Chanel Noº5 Eau de Parfum: Do you dare?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Chanel Noº5 is one of the most famous, treasured, and classic fragrances of all time in the whole world. Definitely, Chanel Noº5 is the epitome of femininity and I love its pure elegance that only the house of Chanel can bring us. Chanel Noº5 develops very differently on each individual person that's what makes it so interesting. With this classic perfume, you create your own personalized scent sharing one elegant name: the Noº5. Smelling the fragrance on the bottle itself won't do justice to the fragrance. You'll actually hate it! To appreciate it, you will have to spray it on your pulse points and never rub your wrists together because this will "crush" the scent. Leave it on for a minute or two and sniff your own personalized fragrance that your body's chemistry with the perfume has created for you.

Chanel Noº5 is very sensual and seductive, making Marilyn Monroe love it as she said "I wear nothing but Chanel Noº5 to bed", and this statement of hers was when this perfume started selling like hotcakes. This fragrance simply cannot be forgotten.
Chanel Noº5 Eau de Parfum, PhP 9,130 8,550

I am so very happy I bought this fragrance because it has turned  out to become one of my most favorite fragrances of all time (or at least this past year...). I may not be in the mood to wear it every day, but I am glad I have a bottle in my dresser when I do feel like Marilyn Monroe. *WINK*

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I have had a 100 ml bottle of this in my dresser for a while now and I only wear it on special occasions when I am feeling very sensual and sexy. Yes, come on, we all have those days! This is definitely a fragrance I return to time and time again. I chose the Eau de Parfum because personally I prefer to wear it because as I like its glamour and tenacity. Some of you may agree with me when I say that the Eau de Toilette version smells like a totally different perfume (which is supposed to be a lighter version of the EDP), albeit still very feminine. It's just not my type. 

Whenever I wear this perfume, I feel very chic and confidently feminine, it takes quite the confidence and the guts to sport this womanly perfume (often being associated with grandmas), though a friend once told me that when I wore it, I smelled very much like a WOMAN, something he has never smelled before.
I have not met a man who doesn't notice this fragrance. Not all men may like it but I have had man-friends of mine who described this perfume as "interesting", and "so different".

Here are the interesting notes behind this beautiful fragrance.

TOP NOTES: Aldehydes, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Lemon

HEART NOTES: Iris, Orris Root, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Rose

BASE NOTES: Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Civet, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Vetiver
A little background on the Chanel Noº5, legend has it that only the parfum version is considered the "real thing", the fragrance having been approved by Madame Coco Chanel herself all those decades ago. The other versions that came out after the original Parfum are reinterpretations of the original fragrance.

This classic Chanel Noº5 Eau de Parfum is gorgeous. A slight touch of a reminder of an era where women were just beginning to experiment with their hidden inner Marilyn Monroes, in all their feminine glory.
When I was much younger I just could not see what the appeal was. Now that I'm a bit older (and don't forget, wiser!) I decided to try it once again since I have outgrown smelling like a sweet candies and fruits! Sugar or cake frosting was starting to make me gag. The strong fruity smells were everywhere that it literally made me look for a more womanly fragrance.

The first time the fragrance hits my nose, it was very soapy smelling to me. Like musky soap that are being sold in botanical shops. Then shortly after, it opens up to smell like jasmines. The smell is so beautiful it's unlike the other jasmine perfumes I've tried in the past. I never used to like jasmines but this one is a lot different. I then detect a touch of the soft powdery scent everyone seems to notice first. As the hours go by, it is then transformed into such a soft beautiful perfume on my skin. I can't stop smelling my wrist! For something that starts off so strong it evolves into something beautiful and feminine. The over powering scent takes some getting used to and comes on a little too strong at first whiff, and then you will fall in love with it as the hours go by.

There are days when I do wear this fragrance to bed, and there really is something about this fragrance that makes me feel very confident and sexy.

How about you? What is your favorite sensual, seductive womanly fragrance? Do you dare to wear Chanel Noº5?

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  1. "Smelling the fragrance on the bottle itself won't do justice to the fragrance. You'll actually hate it!" so that's why! I've known channel no.5 for so long and I hated it because I just smell it from the bottle, I never tried it on my wrist because I thought, "if it smells bad from the bottle, what more on my wrists!" just wow, thanks for this, now I know! :)

  2. Interesting perspective! You know what, I've never actually sprayed the No. 5 tester directly on the skin because I've always hated how it smells right off the bottle. Perhaps next time I'll try it on the pulse points first, then see how I like it. I know that the proper way to "judge" scents would be to let it work with body chemistry first. But with such a wide variety to choose from, I tend to eliminate those that don't immediately make a good first impression. If a single component of the scent is off--even just the top notes--cross-out na agad. Lalo na't with aldehydes that I'm not such a fan of.

    However, I respect the longevity of this scent's popularity. I've envisioned myself warming up to it when I get a little older, though now isn't that time yet for me. It brings to mind a classic woman with the elegance of the 50's. For right now, I'm more fond of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche that I find more citrusy-refreshing to the nose. :)

  3. I agree. When I was younger, scents like tutti frutti appeals to me. Now I don't want to smell like Fruit Loops XD Overly sweet juicy fruits and vanilla scents makes me gag. This one (and some of my mom's classic fragrances) now appeals to me but I still won't wear it because I think I'm still too young for its mature fragrance. Maybe in a couple of years.


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