A combination of exotic and elegant in Bvlgari's latest fragrance: Indian Garnet.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I never thought I would develop a liking to spicy or some kind of an ethnic fragrance, but recently I just did when Bvlgari sent me their new fragrance. A combination of exotic and oriental perfume, the composition of wood and orange sounds intriguing and actually quite interesting. It's elegant but an expensive smelling fragrance which gives you an exotic feeling for those ordinary days. It's great for either the day time, or evening if you want to be different!

BVLGARI Omnia Indian Garnet 40ml, PhP 3,950

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As usual, I was attracted by the jewel-tone orange packaging expecting something really oriental and more spicy than the previous powdery Omnias. To be completely honest, this fragrance doesn't smell too complicated as some people would describe, I don't know if it's good but it doesn't fall flat like 90% of new perfumes.

I think Indian Garnet is uplifting, comforting but at the same time playful with a touch of elegance. Ironically, I am enjoying this fragrance so much because it has a mild and gentle hint of Saffron which I am allergic to.
The Indian Garnet is very different from the previous Omnias. This one is a perfect summer scent which exudes fresh, fruity and sweet. A must try for orange/mandarin lovers because of its main composition of the citrus fruit.
It opens with a light citrus note: a combination of mandarins and oranges and almost immediately turns a little peachy. The heart notes which is amber gives a warm appeal which is actually what surprised me. At first it smells like a complicated fragrance but actually quite simple when you close your eyes and try to identify the notes.
The woody notes are very common in Bvlgari scents specially in the Omnia line. When I was in college I never liked woody scents, but after being exposed to quite a few different fragrances, I learned to appreciate other fragrances out there rather than the typical fruity fragrances.
You can't go wrong with this perfume specially if you are looking for a new fragrance to try. If you are looking to move away from the fruity fragrances, you can level up with this fragrance still sticking to Eau de Toilette but a rather elegant fragrance. Although, don't expect a strong perfume. It's very discreet -which may be a little strong at first spritz but immediately softens in a few seconds. Which I don't mind for the day, which is actually quite surprising since I prefer strong.
Truth be told, I was also expecting something deeper and more rich (and not to mention sensual, like Jimmy Choo's Jimmy Choo EDP (which come to think, smells more oriental than this fragrance), so this is very light for daytime use. The scent lives up to its name Indian Garnet.

You can purchase your Bvlgari Omnia in Indian Garnet in all leading department stores.

Retail Prices:

Jewel Charm 25ml, PhP 2,898
40ml, PhP 3,950
65ml, PhP 5,080

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