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Sunday, July 20, 2014


I am one of those women who love to dye their hair. And when I do, I make sure that my eyebrows match the hair on my head. Blonde hair with black brows is not attractive. Your eyebrow should at least be a shade lighter than the hair on your head. Unless if you have white blonde hair then you would need to go down a couple of shades darker.

I usually bleach my clients' brows when their brows don't match their hair. But when we are pressed for time, I result to eyebrow mascaras. Gone are the days when you have to spend 800-1,000 bucks for eyebrow mascaras. When it did exist in drugstore brands before, they stopped selling them for some reason.

But now the search is over! Maybelline's EyeStudio Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara (phew! that's a handful right there) is FINALLY here!

Maybelline Eye Studio Fashion Eyebrow 24H Coloring Mascara, PhP 359.00/each

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With these eyebrow mascaras, you can play up your look however way you want it, depending on your hair color. Use the mascara alone for soft, blended, and lightened brows, or use together with your brow pencil or brow powders for an accentuated, angular brow.

Here's a closer look at the bottom of each tube:
Yellow Brown
Rusty Brown
Dark Brown
Fashion Brow Mascara comes with an angle-free brow brush that combs neatly over any stray hairs. I love the spherical type brush of this product. It assures equal distribution of the product on your brows! You can also hold the wand which ever way you like and angles won't get in the way.
For my current hair color, the Yellow Brown shade is the one best suited for my ash brown hair. On some photos with flash photography, my hair looks golden blonde so this mascara is perfect for my brows. I usually bleach my brows but I can't seem to find the time lately to do so.
Here's the brow mascara in yellow brown in action. My hair looks dark brown but I assure you it's the angle of the camera.
Here's another photo taken with my phone's camera. I love how it makes my brows look polished and well kept!
For the affordable price of these brow mascaras, I think it does a great job at keeping your brows groomed and in place. It is not watered down like some brands. Maybelline's is highly pigmented so I recommend applying a little at a time. I also brush my brows after with a mascara-type brush to distribute the product evenly all over my brow.

Click on image to view larger:

Purchased For: Gift from Maybelline. (Thank you!)
Will I re-purchase? YES! Absolutely.
Will I recommend it? YES! Definitely.

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  1. I like that the colors are suited to the most popular hair colors locally :D Dark brown for brunettes, rusty brown for redheads and yellow brown for blondes. The brush is so cute, hihihi :3

  2. Maybelline has been on a roll lately! I love their new releases :)

    1. True that! Maybelline is trying to make their stocks at par with the Maybelline in the US which is good for us Pinays! ♥

  3. Grabe 'to. I swatched this brow mascara on the back of my hand, and it means business! It wouldn't come off until I rubbed the skin red. It's a good sign for longevity, though I wouldn't buy just yet. I'm still learning my way around brow products, and I'm often prone to making mistakes pa.


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