Project: Bright Skin Week -Achievable flawless skin with Clinique Even Better Skin Care Line

Sunday, June 08, 2014


Hey everyone! This week will be a good one, I promise! I am obsessed with products that brighten the skin because having good, flawless skin is probably the best asset any girl woman can have. If you have good skin, you won't need so much makeup!

Let me start the week with my first product feature to achieve beautiful, flawless, and brighter skin: Clinique's Even Better Skin Care Line.

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Don't be afraid of brightening products. These products won't make your skin look scary white, or worse, white skin with a pinkish hue. Brightening products have ingredients that target areas that over produce melanin, and only these areas. So even if you apply the product on your entire face, it will only target your dark spots, and areas that are uneven.

Let me start with the Dark Spot Defense cream. I use this only in the morning before I put on my makeup because of the high SPF it contains. And in spite of the high SPF, this gentle fluid is 100% non-chemical sunscreen that provides UVA/UVB protection while appearing virtually invisible on the skin, with the help of their patented Invisib;e Screem ™ technology.
The bottle is quite handy. It's small and compact it will surely fit in your vanity kit. There's a ball bearing inside so that you can better mix the product inside.

CLINIQUE Even Better Dark Spot Defense SPF 45/PA++++ 30ml, PhP 2,050

I just love the white and silver packaging of this skin care line because it looks very clean! This container kinda looks like an eyedropper which is pretty standard for facial sunblock. I have yet to find out why.

The formula glides effortlessly onto the skin and gets absorbed quickly.

When you spread it initially, it will cast a scary white hue on your skin like the one below. But in less that 1 minute, it will eventually adapt to the skin and dry invisible.

With no chemicals mixed in with this sunscreen, this formula is designed to not irritate the skin, and help prevent the formation of future dark spots. This is a non-drying, oil-free, and very versatile. This sunscreen dries invisible so it suits all skin tones.

Skin instantly looks brighter, and ultra light wear. So you won't have that greasy feel all day on your skin.

As I have mentioned before, there is a huge difference between whitening and brightening. I just want to stress that out. Don't be afraid to brighten your skin because you won't look stark white (that one's scary looking).

CLINIQUE Even Better Brightening Moisture Cream Plus 50ml, PhP 1,700

  • Contains Trehalose, it's a sugar that works together with the other ingredients to help maintain optimal moisture.
  • Contains Sodium Hyaluronate: This ingredient has the ability to hold large amounts of water within the skin so the skin is left feeling plumped, smooth and comfortable all day.
  • Contains Avocado Butter and Shea Butter: Helps restore and replenish lipids to help strengthen the skin's barrier so it is able to protect against environmental aggressors.
  • Chamomile Recutia Extract helps prevent excess melanin production and future hyper pigmentation.
  • Glucosamine Restores clarity and evenness of the skin by helping the skin's natural renewal process.
  • Calms and soothes the skin with Apigenin (chamomilla recutita extract). An anti-irritant ingredient that exhibits anti-histamine activities that help counter the effects of irritation process that can lead to the excessive production of melanin.
I learned in the event that our skin is on constant attack by external assaults: change in climate, pollution, heat, cold, wind, etc. But dermatologists say that you don't have to keep changing your skin care according to the season or what the climate is. But by using a gentle, year-round brightening treatment is essential to address dark spots and skin discoloration.

This revolutionary product from Clinique is a moisture-rich product that is extremely hydrating that is developed specially for dry to dry/combination skins. Newly re-formulated, this moisturizer has a rich texture that can be used year-round to help reverse hyperpigmentated areas, and prevent future dark spots while strengthening the skin barrier. Moisturizing the skin both day and night.

In just 2 weeks, not only does my skin look brighter, but most of my acne scars have faded. My skin color is not whiter, but brighter! My skin no longer looks dull and lifeless, but it has this "glow from within" look.

The Even Better skin care line also has an essence lotion but I haven't tried that one yet. I will though, I plan too! I bet it's great too.

Length of usage before review: 2 weeks.

  • High SPF, which is enough to keep you protected all day!
  • Hyper-pigmented areas are lightened, giving a very clear and bright appearance of the skin.
  • Long lasting effects.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Chemical sunscreen-free!
  • Prevents future spots.
  • Allergy tested.
  • Comes in two variants: Sheer, which is a non-tinted formula. And Sheer Tint, which provides a slight tint.
  • Easily spreadable!
  • Positive results in just 2 weeks.
  • Oil-free.
  • Suitable for all skin tones.
  • Non-drying!
  • Skin feels hydrated all day!
  • No greasy finish.

  • Formulated specially for Asians.
  • Extremely moisturizing!
  • Non-sticky.
  • Skin is visibly brighter, not whiter.
  • Reduced my dark spots in just 2 weeks!
  • Skin is just glowing! Skin looks dewy, but it's not sticky or wet!
  • Long lasting effects.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Prevents future discolorations.
  • Allergy tested.
  • Easy to apply on the skin.
  • Positive results in just 2 weeks.
  • For some reason, my pores are less visible!
  • My skin looks dewy in the morning!

  • The moisture cream is slightly too thick to use during the day for makeup-wearing women. If you do not wear makeup, then it's ok to use during the day. I use this cream as my night cream.

  • N/A


Retail Price: Dark Spot Defense -PhP 2,050 / Moisture Cream Plus -PhP 1,700
Purchased For: Gift from CLINIQUE
Will I re-purchase? Yes. Definitely.
Will I recommend it? Yes. Absolutely.

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  1. Having bright, healthy looking skin is definitely a good thing. This sounds wonderful!

  2. I'm definitely into brightening my skin and achieving an even skintone. Clinique products are pricey but I believe they're well worth the investment.

    Jae // a nest of quiet


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