Happy Skin Dazzles us with their NEW Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser, Make a Clean Sweep!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Having to take off makeup should be as fun as putting it on. I love the feeling of a clean face after wearing makeup the whole day. But removing makeup can be a pain, specially when you don't use a makeup remover first -or those days when you just want to crash on your bed after a long day.

I don't rely mainly on makeup remover wipes, I prefer cleansers that actually clean the face and then I still use a foaming cleanser and a toner afterwards. I am a fan of cleansing oils because they really melt away the makeup without over drying the face. The first time I tried Micellar Cleansing Water is from Lancôme's Eau Micellaire Douceur, but that comes with a hefty price tag of PhP 1,800 (and that was about 7 years ago!). And then along came BiFesta, the Micellar cleansing water from Korea which is more affordable at Php 420 for 300ml, which is a steal in our market.

And then there's Happy Skin's Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser. Who knows that water can do such an excellent job in removing makeup? Hardly anyone can duplicate the Micellar technology, and what do you know, Happy Skin mesmerizes us all with this new product!

Happy Skin Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Makeup Cleanser 100ml, PhP 599.00

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If you're wondering, Micellar water contains micelle molecules that is added to water which effectively traps dirt, oil, and makeup effectively with a single sweep.

You might be asking what is special about this cleansing water. Well first of all, their Micellar Water that originates in France, is a non-rinse, soap-free cleansing water that contains micelle molecules. Allow me to quote from Happy Skin's website: "Micelle molecules are brilliant in trapping makeup and dirt! They have the highest makeup removing powers. Being ultra-light, all-natural and fragrance-free, it leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and fresh."

Happy Skin's ever growing cosmetics collection is impressing me lately. I love that they really put some thought into their products, specially their packaging. I love how it's manufactured in Japan, making their kawaii-sounding brand "Happy Skin" seem Japanese too!

Composed mainly with water, this cleanser is very gentle on the skin making sure that it won't deprive your skin completely of its natural oils. So you are left with clean, supple skin even without rinsing!

This cleansing water only comes in 100ml bottles, which I can finish in 2 weeks time (or 3 if I use it sparingly) because I wear makeup every day.

I just love the packaging. The cool, aqua color of the bottle gives it a very clean, soothing feel each time you see it. I am a sucker for good packaging, sorry. It comes with a pump stopper so you won't waste a lot of it specially when you bring it with you when you travel. I love how this bottle is very convenient to take with you. I currently have this now in my professional makeup kit, and it fits in my small train case!

Because of the bright color though, it's hard to read the details and instructions in the back. But everything you need to know anyway is written on the box, so make sure you read the box first before throwing it away.

It has a water like consistency (duh!), and it feels cool to the touch specially when it comes in contact with your facial skin. No artificial ingredients that gives this effect, it just feels very fresh and revitalises your skin!

Here's me during one of those late afternoons I came home from an event. Perfect opportunity to use this product and test its effectiveness. I am wearing a layer of full coverage foundation and brushed a layer of powder foundation on top. And then layer that with blush, bronzer, oil and sweat, we have the perfect testing ground for this cleanser!

It took 4 cotton pads with 4 pumps each to remove makeup from one side of my face. You don't have to use 4 pumps on the cotton pad to effectively remove makeup, I just like the cotton to be super soaked with product so I won't keep pumping into the pad.

As you can see I avoided the eye area because it stings the eyes when you get some product in them. The cleanser does remove makeup effectively and quite fast too.

After I have removed my makeup using this cleansing water, I used a toner. And what do you know, hardly anything came off with the toner, something that hardly happens with cleansing oil. This means that the cleansing water effectively removes makeup from deep within your pores, making your life easier because you won't have to rinse it out! (Yay!)

HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS:Length of usage before review: 2 weeks.

  • Does not dry the skin! Extremely moisturizing.
  • Deep cleanses the skin from dirt, oil, and makeup!
  • No need to rinse out, or use foaming cleanser after.
  • Perfect use for sensitive skin.
  • Gentle but effectively cleans.
  • No sticky feeling after!
  • Effectively removes matte lipsticks, or other budge proof lipsticks.
  • No need to tug on the skin to thoroughly remove the makeup from deep under the skin.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Perfect for travel! Both for its convenience (no need for foaming cleanser or toner), and compact size. Won't take too much space in your toiletry bag.
  • Easily accessible, readily available!
  • Removes waterproof mascara and eyeliners! Just remember to close your eyes!
  • Brightens the face with prolonged use.
  • Comparable to Lancôme's Eau Micellaire Douceur!
  • Every makeup artist's best friend! Can be used to clean eye makeup brushes in between uses to avoid mixing colors. Just a few drops on the brush and swirl around in facial tissues to remove eyeshadow.

  • Pricey for 100ml.

  • It stings the eyes so avoid the eye area. Use eye makeup remover instead. (Well, at least for me)


Retail Price: PhP 599.00
Purchased For: Gift from Happy Skin
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. medyo mas pricey nga sya ms sabs compare sa bifesta.. but this one is filipino made so we should patronize our own! more happy skin product reviews ms sabs!


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