How to treat your friend who is getting married, or what to give your bridesmaids before your big day!

Thursday, June 05, 2014

One of my best friends, Carla is getting married! Only one month before the big day so I had to plan the bachelorette party in two weeks. Instead of the typical mani-pedi spa kind of bachelorette party, I wanted to give the bride, the bridesmaids, and the other important women in the bride's life products that they can take home to include in their beauty regimen to make them look even more beautiful for the big day -sort of like a "Glorifying Beauty Kit" for them to enjoy!

So I contacted brands who sponsor and support me and asked for their help. Brands that I believe that would give my ladies beautiful skin on the day of the wedding, and long after that.

A week before the big day, I sent the bride two pre-bachelorette party gifts. One to be used the day before the party, and the other for the day itself.

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The second task I had on my list was to get in touch with Manila Secrets. If you want to know more about their excellent service, visit their website! I won't get into detail with that one. I will leave it to your imagination. LOL

Here's what's inside the Friday box, the day before the party:

DERMAL is my current favorite facial mask. I mask at least three times a week, or some weeks I do it everyday. I am hooked on DERMAL because they have a wide variety of treatment masks to choose from, and they're very affordable too! DERMAL was one of our sponsors.

For brides-to-be, if you want to achieve that soft baby-skin skin, include facial masking in your skin care regimen. Use two or three times a week until your big day. It will enhance your bridal glow!

I also gave the bride a soothing Epsom Salt Scrub with Green Tea for effective exfoliation and a Lavender body butter to keep her skin soft and desirable! Lavender is also for relaxation. Some aromatherapy healing going on!

You  must be wondering why I included slippers. It's for her all-day pampering at Belle and Cat! Not only does she get a mani-pedi, but hair and makeup as well! Belle and Cat is one of my sponsors, and I am thankful they were able to extend the courtesy to my BFF!

So the Saturday box consists of only two items:

DOVE Body Wash and DOVE Lotion so that she can prep her skin. DOVE provides maximum moisturization for the skin in just one day, and imagine what it can do in seven!

A little cream colored dress for the party that we chose specially for her!

I chose the black and purple theme because the bride's favorite color is purple. Isn't it obvious? LOL

So on the day of the bachelorette party, Carla headed out to Belle and Cat and got the royal treatment! Four pros fussing over her hair, makeup, mani, and pedi. I bet you didn't know they offer hair and makeup services at Belle and Cat, huh? Well, they do! Just book early!

Oh, they also accommodate spa parties for you and your entourage if you wish to treat your ladies to a fab spa day.

Meanwhile at the venue of our bachelorette party... By the way, a shout out to the excellent staff of St. Giles Hotel for providing excellent food and service! The function room we were assigned to was Makati Room 2 which can hold about 15 people, which was perfect for us! My co-organizer Steph was the one who decorated the place, YAY Steph!!

And while she got busy with decorating, I got busy preparing the loot bags for the ladies! 

This is what they received:

POND'S: Thank you to Pond's for sending us twelve (12) sets of the Age Miracle Cell ReGEN™ day moisturizer, night cream, eye cream, and facial cleanser! It was more than enough to give us beautiful glowing skin!

For those who do not have a solid skin care regimen yet, it was a good brand to start with!

Here's the fragrance from SNOE. Snoe doesn't really have EDPs but SNOE had this made specially for us! I chose the scent which is floral-fruity, oriental, and of course, very sensual. It opens with clementine blossom, black currant and nectarine. The heart notes unite wild orchid and orange blossom, while the base brings soft musk, amber and precious woods. Very sexy, which we called "RISQUÉ". So this would be the signature scent for us at the wedding!

Isn't this a great idea for your bridal party? Maybe your ninangs or guests? We are now offering these fragrances as giveaways! Send me an email at for details!

I was surprised with what Elizabeth Arden sent us! I was so happy! Everybody loves Elizabeth Arden because their skin care and makeup is awesome.

The ladies were thrilled that they received a lippie and a blush too! I will review this soon so you can see how "bridal" these shades are. They're beautiful blushing shades. So very pretty and versatile whether you have dark or fair skin.

When I told Covergirl what my theme was for the ladies who will be attending the bachelorette, they provided us with their best-selling flawless makeup foundation that adapts to the skin (and long lasting)! Plus, they also gave us their best-selling waterproof mascara (because we cry at weddings, you know that! LOL)!

CHARM brushes is my current favorite right now when it comes to professional or personal use. They're very sturdy, soft, easy to clean, and they have so much choices! And did I mention reasonably priced?

So when CHARM sent me 12 Kabuki Brushes to give away, I was excited! I mean come on, who wouldn't be happy to receive a good makeup brush that is guaranteed to give a flawless finish to your makeup? The kabuki brush is the perfect brush for applying loose powder for that buffed, flawless look! I also use it to apply blush to make it look natural! The hairs are easy to clean too.

And of course, the mud mask that needs no introduction: GLAMGLOW. I have been using this mud for months now, and it's the only one I use just before putting on my makeup for an event. I always get compliments when I use this mud!

I also provide this extra treatment for my brides. They can avail this treatment on the day of their wedding because it only takes 25 minutes for that instant glow!

And of course, facial cleansing sponges from NIPPON! These are very stiff like cardboard, but turns super soft when it is wet. You pour some facial cleanser on the sponge and you use it to cleanse your face so you wouldn't have to touch your face.

Because ladies who are kikay NEED falsies! Hahaha!

DOVE is always a great idea to give to someone because it's a brand that promotes #RealBeauty. Their products work real well too! That's why DOVE was one of the first brands in my list, I made sure that I included DOVE in the loot bag.

What skin care is complete without CURE? This exfoliating gel that is made from water should be every girl's best friend, and that's why it was a must in the loot bag!

I use this religiously, twice a week. I love how my skin always looks bright and fresh because it gently peels away dead skin cells, and only dead skin. It's very gentle! This is sponsored by BeautyBox Corp.

Girls cry at weddings, so it's crucial that we use waterproof mascara! This very black mascara from FAIRY DROPS has been rated one of the top mascaras to provide long and lush lashes without the smudges and the runs when you cry! Thank you to BeautyBox Corp for these mascaras! Plus, the tube is in theme! It's purple!

Ever since DERMAL arrived in Manila, I have been very religious about it. I apply it three times a week, more if I could get away with it! I am in love with these masks because they deliver what they promise. The have a wide range of masks to choose from, and they're very affordable too!

HAPPY SKIN, one of the most coveted makeup line in the market today. Everyone is going gaga over their stuff! Us ladies at the bachelorette party are lucky to have been given one of their best selling lippies of all time, Valentine Kiss. The limited edition lippie that they collaborated with Kris Aquino. It's a shade that complements both tisays and morenas!

Here's the bride to be loading up on Mango Margaritas before the MAIN EVENT that night. Hahaha! A lady never tells. Don't you just love her hair?

During the kinky games we had, the bride won a bath set from Rustan's! Oh! And on her other hand is a shot of tequila rose. We love it coz it's pink!

One of the prizes was BELO Essentials. A Day and Night Cream which Tita Ditas won during the "bastos" game we played! LOL

A photo of the bride enjoying her cupcakes from Kink Cakes. Can you see what the icing design is?

Everyone loved the Covergirl surprise! They couldn't believe they received so much beauty products in one night. I am forever grateful to my sponsors for this unforgettable experience.

The mother of the bride, Tita Ditas lovin' the falsies that she found in her loot bag!

Everyone received all these products! Products that will make them look and feel gorgeous everyday! Thanks for designing the set and for taking photos Steph!!! I wouldn't know what I would have done without you!

Sorry about the indecent cupcakes and that huge think on the cake, but well, you know... Hahaha!

Here are the "thank you" cards that we attached to each loot bag: 

If you are a bride-to-be and looking for products to give to your bridal party as a "thank you" gift, I suggest giving beauty products that would not only make them look beautiful, but feel beautiful as well! If you are a maid-of-honor, consider putting together a beauty loot bag for your attendees and the bride, something they can use to pamper themselves before the big day!

Beauty products is way better than condom pops, sex toys, sugar loaded desserts, and other useless knick knacks. So head out to cosmetic counters today and start building that gift bag!

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  1. wow ms sabs.. first time ko nakakita ng ganitong klaseng bachelorette party! very unique!!! hindi lang yung bride yung nagenjoy pati lahat ng bridesmaid pati yung mother ng bride =) i havent been in this kind of party kasi nung nakasal ako tru civil wedding.. at least you gave us an idea (in the future) kinilig ako sa theme color ms sabs purple and black.. (very me)

    never tried any covergirl and elizabeth arden product.. (pero i love your reviews about them) and i really want to try that fairydrops mascara! i heard a lot of raves and great reviews about this one..

    ang cute nung white slippers ms sabs! and i thought ako lang nang addict sa masking =) (fave ko yung seven days masking nyo na post ms sabs)
    hihi.. look at the cupcakes!!!! omg hihi!!!

    i have the ponds age miracle cream (yung pinakamaliit nila sa market it costs 99php but i got mine for 89php only..)

    very generous ng mga sponsors nyo ms sabs! and congrats for teh success party.. everybody is so happy!

  2. Damn! Those are some generous sponsors you have. The bride is so lucky to have you as a bridesmaid! Everything looks immaculately planned and well-thought-out.

  3. Oh gosh, I wish we're BFFs too! :) I think this is every bride-to-be's dream bachelorette party! :)


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