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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When I was younger, I was obsessed with having JLo skin. I would spend 20 minutes everyday tanning and trying to maintain tanned skin which took too much time and effort. My tan would go back after just a few days of being red and sore.

So instead of wasting my time tanning that would never happen, I concentrated on maintaining my fair skin instead. I kept my skin protected from the sun even when I was in the beach. I would try different sunblocks that would make my skin even and prevent my face from getting more freckles! I love trying out new sunblocks, specially sunblocks that have a twist.

When I get out of the sun, I use whitening products mainly to keep my skin even and not to whiten my skin on purpose (because I hate uneven skin), so I would try different brands of whitening products. The latest that I am using is the Skin White Advanced line.

Skin White Whitening Body Wash 200ml, PhP 99.00
Whitening Lotion 100ml, PhP 125.25
Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder, PhP 67.00
Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser, PhP
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I love how moisturizing this body wash is. I didn't expect such creaminess in a body wash but it's very creamy! The bubbles are very potent! Do you know how soap is when you keep soaping your body with minimal water? That's how this body wash gets when you soap your skin. It has thick suds for some reason.

Just a little product on a loofa or sponge is enough to wash your entire body. It also keeps your skin looking bright and even even after you wash off the suds!

This lotion is light on the skin even with this hot humid weather! I love that the results are very immediate. After the lotion gets absorbed into the skin, the skin instantly looks whiter and brighter! And the fact that it has SPF20 is a plus!

This cleanser is a toner that would clear your skin from excess oil, dirt, and makeup residue after washing your face with a facial wash. It doesn't sting but it does have a minty, cool feel after application.

I love that it cleared my skin just after a week of using it.

This soap is fun to use in the shower because it doesn't melt right away. I still prefer the body wash instead though, I like convenient products! Hehehe...
I like that this is very affordable and can be used for on-the-go gals! I like the way the cream turns into powder magically, and it doesn't look dry on the skin too! It sits very well on the face and it adapts well to skin tones.

Length of usage before review: 3 weeks

  • Moisturizing!
  • Body wash is very creamy and lathers really well!
  • My skin looks brighter and visibly smoother.
  • Skin is more supple.
  • Cream to powder does not cake! Can be used as a base.
  • Facial cleanser minimized the appearance of dark spots on my face.
  • Skin becomes naturally bright, and not stark white.
  • All products provide sun protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Affordable!
  • Easily accessible.
  • Effectively lightens dark spots and uneven skin.
  • Lightened skin looks very natural.
  • My favorite product is the body wash because I rarely see whitening body washes in the market.

  • N/A

  • Personally, I don't like the fragrance of all three products.


Retail Price:
Skin White Whitening Body Wash 200ml, PhP 99.00
Whitening Lotion 100ml, PhP 125.25
Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder, PhP 67.00
Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser, TBA

Purchased For: Gift from Skin White and SampleRoom.
Will I re-purchase? No. Because I am very particular with smell.
Will I recommend it? Yes. Because it is very effective!

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  1. i love this line better than their previous one ms sabs =) i missed reading your blog!!!!


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