like to try the other two. =)

    1. They're all very good! I'm excited to share these products! ♥

  2. wow it sounds interesting! I'd like to try the amber one. parang soap version ng argan oil:)

  3. where can we find this glorious soaps ms sabs?

    1. Watson's and other leading supermarkets nationwide :) PhP 60 per bar!

    2. gonna try this out im finishing mg rdl bar yay!


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