Be Completely Protected from the UV Rays with Lancôme's XL-Shield!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


It's never too late to join the BB Cream party! Here comes Lancôme with a fascinating new makeup base! I've tried quite a few BB creams in the past, and have been so impressed by many of them most of them made in Korea, so given all the hype about the BB creams, I think I will love this for sure way before I even opened the box. Here are my thoughts on Lancôme's NEW UV Expert BB Complete SPF 50 PA+++ BB Cream.
Lancôme NEW UV Standard UV Expert XL-Shield SPF 50+++, PhP 2,195

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According to the Lancôme website:

Lancôme laboratories have integrated for the first time a filtering technology that helps protect up to long UVA rays while maintaining a 12h* UVB protection.
The new XL-Shield™ technology has an anti-greyness action, and protects the skin tone and creates a wonderful rosy skin. "
This BB Complete is composed of a a bunch of UV filtering and blocking technology that I won't even pretend to expertly know about. The gist is this: While other sunblocks give you some protection from the harmful UV rays, this one shields you from it completely. That is all you need to know. It's lightweight too!
To better explain it to you, here is the back of the box. It pretty much explains everything you need to know about the product you are buying. One of the reasons why I like Lancôme's packaging: they include everything in the box.
The Lancôme BB Complete contains a new-generation technology, that smooth out fine lines, blemishes, pigmentation and dark spots to create the illusion of a more flawless skin and pore-less appearance. It contains active pore-refining and anti-spot complex, which work over time to help fight blemishes and imperfections. An all-in-one, workaholic BB Cream is what I like to call this product!

After using it for a month (on days that I don't feel like wearing anything else on my face), I found that this BB Complete really does cover my exaggerated large pores on my nose. Although I haven't noticed any changes on my newly developed dark spots, only time will tell. I am very confident though because I have owned several dark spot correctors by Lancôme in the past and all of them were very successful.
Like most other BB creams, the BB Complete also only offers a light coverage. Some of the BB Creams I have tried in before offer a heavier coverage but still lightweight, like Bobbi Brown's BB Cream SPF35 PA+++, so with that being said, the BB Complete doesn’t completely cover dark pimple marks, scarring or dark pigmentation even though they are faded out and the skin is given a fresh, healthy glow.

The skin looks natural because the coverage is minimal, it looks natural. My tone is more even and the skin looks hydrated, glowing, and most importantly fresh!
If you look at my photo, I took a photo of the side of my face where I have most dark spots and acne scars. You can see that it can still see through a layer of BB Complete. I didn't want to layer it because I wanted to show you how thin this BB cream is.

*Click on image to view larger.

Even though we do not need medium-full coverage with our BB Cream, I still want some coverage for it to be a product for gals on the go. But the upside of having this kind of coverage is that you can use it as a base for your powder foundation without having it seem to cake-y or heavy.

Retail Price: PhP 2,195
Purchased For: Gift from Lancôme. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? Yes.
Will I recommend it? Yes.

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