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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I think it's safe to say that I am addicted to this newly discovered product by Jarful of Goodness. They make all-natural homemade body scrubs that give your skin unbelievable moisture and suppleness. Seriously, it puts all body scrubs to shame. Its as good as the ones they use at The Spa, I swear. I actually just named it my HG scrub. For real.

I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris for as long as I can remember. I have them mostly on my arms, and used to have them on my thighs too, but thankfully they faded and got healed over time. But the ones on my arms are still very visible, and are always mistaken for rashes. They don't hurt or itch, it's just not that nice to look at. It's bumpy too! But as soon as I started using this body scrub, my red bumps have flattened, and my skin smooth and supple. My skin is just glowing! And of course, the fact that it smells like coffee and chocolate gives it that extra reason to love it more.

Jarful of Goodness Pamper Me! Sugar Scrub 200g, PhP 330.00

It comes with a biodegradable spoon when you buy a jar which you use to scoop out the scrub. I swear, this scrub really smells so good enough to eat!

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The jar is sealed and tamper proof so you can be sure to get fresh, handmade scrubs every time you order. Since it's all-natural, so you have to use it right away! You can't keep it stocked in your fridge for more than 2 months. Which is actually just right because I guarantee that you would want to use it everyday if you can get away with it. But don't though, because you don't want to over scrub.

I have a fight with myself  in the shower every time I see the jar looking right at me.
Their products don't have any preservatives so you will have to use it up within 2 months. For my entire body, I use up about 5 spoonfuls.

The label doesn't contain complicated ingredients and instructions. Just open the jar and enjoy!
This 'Pamper Me!' scrub is great for acne-prone and oily skin. Which I don't have but it's still safe to use. This is an antioxidant scrub containing vitamins A, B, and E which is found in almond oil that this scrub is made with.

With each use of this scrub, impurities that sit stubbornly beneath the surface of your skin is pulled to the surface and it also removes dead skin cells leaving your skin looking smooth, radiant, and supple. This scrub is also non-comedogenic so it is safe to use 2 to 3 times a week!
It also keeps pimple and acne that grow on your body at bay because of the sugar -which is a natural source of glycol acid that help prevent further breakouts. And did I mention that the coffee is rich in antioxidants? Coffee makes a wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredient! It's loaded with caffeine which draws out excess water from your skin making it look smoother and firmer.
The rough scrub won't tear the surface of your skin. You don't have to apply too much pressure (but you do need a little though), just gently rub on your skin and let the scrub do its magic. I love covering my entire body with this scrub! I specially love using this at night, for some reason the coffee chocolate smell makes me feel relaxed.

I'd take a photo of myself with this all over my body but you wouldn't want to see that. Ha!
When you wash it off, skin looks bright and feels so smooth. Your skin is lightly coated with the oils that is in the scrub which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. Recommended use is to rinse with soap but I don't, because I love the feel of the oils on the skin after using. It gets quickly absorbed by the skin anyway. You won't need to use a lotion anymore!

I tried this on my face and my face looked radiant after! But creator and owner of this scrub doesn't advise that we use this one the face. So, don't! Hehehe... I'm a little bit of a rebel that way. Experimenting is my middle name. And as all beauty products go, do not use this on open wounds or inflamed skin.

Check out how beautiful the skin is after using!

I'm not sure if they ship provincially, so best to visit their website and read the FAQs!

Length of usage before review: 3 bath times

  • Doesn't feel sticky after use!
  • No need to follow up with lotion after using.
  • Lightweight.
  • Softness of the skin lasts for days.
  • Brightens the skin! Skin looks healthy!
  • Makes the skin look taught and firm.
  • Easy to use!
  • Easy to apply on the skin.
  • It's messy, but it's a fun kind of messy! Makes bath time so fun!
  • Affordable.
  • Smells divine.
  • Preservative free!
  • All-natural.
  • Available online only because these products are made fresh! They do not over stock.
  • Heals and soothes the skin.
  • Extremely moisturizing!
  • Doesn't feel sticky all throughout the day even when it gets humid.
  • 200g will last about 5 bath times, or depending how much you use up for your body.
  • Value for money!
  • No after-smell on the skin.

  • N/A

  • N/A


Retail Price: PhP 330.00
Purchased For: Gift from Jarful of Goodness.
Will I re-purchase? Yes! I want to try other variants!
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. Replies
    1. None! I guess the only CON would be, it's too addicting! But that's a good problem to have with beauty products! LOL Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  2. I have always loved body scrubs though not in spas, but at home during bath time. I like how smooth the skin is after body scrubbing. Good timing because I just emptied my body scrub so I am definitely going to order this!

    1. If you are into body scrubs then you will definitely enjoy these! It's a must have in every beauty addicts' regimen! ♥

  3. When I first saw it I thought it is a jam because it looks like that. And I'm surprised that it's a body scrub pala. hehe. It looks like a very promising products. I also want to try it :)

    Nica ♥

    1. Ooooh! You should try this! It's affordable and it's all-natural too! It's made from food so if you taste it by accident because you can't control yourself you'll be fine! But don't though... LOL

  4. Hmmmm I bet the caffeine in this helps eliminate cellulite temporarily since that is generally one of the main ingredients in cellulite creams and treatments. Great review!


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