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Sunday, June 29, 2014


I have been a little busy lately so I haven't really been posting that much lately. Somethin's brewin' so it's taking up most of my time. Anyhoo, for this week's eye-spy, I would like to tell you all about Color Show's Crayon Khôl. The photos I have of the liners are a little bit toned down because of the image format that I shot it with. But photos of myself is the right color, so the shades of the pencils should have been more vibrant. I just thought of explaining myself.

Maybelline Color Show Vibrantly Bold Pencil Liners (Crayon Khôl), PhP 199.00/each

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I can't live without eyeliners, I know I know I have been saying that about all makeup products that I come across with, it's because I am addicted to makeup. They're really pick-me-uppers!

I am loving these runway-inspired kohl eyeliners because they are so fun, and something Maybelline would eventually bring in to Manila.
Top-Bottom: Brown, Spicy Orange and Ocean Blue
They glide on as creamily as they come, but these liners do not smudge. I use the brown eyeliner for tight lining, and the colored eyeliner for accenting my eyes and creating a very fun look.
Here are the color swatches, as I have mentioned earlier, the shades are not as variant in the photos but you will see their intensity in the photos to follow below. I specially love the brown eyeliner using it to tight-line my eyes.
Here are photos of me using all three shades! I love how you can combine all the shades together and they will match perfectly. I bet these shades would look even better on morena skin! The shade Ocean Blue is a vibrant sea-foam that has slight iridescent properties that makes it look pearlized.
I love how they still show behind specs!


Length of usage before review: 1 month.

  • Funky shades, but extremely wearable!
  • Versatile shades, perfect for mestizas or morenas.
  • Brown liner glides on smoothly and easily!
  • Does not make my eyes water or does it sting!
  • Smudge proof and long lasting!
  • Perfect for tight lining.
  • Smooth formula won't scratch your eyes when a few debris gets in your eyes.
  • 9 wearable shades to choose from.
  • Easily Available.
  • Extremely Affordable.
  • Blendable enough, as long as you blend it fast enough!

  • N/A

  • Spicy orange breaks off easily no matter how short the product is.


Retail Price: Maybelline Color Show Bibrantly Bold Pencil Liners (Crayon Khôl), PhP 199.00/each
Purchased For: Gift from Maybelline
Will I re-purchase? Yes!
Will I recommend it? Yes!

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  1. looks like interesting product, wondering if it will make it to Canada ? hopefully fingers crossed


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