Uboxing BDJ's June 2014 Benefit Box

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hey lovelies! I know I'm late for the BDJ Unboxing party, but this box is too good not to share! This is BDJ's second collaboration with Benefit and I have always, always, ALWAYS loved Benefit's samples. Their samples are good enough to use for about a week, and it's an ample time to evaluate the product that you're taking out for a spin.

BDJBox July 2014, Benefit Box PhP 580.00

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You remove the sleeve to reveal the box. And from this point on, I am really excited to see what's inside! I have seen a lot of posts of their unboxing but I refused to look at any of them so I won't ruin the element of surprise! LOL

As I have been mentioning in my past unboxing blog posts, I love how neatly packed everything is. That's why I don't unbox it without taking photos because for some reason, I can never put it back the way they pack it! So best to photograph during the unboxing. Yes, these are actual problems of mine. Ha!
This month's motto is "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." I can't even begin to express how true that statement is. Can't wait to stick this in my makeup kits!
When you open the box, you will see the information card on the products that you have received. I love how informative this little pamphlet is. I read it so that I know the prices when I decide to buy something from the box.
Sealed with a kiss and a BDJ Box sticker, I am ready to rip this baby off! Sorry, I really do get a kick out of unboxing.
Yay! Neatly packed Benefit samples that are as good as the actual product! I love the tiny tubes and vials that allow you to use the products for about a week, or more if you're really "matipid" with them.
 I received products that I have never tried before so I am pretty excited about this.
Removing them from the cute carton packaging, this is how they look out of their tiny boxes. I haven't used anything from the box yet but I plan to soon! I am most excited about the Fake Up because the packaging is too cute to miss.
In the box, I received also vouchers for a brow shaping sesh for only 300 bucks and a free make over! I plan to avail of this soon when I have a night out with friends! Yay for BDJ and Benefit!

I believe that subscribing to beauty boxes are worth it. BDJ Box makes sure that you receive different products to try every month, and that you will be able to use. It's addicting

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