Project: Bright Skin Week -Glow from within using Collection's Bright and Glow BB Cream and Brightening Powder

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Ever since Collection Cosmestics was launched in Manila, they have been bringing new and exciting products from the brand that always look promising. I have been wondering about this new Bright and Glow line from Collection and was dying to try it! Anything that can make me achieve bright skin always tickles my interest.

When Collection sent me these products along with a new concealer and a makeup primer, I was so happy! I couldn't wait to try them!

Collection Bright and Glow BB Cream, PhP 299.00 | Bright and Glow Powder Foundation, PhP 349.00

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I reviewed Collection's Cover and Go foundation before. Although that product scored a 3.5 star in my ratings, I must say, this BB Cream is more promising. First of all, I love the packaging! Even though Cover and Go has built-in concealer, I like everything else with this BB Cream: the texture, the effects, and coverage.
What I like most about Collection's makeup is that they make their packaging compact and easily to take with you when you travel. And not only the packaging is compact, but the price as well!
It has a very light and airy consistency that glides on smoothly on the skin. It has tiny brightening particles that isn't glitter. It has a hint of iridescence to the cream that makes your skin instantly bright and glowing.

Bright and Glow BB Cream only comes in two shades: Light to Medium, and Medium to Dark. I thought that having two shades is going to be listed as a con, but after trying it out, these shades adapt to more skin tones than I though. You get more from this BB Cream than other BB Creams in the market.
BB Creams are really miracles creams, and a gift to every woman. It has so much benefits so I would say that there is always room for more BB Creams in the market. It has sun protection, moisturizer, brightening and spot correcting abilities, foundation for coverage and loaded with anti-ageing ingredients as well. It's really a product for women who are on-the-go.

I love applying BB Cream with my fingers because it makes the BB Cream "melt" into the skin well. BB Creams have excellent coverage so you would need to apply it as thin as possible. By spot applying the BB Cream on my face on the five key areas, I will apply it in upward swiping motion going outwards towards the hairlines and temples, jawline and chin.
This BB Cream instantly makes the skin look bright and glowing, true to its name. The light reflecting particles (not glitter or shimmer!) reflect light giving the skin a more smooth and bright appearance. In time, dark spots are corrected as well.
I chose the shade Almond because it looked the closest to my skin shade. I have fair skin and I have a lot of yellow-tones around my face so this is the shade that looks closest that won't look gray on my skin.
This compact foundation comes in four yellow-toned shades which is perfect for Asian skin. Specially for us Filipina women! Although I still the darkest shade is still a couple of shades lighter than the average morena, but still, it's progress!
Looking at the swatches on my arm, you can see more clearly the skin tones and the shades that are in this product line. It has a very smooth and velvet-y texture which I really like. The sponge that it comes with is also made to apply foundation smoothly, and it's rounded edges make the application more smooth, and streak free.
The fact that you can use this compact powder alone means that the coverage is excellent. I did however liked it when I layered it with the BB Cream, but instead of using the sponge (which gives a thicker coverage), I used a flat powder brush to set the BB Cream.
Excuse my pores. I haven't done my GlamGlow yet this week so my pores are a little dirty (eeeep!). You can see how the finish of this powder looks on my skin. It looks moist and healthy, like it's glowing. The effects of these Bright and Glow products are not only instant, but have a long lasting effect on the skin. It has ingredients that will aid in correcting dark spots, and evening out uneven skin tones.

Length of usage before review: 2 weeks

  • Non-drying.
  • Effect on the skin looks healthy and moist.
  • Soothes tired skin.
  • The BB Cream is extremely moisturizing on the skin.
  • BB Cream may be used as is or under powder.
  • Both products have enough sun protection to protect the skin.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Compact foundation can be used as setting powder with a brush, or a sponge for full coverage.
  • Easily available.
  • I love the fact that you can use the BB Cream and the compact foundation each on their own.
  • Great coverage!
  • Good choices of shades.
  • Yellow-toned.
  • Evens out skin tones with prolonged use.
  • Eventually lightens dark spots.
  • Tone adjusting shades for both BB Cream and powder foundation.
  • Compact foundation does not emphasize dry spots or flakes.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Compact foundation has velvet-smooth finish.
  • The BB Cream is non greasy. It blends very well on the skin

  • N/A

  • N/A


Retail Price: Bright and Glow BB Cream PhP 299.00 | Compact Foundation PhP 349.00
Purchased For: Gift from Collection Cosmetics
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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  1. Great review as always Ms.Sabs. I am crazy over bb creams so i might try this one.

  2. this one is for me =) i super love the packaging very unique!

  3. Awesome! Now I kinda know what my shade is in this collection :)

  4. As always Great review Ms. Sabs...
    I do have the # 1 BB cream and #3 Compact foundation. But #1 BB cream is too light for me (i look like a white lady) or maybe i put too much :-D So I'm going back to get #2 and try if it suits me better
    I use these together with my Collection Primer. Love love that Primer.

  5. Thanks for the review Ms. Sabs. :) I always see these products whenever I pass by the Collection counter in Landmark. Glad to know these are really good! I'll definitely be checking these out next time.



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