Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo: The most practical bag you will ever own.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I found the most practical bag ever. When I buy bags, I always opt for any color except black. I thought black always looked formal or too drab so I would always choose bags with color. But when hubby surprised me with a new bag, I was surprised how I end up using it everyday for the past week, with no desire or urge to choose anything else.

I asked hubby why he chose to give me a black bag, he said that it looks very classic and goes with anything you wear. So ladies, if you are looking to buy your first designer bag, I would definitely recommend the Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo Gold.

Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo Gold, $2,330

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My good friend and fashion designer Kate Torralba bought this bag in one of her European Tours, and she reserved this bag for me keeping me in mind when she bought it. She thought it would suit me well. So when I went to visit Kate and her baby Daisy in her apartment, and look at some of the bags she was selling and some pre-loved ones -she showed me this Balenciaga and true enough, hubby thought it was so "me".

Kate sold this brand new Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo Gold at roughly $2,330. It's not bad considering Balenciaga has increased their prices by 25% all over Europe, so it was still a good deal! You can get it cheaper abroad for sure but you will have to spend for airfare, hotel accommodations and stuff. So I guess it was a pretty good deal. I'm just happy to be able to get my hands on one.

I love the fact that the handles won't grow dark and dirty from wear because it's already black. So the leather and the aesthetics is somewhat preserved.
The first time I saw this bag was from my sister, she bought one from Paris but hers was a Balenciaga Velo in Blue (photo below). I liked the color but I like to have one that had gold studs. My old Balnciaga Twiggy had gunmetal studs as well.

The second time I saw the Velo was from Martha Sta. Barbara (, I thought it looked so nice and classy but I never imagined I can pull off something like that. I was always on the colored handbag kinda gal. Except for my Pandora which was black too but that one was an exception because I used it for travel.

So when we were at Kate's, hubby encouraged me to get the bag, his gift to me for his birthday (LOL). I used to have the Givenchy Pandora in wrinkled leather and Gold hardware, but when it broke after just a year, I had to send it back to Italy to have it fixed. I still haven't gotten it back yet! It was a choice between a pre-loved large Yves Saint Laurent Lizard Cabas Chyc, but Kate and hubby both voted for the Velo. It all boiled down to having brand new vs. pre-loved. Both had the same price tag.

When we left Kate and Daisy's condo, with my new bag in tow, I found that any outfit that I threw on myself then on  looked dressed up because of the bag. I fell in love with it instantly! Even when I wore my cheap batik kaftan from Landmark looked like it was from Josie Natori in Rustan's. Hahaha!

I am loving the classic double zip of this bag which is a staple in Balenciaga bags. Top notch, high quality stitching and top grade 100% calfskin leather, this is an art piece.
 The back of the bag is pretty simple too, but from the look of the studs, you won't mistake it for anything else but a Balenciaga. It's not really that shine but the lighting is making it look a little bit patent, but it's not really.
The new "GIANT" hardware only measures 12mm now, and the oversized ones are no longer available. Only 12mm studs are available for Giant hardware.
My favorite would be the long shoulder strap making it convenient to bring. Made completely out of leather and stitched together, not glued.
The hardware is made with high quality light materials which makes the bag lightweight, carrying only the weight of the leather and your things that you put inside.
Heat stamped on 100% leather, the classic BALENCIAGA logo.
Heat stamped behind the label is the bar code and where it's made. Italia of course! Pure Italian craftsmanship is always phenomenal.
When you buy your Balenciaga, it comes with care instructions and an authenticity card.

I guess the only problemm about this bag is that it's really a handbag. You can only carry it with your hands, or hooking it at the crook of your arm. The handles aren't long enough to sling on your shoulder. Well, except for the long sling which you can use to carry the bag on your shoulder.

If you have small arms and a small frame, then you can probably swing it on your shoulder like what my sister does.

This is currently my favorite bag, and very happy with it!

At Kate's house with Daisy in my arms, shopping for a new bag.
I don't have any #OOTD photos of me using this bag yet but I will soon! Stay tuned. If you would like to shop for your new designer bag, you can visit Kate Torralba's instagram account at @KateTorralba, and check out some of her brand new and pre-loved bags on sale now :) She is currently in London, but you can still view her bags online and in person, just set an appointment!

Thank you to my hubby Raul for this fabulous, unforgettable gift for his birthday! He loves to spoil me rotten. I'm one lucky duck.

What do you think of the new Balenciaga Giant 12 Velo? What bag do you dream of getting next? Tell me, I'm dying to know!

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  1. I have this and I love it to bits! It's pretty heavy 'cuz of the studs, but I still gotta love how spacious this thing is. Caution with the studs though, they tend to fall off-it happened to me and the bag went on a hiatus for 4 months as I had to wait for the studs from Balenciaga Paris. This has always been the issue of bal owners with giant studs.

    1. Oh gosh, I know you told me nga eh! Me pa naman I'm burara!! Eeeek!! But it's so practical I swear, you don't have to change bags all the time, it goes with everything! ♥

  2. wow.. another BB =) post love it ms sabs wish i could afford this too

  3. Super beautiful bag, Ms. Sabs!


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