How to avoid nasty tarnish marks on your skin from fashion accessories

Thursday, June 19, 2014

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I love buying accessories. But I am one of those people who excrete acidity like an orange so my skin reacts to the accessories turning my skin greenish that looks horrible. I remember back in college, I went out on a date with this hot guy. I was wearing one of those gold chokers. We went dancing and of course, with too much dancing comes great responsibility: sweat, runny eyeliners, and melted foundation. When I went to the bathroom to retouch, I saw that my necklace had fallen off, and I was left with a nasty green choker stain on my neck that I couldn't wash away! It was so embarrassing.

That is one of the reasons why I hardly buy fashion accessories now, but I have finally found a solution: CLEAR NAIL POLISH! I found that it dries shiny and it doesn't affect the surface/texture of the accessory. It just takes some patience to coat the entire bracelet but it's worth it!

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You can use any clear nail polish basically, but I like using imported ones because they apply thinly and it dries fast too! What I like to do is coat the inner part of the accessory first and let it dry. After about half an hour (just to make sure that it's completely dry), I then coat the outer part.

Just keep them out in the open to allow the polish to dry. Don't keep touching the surface while it's wet to avoid imprinting your fingerprints.

One of the best things about this trick is that it dries quickly and your accessories instantly become waterproof. I have yet to try varnish, you know, the ones from the hardware store, but those smell too harsh. Plus, I wanted to use something that was already in my dresser!

You can use your already thickening clear nail polish too so it won't go to waste! By the way, I haven't tried this with earrings though because I don't know if it's safe so don't use it with earrings.

I hope you enjoyed this quick how-to trick. I wanted to share this with you, to save you from embarrassing hulk, greenish, tarnish marks the next time you go dancing! I do this to all my accessories! I love that they now don't have that nasty metallic smell when they get old. Now, the shine and the quality is preserved as well.

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